Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

One of the reasons I enjoy flying so much is because it literally forces me to put my phone on airplane mode and disconnect from people for a few hours. In a day and time where it seems as if no one is able to survive without these devices, for me it’s nice to have an excuse to turn them off. When I think about the cell phone and what a witty invention it is on one hand, it also makes me think how it has become for so many of us almost like an electronic leash where we never can completely relax without it going off. It’s so bad you can’t even take an unplanned nap without it ringing. It’s become the way people in your life track you. They can always locate you because they have your cell phone number. They may not have a word to say, but it’s become the way everyone checks to see what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Some people use it to find you and dump their problems and worries on you. Some use it for good. Some use it for bad. But it’s always going off and before you know it chunks of your day have gone to the phone or the electronic device. Time you could have used to start writing the book, the song, the play. Time you could have used to start writing out your business plan or apply to college. Time you could have used working and making some money. Or how about cleaning your house or working out, or reading a book? The point is, you could actually be doing something worthwhile but your phone won’t let you be great. It’s amazing how such a useful device like the cell phone can be used for making business calls or it can be used for gossip and nonsense. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been more aware of my use of my phone and electronic devices, I’ve gotten so much more accomplished. I’ve actually done stuff that I can truly be proud of.

So as your real life coach and inspirational flight attendant let me make an announcement for you today. On this first day of February 2019,… Please put your phone on airplane mode! And turn off all your electronic devices too! It’s time for you to TAKE OFF! (insert olympic music)

This got me to thinking about how important it is to get going in your life and your purpose and how you sometimes have to turn off everything around you. All the noise. All the distractions. All the people with their agendas and plans for you. In order for you to really take off and get to the place you’re destined to go, you’ve got to budget your time and energy. Take a personal inventory of where you’ve been giving away your time and power to nonsense and STOP.

Could it be that you haven’t taken off in life like you should yet simply because you stay watching other people take off? Some people stay too attached to their cell phone to do anything of any value with their own lives. Ask yourself today, has your cell phone and electronic devices become the access point in your life for so many distractions? Is it really your job to always text and call everyone in the ”framily” while you end up frustrated at the close of the day having no time or energy left to be effective and impactful in your purpose? Why are you the one who has to make sure everyone is ok, all the while you’re not really ok? Is it really your job? Is it paying well? Who actually designated you the one to keep calling and reaching out to people who never reach out to you back? Or is it a way for you to continue to deceive yourself into thinking you’re such a good person? What’s good about letting people waste your time? That’s foolish.

It really got me to thinking about the time when we didn’t have cell phones. When you wanted to speak to someone, you called the house and if they weren’t home you left a message and that was perfectly ok. Now, if people can’t reach us they get an instant attitude. If they call and they get the voicemail, they instantly think something is wrong, and that you’re acting funny. It’s amazing how presumptuous we have become with one another. It’s as if people have to explain their every move now. You almost need to tell people, I didn’t answer you when you called because I had to use the bathroom. I had to work. I was asleep. I was in the market. I was with my spouse. Or how about this one “I didn’t want to talk to you!” Maybe we should just say I put my phone on airplane mode. In other words, I was taking “flight” and my efforts to go somewhere and grow in life are not open for debate or discussion. I honestly believe that everyone I coach needs to get to a place where they have people in their lives who are ok with them taking flight without any explanation.

Some of us have forgotten that we lived our lives in airplane mode before cell phones, tablets and computers and things were good back then. Remember when you didn’t have to check your social media or your text messages and voicemails before you ate a meal? Wasn’t that great? Back when you allowed yourself to be present in the conversations and places you actually were. When you weren’t always responding to messages and things that don’t even matter to you. I mean do you really think that you need to wish all 2,390 of your Facebook friends a Happy Birthday? Ironically, they don’t even take the time to personally respond back to you, and it’s probably because they’re too busy taking flight in their life unlike you.

Is responding to every post and cute video on social media really helping you get closer to the life you see yourself living?

Now we pay more attention to our cell phones and computers and tablets than we do the people in the room with us. We send messages to people on social media for all to see rather than spending time with the real people in our lives and telling them face to face what we need to tell them. We’ve become neurotic and have not learned to disconnect from the unnecessary and the chaotic. Now it seems the only time we turn off our phones or put them away is when we are told to by the flight attendant. Today consider this your personal flight announcement to put your phone on airplane mode and TAKE OFF!

