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I’ve never been on a private jet,…at least not yet. But I have had the pleasure of flying first class. The perks make it painful to fly coach after you go first class.

I felt this sense of prestige and pride that made me feel like a super star. With my first class access; my seats were bigger and better. The service was better. More legroom. Snacks, drinks and blankets. But did I mention that you have to pay more to sit in first class?

The harsh reality is if you can’t afford first class, you’re forced to simply watch other people experience what you can’t afford. Ironically, no one makes the airline feel guilty for having this standard when it comes to where people sit on their plane. They simply have a rule and if you can’t pay the price to sit up close, then go sit in your seat in the section you paid for.

I say all this to say, if you really want to have first class people sitting up close in your life this year; make sure they’re willing to pay the price. And don’t let people make you feel guilty for it.

It’s nothing wrong with making people understand that access to you is not cheap. Not that you’re actually asking people to pay to be in your life, but relationships are investments. And if you are at a place in your life where you’re tired of coach class relationships; you simply want people who are willing to do more to be with you.

When you’re ready for first class people in your life you want people who don’t have a problem making the moves and changes necessary to be close to you. To spend the time with you. To make the sacrifices you deserve. You want people who don’t mind giving you space and legroom to stretch. First class friends and family aren’t shocked when you tell them that you need them to be willing to eat with you. And to even sometimes feed you.

I want people in my life who don’t mind feeding my soul. Who will make sure they cover me just like the warm blankets they give out in first class. And in turn, if you’re like me, you will also want to give the people in your life the same type of first class experience and love and friendship and support too. Because once you fly first class it’s difficult to return to coach class connections.

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2 thoughts on “Do you have First Class or Coach Class people in your life?

  1. Sandra Blackwell says:

    This was awesome Sherry


    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback and I’m so glad it blessed you. You deserve first class passengers on your journey because your heart is sooo BIG!


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