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No matter where you sit on a plane or how much your ticket cost, every person flying is going to have to deal with the pressure of the air! It affects you when you’re taking off and when you’re landing. Your ears will start popping and your head may feel like it’s going to explode, and it’s all downright uncomfortable when it’s happening. The good news is, it’s perfectly normal and it doesn’t last always. (Insert Baptist fit)

Pressure when you’re taking flight is just part of the process.

I’ve noticed while flying that the only people who have a particularly difficult time handling the pressure that goes with the flight are babies, people who are sick or dealing with health issues and those who are new to traveling. This got me to thinking about how many of us cry like babies about the ordinary pressure that goes along with going higher in life. Or we act like someone who doesn’t know any better. Some people act as if they don’t know that this pressure part happens to everyone on every flight.

When it comes to travel and going places in life it seems as if everyone wants to be great, but no one wants to deal with the pressure associated with elevation. If you want to go higher and I believe you do, I encourage you to examine your life and the reactions you have to normal pressures.

Are you the one on the flight of life who is constantly overacting to what everyone else is calmly handling? Sure, some reactions to circumstances are expected depending upon the individual. But you don’t want to be the person who everyone throws into the baby category or they haven’t been anywhere before category. When you get classified this way, people around you will begin to ignore you while you’re crying and moaning over normal stuff other people are figuring out. Basically, I’m telling you as your real life coach that you’re on this flight, so have some self control and stop being so dramatic. Pull yourself together and realize you’re not the first person to go through pressure and you’re not the last.

Don’t be the grown up who everyone treats like a baby on the flight. The one who we just accept that you’re gonna scream, kick and cry until you wear yourself out (and everyone around you) and hopefully fall asleep because you’re too freaking immature to realize the air pressure is normal, that it’s not going to kill you and it’s included in your ticket price.

Yep, there it is, I said it! I’m actually telling you what the airlines won’t tell you. You Paid For This Pressure! If you signed up on the flight called motherhood or fatherhood, you paid for this pressure. If you signed up for relationships with other imperfect people, you paid for the pressure. If you signed up for the flight to destination CEO or leader, don’t scream and cry and fall out over regular stuff that goes with the flight. You got on the flight and said you were going to a new destination didn’t you? Did you actually think your ticket only included a free bag, snacks and soda?

You paid for your ticket and you will get to your destination,..just remember everyone is feeling the pressure,.. and the pressure is normal.

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2 thoughts on “You Paid For This Pressure

  1. Loved this! It causes self-awareness on a different spiritual level.


    1. Self awareness yesssss!!! Thank you Min. Miriam


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