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Hold Your Own Boarding Pass

I hear a lesson in almost everything. So there’s no surprise that when they began boarding our flight and announced “Everyone must hold their own boarding pass to get on the plane,” I immediately felt a preach in my spirit. Was the airline giving us a lesson in letting go? Were they teaching parents and children about the importance of boundaries, self realization and accountability by saying that even if you’re 6 years old, you are able to hold your own?

I’m sure some people think that’s just too young. Six year olds can’t possibly be responsible for holding their own ticket to get on the plane? Well can they? I guess it depends on whether they want to go somewhere (speaks in tongues). I’ve seen six year olds master iPads and cellphones. I’ve seen six year olds literally curse their parents out and make decisions about what they want and what they don’t want. And yet somehow, we think six years old is too young to be accountable for holding their own boarding pass. It’s amazing how we allow our children and others in our lives to dictate so much and have so much control, but then when it comes to being responsible and accountable we act like they can’t possibly do that part.

This got me to thinking about this whole “going places” theme which is the theme of my coaching blog. It made me wonder if we really think we are ever truly going places in our own lives, then why don’t we demand that the people we impact and influence (especially our children); carry their own boarding passes!? One of the most heartbreaking things I’ve seen in my life is parents who act as if their children belong to them and who sadly take on this mindset that their children are their property. How can a child who thinks they are the property of their parent ever truly fly in life? How can they fly in relationships if they have to check with their parent? How can they fly in their career if they have to make sure every move is approved by the parent holding their boarding pass for life!?

What a tremendous burden that becomes for parent and child! To think that one never has the right to ascend to wherever or however high they can in life because someone else is always holding their boarding pass. To think that a person can’t get on board with life without checking in and making sure their parent is ok with them flying is like taking a bird and clipping their wings. Making anyone a wingless bird is not true love at all. It’s sick love and it’s truly sad to see so many broken grown ups making their children so helpless. This is when helping them is truly hurting them.

So here’s my advice to all my coachable people today; hold your own boarding pass. Not your children’s, not your spouses, not your family or friends. This trip is only best experienced when you take responsibility for yourself first and foremost. No use in trying to make sure everyone else is straight. Make sure you’re ok. Start with your body, your mind, and your heart. Work on you. I promise, your children, family and friends will get to their destination. Not the one you have planned for them.

Instead of having perfect plans for everyone else and what they should and shouldn’t be; hold your own boarding pass.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Special Seats

For most people who travel on a regular basis, at least once in their life they’ve had the privilege of flying business or first class. It’s cool for real, as my teenage daughter would say 😂. But don’t forget that the special seat you want is going to cost you (insert praise dance and faint). And while sitting in a special seat may afford you some added perks and privileges; it’s still just a seat.

On one of our most recent trips, we couldn’t help but notice this gentleman who was getting on the same flight as us. We watched him “carry on” as if he was God almighty simply because he was sitting in his special business class seat. He was so tickled with himself! It almost seemed like we were watching a reality show as he went through all these theatrics, showing off and trying to bring extra attention to himself. This man was repeatedly opening the overhead bin to display all of his Apple products and his designer accessories. Slowly removing his high end jacket and scarf and folding all of his belongings so meticulously. We watched him skillfully order a specialty cocktail and methodically pull out his wallet to display his American Express Card for all to see. Surely, this man was a “pill” (hard to swallow).

At one point, it was as if he was literally sticking his chest out with overwhelming pride and joy over how prestigious he felt he was. Without a doubt he wanted to let everyone know he was “important.” In all of his flaunting and flexing, I wonder did he forget that regardless of where he was sitting; it’s still just a seat. I wondered if he really thought all of his labels and gadgets, and his special seat is what made him great? It got me to thinking about him and other people like him on this flight called life; do they really think the seat and the things they have are making them special? And what about the rest of the people on the flight who didn’t have any of those things? Are they not special? It makes you wonder. What makes people feel such a sense of importance? And if you don’t have those things in your possession, do you cease to be important? I wonder did this man know that if the plane crashed, (the same one he was on with us and other people sitting in different seats) we would ALL probably die? Did he know that there was no special bubble that would come out and save just him all because he had a special seat? Did he know that no matter how great he thought he was, he would still suffer the same fate as the people sitting in the back of the plane? This man must have forgot that if a bomb blew up on the plane, his special seat wouldn’t save him. Why was he making such a spectacle over a seat?

