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One of the reasons I enjoy flying so much is because it literally forces me to put my phone on airplane mode and disconnect from people for a few hours. In a day and time where it seems as if no one is able to survive without these devices, for me it’s nice to have an excuse to turn them off. When I think about the cell phone and what a witty invention it is on one hand, it also makes me think how it has become for so many of us almost like an electronic leash where we never can completely relax without it going off. It’s so bad you can’t even take an unplanned nap without it ringing. It’s become the way people in your life track you. They can always locate you because they have your cell phone number. They may not have a word to say, but it’s become the way everyone checks to see what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Some people use it to find you and dump their problems and worries on you. Some use it for good. Some use it for bad. But it’s always going off and before you know it chunks of your day have gone to the phone or the electronic device. Time you could have used to start writing the book, the song, the play. Time you could have used to start writing out your business plan or apply to college. Time you could have used working and making some money. Or how about cleaning your house or working out, or reading a book? The point is, you could actually be doing something worthwhile but your phone won’t let you be great. It’s amazing how such a useful device like the cell phone can be used for making business calls or it can be used for gossip and nonsense. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been more aware of my use of my phone and electronic devices, I’ve gotten so much more accomplished. I’ve actually done stuff that I can truly be proud of.

So as your real life coach and inspirational flight attendant let me make an announcement for you today. On this first day of February 2019,… Please put your phone on airplane mode! And turn off all your electronic devices too! It’s time for you to TAKE OFF! (insert olympic music)

This got me to thinking about how important it is to get going in your life and your purpose and how you sometimes have to turn off everything around you. All the noise. All the distractions. All the people with their agendas and plans for you. In order for you to really take off and get to the place you’re destined to go, you’ve got to budget your time and energy. Take a personal inventory of where you’ve been giving away your time and power to nonsense and STOP.

Could it be that you haven’t taken off in life like you should yet simply because you stay watching other people take off? Some people stay too attached to their cell phone to do anything of any value with their own lives. Ask yourself today, has your cell phone and electronic devices become the access point in your life for so many distractions? Is it really your job to always text and call everyone in the ”framily” while you end up frustrated at the close of the day having no time or energy left to be effective and impactful in your purpose? Why are you the one who has to make sure everyone is ok, all the while you’re not really ok? Is it really your job? Is it paying well? Who actually designated you the one to keep calling and reaching out to people who never reach out to you back? Or is it a way for you to continue to deceive yourself into thinking you’re such a good person? What’s good about letting people waste your time? That’s foolish.

It really got me to thinking about the time when we didn’t have cell phones. When you wanted to speak to someone, you called the house and if they weren’t home you left a message and that was perfectly ok. Now, if people can’t reach us they get an instant attitude. If they call and they get the voicemail, they instantly think something is wrong, and that you’re acting funny. It’s amazing how presumptuous we have become with one another. It’s as if people have to explain their every move now. You almost need to tell people, I didn’t answer you when you called because I had to use the bathroom. I had to work. I was asleep. I was in the market. I was with my spouse. Or how about this one “I didn’t want to talk to you!” Maybe we should just say I put my phone on airplane mode. In other words, I was taking “flight” and my efforts to go somewhere and grow in life are not open for debate or discussion. I honestly believe that everyone I coach needs to get to a place where they have people in their lives who are ok with them taking flight without any explanation.

Some of us have forgotten that we lived our lives in airplane mode before cell phones, tablets and computers and things were good back then. Remember when you didn’t have to check your social media or your text messages and voicemails before you ate a meal? Wasn’t that great? Back when you allowed yourself to be present in the conversations and places you actually were. When you weren’t always responding to messages and things that don’t even matter to you. I mean do you really think that you need to wish all 2,390 of your Facebook friends a Happy Birthday? Ironically, they don’t even take the time to personally respond back to you, and it’s probably because they’re too busy taking flight in their life unlike you.

Is responding to every post and cute video on social media really helping you get closer to the life you see yourself living?

Now we pay more attention to our cell phones and computers and tablets than we do the people in the room with us. We send messages to people on social media for all to see rather than spending time with the real people in our lives and telling them face to face what we need to tell them. We’ve become neurotic and have not learned to disconnect from the unnecessary and the chaotic. Now it seems the only time we turn off our phones or put them away is when we are told to by the flight attendant. Today consider this your personal flight announcement to put your phone on airplane mode and TAKE OFF!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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