How To Travel On A Plane

Google is hilarious. You can type in anything including

“How to travel on a plane” ✈️

Seems pretty self explanatory doesn’t it? Well DUH. Clearly, if you want to travel on a plane you have to buy a ticket, pack a bag, then get to the airport and get on board. Oddly enough, it seems like you shouldn’t have to explain process to people, but believe it or not; there are some individuals walking around who need you to tell them everything step by step. To me this speaks to a person’s capacity or lack thereof.

There are simply some people who we are trying to engage in relationship, intimacy business, and even conversation who just don’t get it. You know those people who don’t understand the basics. No common sense at all. They are out to lunch, the lights are on but nobody’s home, the elevators stuck and won’t leave the first floor. Some people don’t see that there are steps that are required in order to go places. They don’t see that process is the only way to take flight in life. Taking flight requires a strong commitment when it comes to following protocol and order if you want to get ahead.

The harsh reality is that some people need the help of google on how to do everything.

And if it’s not google helping them decide their process, it’s their mother or father, sister or brother. Some people can’t think for themselves and if they use google for everything do they actually have a brain of their own? If they need google to tell them how to think, what will they do when the internet connection fails? Truth is some people will get help from everywhere but within and even after they do; can you deal with the reality that you’re left with a person who lacks the substance to be able to take off in life and in their interactions and commitments to you? If you’re going places in life, the wisest thing to do is be honest with yourself. Before you get attached and deeply connected to anyone; please make it a point to get to know as much as you can about them.

I can’t stress enough to you how important it is for you to really do some work to see what their capacity is first. Can they contain you and all you bring to the table? Can they handle conversations with you, your interest and the reality that comes with being connected to someone with your substance and depth?

Some people like the idea of you but can’t deal with the weight that’s associated with a go getter like you.

You are going somewhere great. This is why you must ask the people who will get on the plane with you, some hard questions. Like, what are the steps they think it takes to get on a plane? Not just an airplane but the plane or the level that’s required to take off with you. No point in doing business with someone who you’ll never have anything in common with. No point in trying to get married to someone who can’t even understand you while you’re dating. The way a person gets to their destination has to do with their decision making process.

Do you even know what your decision making process is? If you’re not clear on that, my advice is simple. Stay on the ground for now. In the meantime, figure out how you plan on getting to your next destination. You must have a process in place before you demand someone else to. Stop relying on google and outside sources for your process on moving forward and look within. You will get far. You just need to figure out the basics.

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Traveling in Opposite Directions

Have you ever wanted to travel to one destination and the people you’re rolling with wanted to go somewhere completely different? What happens when two people are together physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually they’re going in opposite directions?

Is there an easy way to book a flight that pleases everyone? Or is this just too expensive of a feat? Do you even have the time or energy to keep trying to appease people who want to go skiing when you love the beach? At what point do you stop trying to make people agree to go along with you when you know they would rather be somewhere else? When going places in life, all of these questions are vital when it comes to the people you choose to take flight with. It’s really a major waste of years and in many cases tears to sit around accommodating everyone else around you, only to look up and be bitter and resentful because you never got to go where you wanted.

Those who are going places in life have to be free of the fear of people. No longer should you be preoccupied worrying about who likes you and who agrees with you. This is the equivalent of trying to go two places at the same time. It’s not good for your mental health. I read a quote the other day that said “The person attempting to travel two roads at the same time will get nowhere.”

And this is very true. William Shakespeare said “To thine own self be true!” There’s such richness in that statement especially when you’re a person who’s got a made up mind and determination to go places. It’s so important to remember along this journey that if you lie about how you feel or what you want, you’re not not being authentic and true to yourself. So many people end up old and angry because they did everything in their power to try to make their family and friends happy only to find out they’re all miserable too. What a tragic end. To get to the last leg of your life and find out everyone you tried to please wasn’t happy either; because they were all following the same model or template for living. If you really want to get “there” start by learning yourself. Not the “you” anyone else pictured for you, but the “you” that you know you were born to be. Deep down inside, if you get quiet enough and at peace with yourself, you will begin to silence the voices of the people around you and hear what your divine calling has always been.