This got me to thinking about how so many people do the same thing in real life over their “special seats.” Like really? Do you really think just because you get a certain job, title, car, house, bae, child, blessing; that makes it ok for you to start acting like you’re more than you should? I don’t think so. 👎🏼 In my life, I’ve learned that if you are fortunate enough to have any success; that it should make you even that more grateful. I’ve also learned that if you’re really more grateful, you should BE MORE HUMBLE. I would actually think that gratitude and humility are the proper responses to any good that comes our way, especially special seats. Many of the people I coach are doing some majorly impressive things, so I stress to them that they need to study humility. I tell the people I coach that they have got to learn to be more grateful and humble with every blessing that comes their way.

If we would all be honest, the blessings we have are not merely because of us. Lot’s of people have crummy things that have happened in their lives and they have not been lazy or irresponsible or trifling. They just ended up with not so special seats on this flight called life. And maybe you could pay for a special seat and they couldn’t. But where you sit doesn’t make you better than anyone.

For many people, life has simply just happened to them. And some of these same people have never sat in some of the special seats you and I have. So, when we are privileged enough to have something good happen in our lives, something that we know someone else observing our life hasn’t had the fortune to have; we don’t brag, boast, show off, strut around and tout about it. We respond by being grateful and humble.

The reality is, no matter how nice your house is, someone has one that’s bigger and better than yours (and they’re not posting it on social media). Someone, somewhere has some amazing news that they could tell everyone, but they’ve chosen to stay humble and celebrate with their real friends, not the ones on Facebook. No matter how great your spouse or kids are; someone has a family that is doing bigger things than yours. How you “fly” through life is your business. But sadly, there are some people who are determined to fly through life bragging and show boating. While others (like the people I coach) are determined to inspire, encourage and serve their way through this flight called life.

My hope for you today is that you celebrate the seat you’re in and the fact that you’re still going places! Celebrate the people around you, whether they’re sitting in front of you or behind you. Ultimately, where people sit isn’t really that important anyway. What matters is that we are all going somewhere! And even if you’re sitting in the back of the plane watching someone else “fly” in what appears to be a better seat; remember it’s still just a seat.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Pushy People on The Plane

People can behave so badly. Especially when the plane lands and it’s time to get off and go. I see it happen over and over, that even before the doors of the plane open, there will be some people who will aggressively jump up out of their seat and start pushing their way to the aisle to get out like there’s a bomb on it we don’t know about. These people act as if they think they’re the only ones who want to get off the plane. To me it’s so “kindergarten” but we see this scenario play out on every flight. The people who insist that they are entitled to get off the plane before everyone else in front of them remind me of infants. And I often think about yelling out loud “Hey idiot! We all want to leave too!” You ever notice immature people make you want to go there too? Thank God I have more self control that I don’t always say what I think out loud. But sometimes I think to myself here we go again. It’s like by now you would think everyone flying had just a little home training; and maybe, just maybe they knew that it’s common courtesy for “grown ups” to WAIT YOUR TURN!

See, no matter how forceful, aggressive or pushy you are; unless you physically bow guard your way out the row (and I’ve seen this happen too) you are still going to have to let the people who are in front of you go first. And sadly this is so hard for people to do. Speaks to how childish so many people are today. A lot of people are getting old but not growing up. Lol 😂 But let’s say you are one of these super obnoxious people who think that the world revolves around them. Even after you do all of that pushing and line cutting, you’re still not really going anywhere until the pilot opens the doors of the plane for everyone to exit. What always makes me laugh is the simple reality that you are still going to have to meet us all (everyone you cut in the line) at the baggage claim terminal and have to wait your turn again. 😂 Some people can be in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond and still not understand this whole concept about waiting. And I don’t care who you think you are, you cannot continue to cut people off to get ahead in life (Insert church wave).

This got me to thinking how this reoccurring theme of character, wisdom, integrity, waiting and patience keeps coming up; especially for people who are really GOING PLACES in life. If you are going somewhere in your journey (and you are) you have to learn how to be a decent person as you travel with others. You have got to learn to show regard and compassion for other people on this journey.

