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If you travel on most airlines, once you’ve gotten into your trip and things are settled and calm; they’ll begin preparing to feed you something. On short flights you can expect to get a little snack and something to wash it down with. But on longer flights; you can expect a meal. In other words, the further you plan to go, the more prepared they are to feed you something that is going to hold you over until you get there.

So I began to think this morning about how on some parts of our journey we encounter people who are like snack type people and then there are those who are more like a meal. The snacks get us to a certain point and usually have little to no real nutritional value or substance. They’re easy, convenient and cost effective. They’re just something to hold us over and keep our stomachs from growling until we get to where we are going. But these type of people only have but so much to offer. And after they feed us what they have; that’s it. We are simply on our own.

I began to think even about how these snack type relationships are meant for short trips and as your real life coach; I recommend you start being honest about who’s who in your life today? How do the people on your journey feed you? Are you hungry right after you leave them? Still longing for more? Needing more substance? More meaty interactions?

Snack type people are the ones who whenever you talk to them the dialogue never changes. It’s always about the same stuff. And I’m not saying that it’s bad. But maybe it’s the reason why you’ve lost your enthusiasm. Maybe it’s why you don’t have the same passion you use to have because you’re too hungry to think straight. And if you’re only eating snacks; as tasty as they can be, you know snacks just aren’t enough. Sadly, you could be friends with a snack. Have family members who are snacks. You could be dating a snack. Married to a snack. Working at a snack. Going to a church that’s a snack. Snacks are just meant to hold you over. But they leave you wanting more. And communicating with a snack can only hold your attention for so long before you realize; you’re still hungry.

But when you’re on a significant journey. When you’re going somewhere in your life and committed to growing on this trip; you begin to realize you need relationships that feed you on a more substantial level. You begin to realize you need more stimulating interactions with people who not only feed you; but you feed them too. I believe you’re reading this because somewhere in your life you’re hungry for more! You want relationships with people that feed you quality. Don’t you want to order from a quality menu in 2019? Don’t you want relationships that engage you beyond what the average snack mentality can even understand? I believe you want more because you’re going somewhere great! And on your way you need fuel to get you there, and these snacks just aren’t going to cut it. These snacks don’t have enough in them to energize you for the places you’re traveling to! See this is why you get bored easily with (snacks) people who have short term mindsets. At this point in your journey you know you need to be engaged in conversations and connected to people that inspire you to keep going. That there’s more in you and you can outlast even what you’ve seen in your family and the circle you’ve been confined to. You need people to help keep you FULL of fuel and energy and passion on this trip called life, because there is more!

You’re reading this today because you’re in pursuit of (meals) people that sincerely rejoice with you when you win! People who take time to listen to you and look in your eyes when you speak and respond back in a way that pushes you. You’re looking for those who will hold your hand and cry just as hard as you do when you’re in the midst of a crisis. When you connect with meals aka people who feed you good, that’s when you will truly begin to reach for the stars and do what others said was impossible. You’re going far and because you’re going somewhere you need people who will feed into your long term vision. Who invest in and support your ideas and stand with you when no one else will. The snacks are good enough for where some people are going, because they don’t plan on going far. But not for you. You’re going the distance and that’s why you need people (meals) who feed you at a level that’s beyond snacks and sodas.

At some point during your journey, you can expect to get something to eat. It just depends on what kind of journey you’re on.

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2 thoughts on “Snacks?

  1. Angela Robinson says:

    Friends truly are fuel for the journey. Thanks for an excellent eye opener that I will be reminded of every time I talk to a snack! I won’t linger over that meal…🤔❤


    1. I love that! Friends are fuel for the journey and a friend indeed is what you are. Thanks for reading and commenting. If you get a chance scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow this blog so you can get automatic daily updates ♥️


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