You’re going places. You just need to sit down and settle your spirit and your heart so that you can hear what the sincere direction is for your life. I’m cheering you on and believing your clarity and wisdom is going to increase. Start studying and reading more. See, the library and bookstores are already filled with “mentors” who’ve written books that have taken them years to experience what could change your life today. My grandfather used to say this quote often that he loved.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” -Unknown

Who’s really ready to stop wasting their time trying to travel all these different paths with people who aren’t going where you’re going? If that’s you, let’s go! Greatness awaits you.

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Learn to Fly Solo! Eagle or Pigeon?

The other night I made an assumption that my husband and I were going out to eat, but because he had so much work to do when he got home, he declined dinner with me. Yep, he was too consumed to leave his desk and have dinner with me. SMH. Was I heartbroken? Was I devastated? Crushed? Absolutely NOT! The reason my life and self esteem did not crumble at his no, is because I am absolutely comfortable doing things without company. I realized a long time ago that while I’m on this flight called life there are some places I’ve got to go all by myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not making a big dramatic deal about eating dinner by myself. I wasn’t mad and even brought him a yummy meal back home from the restaurant that I was sure he would enjoy. This whole situation from the other night actually opened up the opportunity for some good ole’ reflection for me and all my real life coachable friends. I can’t emphasize enough how vitally important it is to learn to go places alone, with a good attitude. Going with the right perspective is imperative if you expect to get to your intended destination in life. At the end of the day, all of us have to learn to fly solo.

See, I could have found someone else to go eat with like so many people do when they lose a travel buddy along the way. Some people are seriously afraid to be by themselves. Some people are so codependent on others that they are scared to be alone with themselves. Not me! I learned a long time ago that there is a sense of satisfaction and joy in going places by myself!

I believe that it is not until a person becomes truly comfortable with self that they will ever be the best version of company for other people. Too many adults are so unaware of who they are that they must constantly be in the presence of other people in order to make them feel better about themselves. Some people need to constantly be surrounded by groups, cliques, tribes, family, whatever you call it. And don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community, but to need to be around them all the time? Naw! I’ve become happy spending time with me. Be honest, there’s got to be something seriously off in the psychology of an individual who is always seeking approval and validation from outward sources. At some point that person has got to come to grips with the fact that they are trying to fill an emptiness that will never be filled by crowds and company. That’s the saddest part. To come to the harsh realization that most of these people who can’t do anything or go anywhere by themselves are actually surrounded by a bunch of other people in the same boat. See, Eagles don’t fly in packs. Eagles fly alone. They fly solo at high altitudes. Never will you see an eagle flying with a small bird. That’s how you know something is wrong with a full grown person who always has to run to be with their “peeps.” Who claims to be a leader or an eagle yet has such a low level way of thinking? These kind of people I’m talking about love to hang out with other people who have the mentality of a pigeon too. The mentality of pigeons is opposite of an eagle.

Pigeons love to stay on the ground instead of up in the air. It’s a positional thing and the position is in the way they think! Pigeons are also some of the dirtiest and most disgusting animals. They take anything into their system. Eat all kinds of scraps and mess, even their own feces (insert whole message right!). They love to hang out with other people who have the same mentality as they do and I’m finding that a lot of people even in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s have the same mindset and way of living as pigeons. This is another reason why I have learned to love flying solo. Because, the last thing I or anyone else with a leadership mindset need in their life is time wasters who love to stay on the ground. These are the people who can’t move vision forward. They are always pecking at the dumbest things. Their focus is perpetually off. They’re determined to waste their time with foolishness and the others like them who are going nowhere. People who love crowds are constantly packed together, huddled in groups ever consumed with the same garbage like concerns and issues. Constant victims with a woe is me attitude. Nothing ever changes with these crowd pleasers. But a person who’s going places, spends time feeding their spirit and mind. No surprise why I love reading, listening to teaching and motivation. I love engaging in what inspires me and stimulates me to take off and fly! I can’t stand staying stagnate or listening to the repetitive hum drum and drama of people who stay stuck in the same cycles of dysfunction and never change.