Of course you can ultimately do whatever you want, but toxic behavior will adversely effect your life and the quality of this journey. Sure you can go ahead and be the obnoxious, narcissistic jerk who thinks they’re the only one who wants to get off the plane. But you know that we see you carrying on like a toddler. You can go ahead and handle yourself this way all through your life, but there will be consequences that go along with being “that” person. And the good news for you is you will even find other people like you who will join you in your foolery. But the rest of the people on the flight (with good sense) won’t like you and they sure won’t help you when you need help. And trust me, no matter how independent, great and wonderful you think you are; one day you’re going to need somebody to help you on this flight called life.

The other choice you have is to be the person who takes a chill pill (that means relax. I’m not advocating the use of drugs) and realizes we are ALL trying to get to our next destination. You can choose to be “that” respectful, self-controlled, mature person who waits until it’s their turn to go. Life would be so much better if people tried this alternative. If we learned to celebrate other people getting ahead, and stopped being so upset about people going before us. Life would just be better if we could all genuinely share the same aisle without butting one another. If we all just respected the fact that there are others ahead of us and it’s ok. We need to stop pretending as if we don’t see the people ahead of us. There are friends, family, and strangers on this flight with us. Some are behind us, but the truth is some are in front of us. Be ok with that, you’re a grown up. You’ll get there too, just relax.

I can’t stress it enough that you have got to work on your emotional IQ and grow up! Especially those of us who want to truly ascend and go higher on this journey called life. It’s time we make a better effort to show respect to the people traveling with us. We need to remember that it’s impossible to be truly as blessed as we could be when we dishonor the people on this journey with us. Race, gender, title, age, status,..none of these things make you superior to anyone else on this journey so treat people better. When we die we all become dirt.

I say to those who I coach that we should all treat people the way we want to be treated. That’s the golden rule isn’t it? We all learned these basic rules back in preschool didn’t we? It seems to me that too many travelers on this flight have forgotten basic manners and courtesy and common decency. It’s not that hard is it? I guarantee you that people who behave badly aren’t going far no matter how entitled, pushy, and aggressive they behave. As your real life coach, don’t let it be said of you that you don’t know how to treat the people you fly with. No job, promotion, relationship or opportunity is worth it if you’ve got to push your way over people and step on others to get there. Wait your turn and please don’t be rude to others when you finally get to the place you’ve been traveling to.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Las Vegas?

Coming back home from our recent trip, we were super tired and hungry so we headed straight to baggage claim to get our luggage. And while everyone quickly collected their bags (including me) I noticed my husband and 2 other people who were empty handed and looking very disappointed.

Being the type A person he is, my husband is extremely particular about his things, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw him go into a major panic mode when his bags never showed up. He anxiously rushed straight over to the person in charge and asked them to please help him figure out what happened to his luggage. After a few clicks on the airline baggage tablet, the attendant told us that my husband’s luggage was in Las Vegas. “How,..We didn’t even go to Las Vegas!??” My husband complained. I gasped out loud and said “O no! Honey, if your luggage is in Las Vegas you’re never gonna get your things back!” My words seemed to intensify his worry and his facial expression became even more serious. Then with such a child like innocence he looked at me and asked why would I say something like that? I looked back at him and said “Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” 😂😂 Well it was funny to me, but my husband didn’t think so.

All jokes aside, I tried my best to reassure him that this happens all the time and I was sure that the airlines were going to straighten things out and make sure he got what belonged to him. I told him that he just had to be patient and wait. But as much as he heard what I was saying to him and as much as it made good sense, I could still tell it wasn’t changing the fact that he wanted what belonged to him without having to wait! He was anxiously waiting on a promise that his belongings were on the way.

How many times have we had to do the same in our own lives? There’s something out there that belongs to us; and we know it’s ours. Maybe it’s a promotion, a business, a relationship, a child, healing, a degree, a promise,…and we know it should be in our possession by now. But for some reason, just like my husband’s luggage, it’s held up in another state. Maybe the love of your life is in Las Vegas. Lol. Maybe your future home is somewhere out there in a queue and you’re getting tired of waiting.

