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Traveling recently we had to take a flight to North Carolina, then wait for a flight that would take us to Los Angeles. It was a long day of travel and there were moments I had wished we settled for a shorter trip somewhere. The interesting part about both of these stops that we made was neither of them were our final destination. While trying to get to our beautiful final destination, we saw some things and experienced some moments and felt some discomfort and anxiety and pain; and none of that was what we envisioned for our trip. Nonetheless, if we wanted to get to our final stop, we had to go to North Carolina and Los Angeles first.

This got me to pondering about how often we can have such wonderful images of where we are going in our lives and how we will get there. And how everything we see for us ahead is picture perfect. But, the minute we find out that we’ve got to make some stops in some less than ideal places; we can sometimes give up on the original plan and take something that doesn’t require as much of an investment. Far too many people settle for less than what they dreamed because they don’t want to make the stops.

As you’re reading this, I hope it’s causing you to recall the different seasons of your journey and the stops you’ve taken along the way. I hope this message makes you rethink giving up on your plans and settling this year. I hope it stirs you up and ignites a fire in you that won’t let you water down your impact in 2019 because of the anxiety of making a few inconvenient stops. See, if you’re honest and you’re looking at yourself in this whole story, you’ll begin to notice that you’ve had to make a lot of stops on this flight called life; and they helped you get closer to your beautiful destination. Even in making those sometimes frustrating, long, uncomfortable stops; if you would be honest, you know they were crucial in getting you to where you are today. Even if you’re not all the way there yet, with all your stops; you’re closer to your final destination (insert hand wave and pat on your back).

I want to encourage you today as your real life coach, that even if you don’t see the whole picture of what you dreamed for your life yet; don’t give up. THIS IS JUST A STOP. I challenge you today to set some new REAListic and achievable goals and I guarantee as you chisel away at them you will begin to feel more confident and successful about this flight! Things will begin to line up with the dream and the vision you had all along. Just make sure whatever you do that you don’t miss your connecting flight. Stay the course. You’re going to get there. No matter how tired you are of traveling and waiting; I need you to understand that there are some places you are going to have to stop along the journey; but breathe because it’s just a stop, and even the stops have purpose. The stops are building character in you. The stops are sharpening you and perfecting you, so that when you make it to your final destination; you’ll be glad you didn’t stop at the stop.

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4 thoughts on “This Is Just A Stop 🛑

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Yes 👏👏“Just Don’t miss your connecting flight”
    “The stops are building character in you, sharpening and perfecting you” ⬅️That part!! Thanks for sharing, as always right on time!


    1. Weariness, feeling exhausted and frustrated,… those emotions and thoughts have to be rejected from your mind when you’re going somewhere great! You’ve got to be reminded that this is just a layover!!! You’re headed to a beautiful destination!! So honored to be your real life coach for real!


  2. Taylor Grant says:

    This might be my favorite post so far. It is so timely especially for millennials who are so anxious to get to the final destination we fail to accept and take advantage of the different stops preparing us for our final destination. I find myself reflecting on things I thought were silly or pointless thanking God for preparing me during those stops for the next and final destination. Thanks for sharing mom!


    1. Taylor! Thanks for your feedback and I’m so glad this post resonated with you. Glad it caused you to reflect and see yourself in the stops. It’s actually a great moment to celebrate your growth and maturity! It really takes a grown up to celebrate their stops and to realize without them you can’t get to your final destination! I’m so happy and proud to see you going so far and ascending to higher places on this flight called life!!! Love you! Mom ♥️


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