The great thing about traveling solo is you find out who you are. When you learn who you are, you instantly become more valuable so when the time comes for you to join with others; it’s life changing! When this happens you are comfortable in your own skin knowing that you can be your authentic self and not worry about whether you’ll be accepted or not. After all, flying solo will teach you that if no one wants to travel with you, you can still be happy flying by yourself.

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Changing for the better is a decision!

If the changes you’re making are bringing out the worse in you, you’re not growing. If the changes you’re making are moving you away from positive people and drawing you into deeper intimacy with people who are not transforming or even trying to evolve; you are going backwards and not forward! Time is not waiting for any of us and there is nothing worse than a stubborn old fool.

Make decisions that move you toward the best possible version of you not the worse. Choose to change your mentality from always trying and make a better effort to actually do what you need to do to change!


You ever miss a flight?

Yesterday, my son Chris missed his flight back to California and ended up having a full day of waiting. The wonderful part of the missed flight is Chris has an amazing inner quality where he has learned to masterfully maximize and navigate through every situation he finds himself in; even the good, the bad and the ugly. While waiting, he got some needed work done, made a lot of important phone calls and even managed to sneak away from the airport to have a meal with his mom, ME! 🤗

This got me to thinking about how even missed flights aka missed opportunities are really just blessings in disguise meant for us to pause, exhale, reset and learn some much needed lessons. Waiting, actually opens up the door for those of us who are going places to still soar! See, when your mentality is so focused on your purpose and the divine plan for your life and your destiny; no matter what the snafu, you find in it that you are still resilient enough to make something wonderful even out of a missed flight. This is how a person learns how ready and qualified they really are for the next level. This is when you miss an opportunity and as a result of that you find out that you’re NOT going to have an emotional breakdown, but instead you are learning to take responsibility for what you did to miss it and moving forward. I’ve observed that too many people who want to go places stay stuck on the proverbial ground of life, constantly complaining and blaming their missed flights on everyone else. When you stay putting your life and future in the hands of everyone else, you can be assured to never get off the landing strip of life. You’ll stay watching other people take off. People who didn’t miss their flights like you did this time. One of the wisest things you can do is study the habits of people who never miss their flights and do what they do. Most people who never miss their flights make intentional efforts to get to the airport early, while those who stay missing their flights are always pushing the envelope and testing the limits. Let’s be honest, you know traffic is not reliable and more than likely you can expect the unexpected when you’re leaving out the door at the last minute. So, if you’re really trying to get on your flight, remember the rules of Murphy’s law and act accordingly.

Murphy’s Law; A rule that states, “If something can go wrong, it will.”

Now I know this is not the most positive way to approach life and probably not what you expected to hear from me. Of course you expect me to tell you to be positive and hopeful and optimistic, and while that’s still true; I really do want you to be realistic. After all, don’t forget, I am the realest life coach, and in real life, you can be as optimistic and positive as you want

The reality is life is almost always unpredictable.

So, when you’re trying to go places, understand that you will be traveling alongside people who don’t have the same mindset as someone as mentally, emotionally and spiritually WOKE as you. So my advice to you who don’t want to keep missing your flights is simple;

1. Don’t sleep your “flight” (life) away

I hate to get all Old Testament on you this morning, but I can’t help it. There is this great scripture in Proverbs 20:13 that even if you’re not a Christian it will help you and keep you lovers of sleep from missing out on a lot of opportunities if you’ll hear it for what it says. “If you love sleep, you will end in poverty. Keep your eyes open, and there will be plenty to eat!”