As your real life coach, I’m here to tell you today it’s on the way; just BE PATIENT. The computer system is reading it’s on the way to you right now!! Consider this your reminder and what you needed to hear to keep you from becoming depressed and frustrated. What belongs to you is not lost! There was just a little mix up behind the scenes and it just hasn’t gotten to you yet. I need you to settle your spirit and just wait. Be patient and fix your face. Your belongings are being shipped directly to you. Your name is on it and even though you see other people picking up what belongs to them now; what’s yours is headed directly to you. Right now, it’s just held up in another state.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Wheels In Motion, Stuck On The Taxi Strip

Everyone was buckled up and ready to take off. But on this flight, I had a window seat and I actually opened the window this time to see what was going on outside. The plane was moving but it just wasn’t really going anywhere. Just stuck on the taxi strip moving back and forth, but not accelerating. Why wasn’t my plane taking off? Of course my plane was eventually going to take off, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting impatient waiting.

This whole situation got me to thinking how life can be this same way. How we can appear to be moving. Wheels in motion, everything set to go, but still here we are stuck on the taxi strip. There have been a lot of great ideas, inventions and businesses I’ve had that stayed stuck on the taxi strip, never taking off. And after watching this happen over and over again, it can make you wanna scream “Why haven’t we taken this thing any further?!”

Looking back out from my window seat, it became obvious to me why my flight hadn’t taken off yet. It wasn’t because I wasn’t ready to take off. The only reason I hadn’t taken flight is because there was just one more plane in front of us (Insert tongues and praise dance)

So could that be why some of the things in my life hadn’t taken off yet? Could that be the reason why the business is still on the taxi strip? Could that be why some of your plans aren’t where you think they should be yet? There are a lot of people I coach who are frustrated and anxious, but you like them are doing fine. You’re headed in the right direction. You’re moving towards your beautiful destination and you’re doing everything like you’re supposed to up to this point. The problem is not really a problem, it’s just timing and THERE’S JUST ONE MORE PLANE IN FRONT OF YOU.

My advice for you today is simple; Be anxious for nothing. Breathe and keep doing what you’re doing. The wheels are moving. The plane is in motion. It’s just not your turn yet. But you’re definitely up next.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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You Paid For This Pressure

No matter where you sit on a plane or how much your ticket cost, every person flying is going to have to deal with the pressure of the air! It affects you when you’re taking off and when you’re landing. Your ears will start popping and your head may feel like it’s going to explode, and it’s all downright uncomfortable when it’s happening. The good news is, it’s perfectly normal and it doesn’t last always. (Insert Baptist fit)

Pressure when you’re taking flight is just part of the process.

I’ve noticed while flying that the only people who have a particularly difficult time handling the pressure that goes with the flight are babies, people who are sick or dealing with health issues and those who are new to traveling. This got me to thinking about how many of us cry like babies about the ordinary pressure that goes along with going higher in life. Or we act like someone who doesn’t know any better. Some people act as if they don’t know that this pressure part happens to everyone on every flight.

When it comes to travel and going places in life it seems as if everyone wants to be great, but no one wants to deal with the pressure associated with elevation. If you want to go higher and I believe you do, I encourage you to examine your life and the reactions you have to normal pressures.

Are you the one on the flight of life who is constantly overacting to what everyone else is calmly handling? Sure, some reactions to circumstances are expected depending upon the individual. But you don’t want to be the person who everyone throws into the baby category or they haven’t been anywhere before category. When you get classified this way, people around you will begin to ignore you while you’re crying and moaning over normal stuff other people are figuring out. Basically, I’m telling you as your real life coach that you’re on this flight, so have some self control and stop being so dramatic. Pull yourself together and realize you’re not the first person to go through pressure and you’re not the last.

Don’t be the grown up who everyone treats like a baby on the flight. The one who we just accept that you’re gonna scream, kick and cry until you wear yourself out (and everyone around you) and hopefully fall asleep because you’re too freaking immature to realize the air pressure is normal, that it’s not going to kill you and it’s included in your ticket price.

Yep, there it is, I said it! I’m actually telling you what the airlines won’t tell you. You Paid For This Pressure! If you signed up on the flight called motherhood or fatherhood, you paid for this pressure. If you signed up for relationships with other imperfect people, you paid for the pressure. If you signed up for the flight to destination CEO or leader, don’t scream and cry and fall out over regular stuff that goes with the flight. You got on the flight and said you were going to a new destination didn’t you? Did you actually think your ticket only included a free bag, snacks and soda?