While I’m not telling you to never get any sleep, some of you who have great potential love sleep entirely too much. Sure, sleep is necessary and required for every human being to be able to successfully handle life physically and psychologically. But what I am saying to you is don’t sleep your “flight” away by making sleep, rest and even entertainment and recreation your main focus. Some people want to be great, but all they do is look for ways to slumber and stay away from doing things that push them ahead and , move them towards transformation and maturity. If you’re elevating and evolving you should be someone who loves to read, write, create, work, study, and learn much more than you love sleeping, resting and watching tv. The bottom line is, don’t spend more time sleeping than you do taking flight in life.

2. Stop Cutting it Close

If you’re ever going to get “there,” you should discipline yourself to be more intentional about every place you go and every decision you make. No more of that silly “fly by the seat of your pants” way of thinking.

To ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ is to decide a course of action as you go along, (playing it by ear) using your own initiative and perceptions rather than a predetermined plan or mechanical aids.

Too many people who want to take off into greater pursuits live by this method of operation and it’s not a good idea because it’s in opposition of your take off in life. While your talent, charismatic personality, good looks, popularity and intellect get you by in most cases; imagine how much a better experience and outcome you would have on this journey if you were not always winging it and relying on “luck” or prayer alone to get you by. Faith without works is dead! Listen, this even goes down to deciding what you’re going to wear everyday, which can actually take up a lot of your time and ruin your chances of making your flights. Remember when you were a kid? Your mom laid your clothes out the night before. There is such a sense of calm and organization that takes over your mind and day when you begin to purposely plan what you’re going to wear and where you’re headed for the day. Even when you know what you’re going to be eating throughout the day it will dramatically improve your life, health and finances. Unplanned purchases and consuming foods that you happen to see, literally create spur of the moment, impromptu decisions which lead us to experiencing added chaos into a life that’s already full of stress and anxiety.

3. Be intentional and take more control of your life

Stop putting your life and it’s outcome in the hands of others. Blaming your spouse the Uber driver, your kids or traffic for making you miss your flight is delusional. Think about it, you are the one who paid for the ticket to get there; therefore you are in charge of getting you to your final destination. This life is yours to live. If the quality of your life is poor, you are responsible. If the quality is good, you’re responsible as well. Change your mentality from always being a victim. No one is leaving you; you are leaving yourself. Living your life to the fullest means making wise decisions that take you higher and ensure that you are not left stuck on the ground saying DARN IT! I MISSED MY FLIGHT AGAIN!

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Dealing with Language Barriers When Traveling

When it comes to traveling and experiencing new places; a lot of people have a great deal of concern about whether or not they’ll be able to get around because of the language barriers in front of them. If you’re someone who wants to see the world, one of the first realities is; everyone is not going to speak your language (insert can I get an amen).

This got me to thinking this morning about how difficult it is for a lot of people to grow and become the best possible person they can be; simply based on their lack of understanding when it comes to other people. Most relationship problems boil down to communication issues also known as language barriers. Too many people are trying to relate to each other from two completely different places and lack the ability to understand what the other person is trying to say. What’s even worse than not understanding the person you’re in a relationship with, is not trying to understand them. Now let me pause and say it’s no use in expecting people to understand you when you don’t know how to communicate at all. Good communication skills are imperative for healthy relationships to exist. If you are of the mentality that the people in your life should be so in tune with you that you don’t have to speak up and say what’s on your heart; then you my friend are completely delusional and you will have to suffer with the reality that you are the one who is ruining your chances of having success in regards to quality people in your life. Quality people will grow tired of drama queens and kings who want people to put up with their head games day in and day out. Listen, you will wear yourself out along with every good person who comes in your life if you think people will live under constant warfare of this kind. It’s seriously draining and just too much. I’m trying to tell you that no matter how good looking or successful you think you are; no one wants to deal with a person who doesn’t know how to communicate properly. If as of today, you’ve convinced yourself to think this kind of mindset is acceptable, I guarantee you at some point in your future (sooner than later) you will come to grips with the fact that you have alienated exceptional people from your life because you play too many mind games. You will be left alone and will have to deal with the reality that you have nothing but a bunch of failed relationships as a reminder that you’re not getting it. This kind of behavior is a problem and a sign that there is a huge language barrier when it comes to you and people who are trying to go places. Someone with a great future can’t be tied to some head case who refuses to accept that not everyone speaks passive aggressive. See, some people are not out here relying on the silent treatment to make points to the people around them. There are people who are genuinely going places in life and no matter how much they love you, the last thing they need to be tied to are people who always want to play silly games. People who are growing and maturing need people who know how to “use their words” as we say to the children when they’re crying about something they want when they’re in preschool.

People who are going places are those who are looking for relationships with grown ups who aren’t into being manipulative and dramatic. There is nothing more aggravating than dealing with an individual who looks like an adult but acts like a 8 year old. Sadly, this is a humongous language barrier that a lot of successful people who are trying to take off in life are having to deal with in their relationships. This kind of pathological thinking can infect and effect family, romantic and business relationships; because all of these connections require maturity and a desire to be reasonable. People going somewhere in life need to be linked up with likeminded individuals who are willing to make the effort to try and understand what the other person is trying to say.

The sad truth is a lot of people don’t understand each other and simply aren’t willing to do what it takes to get an understanding. So, even when two people don’t quite get what the other person is trying to verbally communicate, many resort to another way of expressing themselves called body language and gestures. A lot of people love to throw off and express what’s going on in their heart and mind by using body language also known as caveman talk. See, some people use caveman talk because it’s easy and even if you don’t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, you can certainly understand the cues I’m sending you physically and the attitude in which I do it. This is how the unskilled in speech pretty much get all of their ideas and feelings across to those who they often don’t think “get” what they’re trying to say. See, you know when you’re talking to someone and they’re in agreement with you because they normally respond by smiling or nodding. But when the person you’re speaking with is not receiving what you’re saying, they often frown, avoid eye contact, know the caveman techniques. Don’t act like you don’t. We all know what we are doing when we’re sitting there rolling our eyes, twisting our faces and grunting and groaning when someone is trying to talk to us about something we don’t want to hear. You know you’re sending a strong message to the person you’re supposedly “communicating” with.

Not opening your mouth and working to get past the language barriers you’re having with another person is the highest form of ignorance and speaks to a person’s immaturity and lack of desire to take off and ascend. Sending out subliminal messages and never confronting a person about how you really and truly feel can only lead to even more hostility, confusion and misunderstandings.

So here’s my advice today for all of you who are going places. First, work on improving your communication skills and your capacity to embrace and understand other people who don’t think and operate like you. Change your perspective when it comes to thinking that your way of doing things and seeing things is the only way that exists. Be mindful that a lot of people have been taught different than you have and realize that different is just differently. Just because someone speaks another language or has different goals or ideas than you, they shouldn’t be looked down upon. Someone not too long ago in a joking way called me ghetto. My first reaction was to be offended, but what harm could they have meant? It was a joke after all. Or was it? Anyway, I quickly recovered and laughed. I laughed because that probably was their true heart about me and no matter what I’ve done to help them soar, I understand I can’t change how they perceive me. I laughed because maybe I am ghetto to them. But, what if that person just doesn’t speak my language? At the end of the day, other people’s assumptions about who you are can only be based on their limited perspective. I laughed really hard because in all honesty, I helped that person a great deal in getting to where they are today. So if I’m ghetto, what are they? LOL. The lesson from all of this is, some people will place barriers between themselves and others and once that happens they ultimately limit how far that relationship can go from that moment on. O well, you can’t soar with everyone; especially someone who thinks they’re better than you. There’s a popular quote and I’m not sure who said it but it goes;

“The greatest distance between two people is misunderstanding.”

To all my coachable friends, Whatever you do, try to understand others. And when you humble yourself and approach people with that mentality, I’m sure you’re soon headed for a clear take off in life!

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