You paid for your ticket and you will get to your destination,..just remember everyone is feeling the pressure,.. and the pressure is normal.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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This Is Just A Stop 🛑

Traveling recently we had to take a flight to North Carolina, then wait for a flight that would take us to Los Angeles. It was a long day of travel and there were moments I had wished we settled for a shorter trip somewhere. The interesting part about both of these stops that we made was neither of them were our final destination. While trying to get to our beautiful final destination, we saw some things and experienced some moments and felt some discomfort and anxiety and pain; and none of that was what we envisioned for our trip. Nonetheless, if we wanted to get to our final stop, we had to go to North Carolina and Los Angeles first.

This got me to pondering about how often we can have such wonderful images of where we are going in our lives and how we will get there. And how everything we see for us ahead is picture perfect. But, the minute we find out that we’ve got to make some stops in some less than ideal places; we can sometimes give up on the original plan and take something that doesn’t require as much of an investment. Far too many people settle for less than what they dreamed because they don’t want to make the stops.

As you’re reading this, I hope it’s causing you to recall the different seasons of your journey and the stops you’ve taken along the way. I hope this message makes you rethink giving up on your plans and settling this year. I hope it stirs you up and ignites a fire in you that won’t let you water down your impact in 2019 because of the anxiety of making a few inconvenient stops. See, if you’re honest and you’re looking at yourself in this whole story, you’ll begin to notice that you’ve had to make a lot of stops on this flight called life; and they helped you get closer to your beautiful destination. Even in making those sometimes frustrating, long, uncomfortable stops; if you would be honest, you know they were crucial in getting you to where you are today. Even if you’re not all the way there yet, with all your stops; you’re closer to your final destination (insert hand wave and pat on your back).

I want to encourage you today as your real life coach, that even if you don’t see the whole picture of what you dreamed for your life yet; don’t give up. THIS IS JUST A STOP. I challenge you today to set some new REAListic and achievable goals and I guarantee as you chisel away at them you will begin to feel more confident and successful about this flight! Things will begin to line up with the dream and the vision you had all along. Just make sure whatever you do that you don’t miss your connecting flight. Stay the course. You’re going to get there. No matter how tired you are of traveling and waiting; I need you to understand that there are some places you are going to have to stop along the journey; but breathe because it’s just a stop, and even the stops have purpose. The stops are building character in you. The stops are sharpening you and perfecting you, so that when you make it to your final destination; you’ll be glad you didn’t stop at the stop.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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While You’re Sleeping,…

One of my favorite things to do when I’m flying on a plane is to get some sleep! When stuck on a flight for several hours, I consider it to be a great time for me to decompress, relax and catch up on some much needed rest. I have a special pillow and blanket, eye mask and headphones that help me get as comfy and cozy as possible on the plane. And if getting some sleep is my number one concern, I have learned to focus on just that, because there are other things going on while I’m sleeping.

This made me think about the fact that when I choose to focus on one thing, it actually helps me to accomplish the very thing I want to get done. So if I’m ever going to take “flight” in my life and ascend to the places I’m meant to really go, I need to learn FOCUS at another level; otherwise I will stay off track trying to do two completely different things at the same time, and end up not accomplishing anything!!! With it almost being a brand new month in 2019, I am sure I’m not the only one who already needs to refocus on what’s priority on this flight. I am honest enough to say that I need to be more clear about what’s number one in my life and hone in on it. I need to give it my undivided attention and focus because other things will always be going on while I’m doing what I set out to do. Even on any normal flight if you go to sleep, when you wake up you’ll find out that the flight crew handed out refreshments while you were sleeping.

Now you can either get mad about what people got while you were sleep, or you can celebrate the fact that you accomplished the goal you had in mind when you got on board. See, there are far too many people today who are upset and envious about what others got while they were sleeping. Envy and comparison are toxic distractions on the flight of life! Not only that, if you think like this you’re only demonstrating to yourself and everyone around you that you’re a straight up hater. Why be upset about other people getting what they stayed up for while you were sleeping? Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you are ever going to learn to enjoy this flight you’re on called life; you have got to focus on the fact that you can’t eat and sleep at the same time. So pick a target and go at it, and refuse to be upset about what’s being handed out to other people while you’re sleeping.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Fear of Flying

Many people never travel anywhere on a plane because they are afraid to fly. Ironically, statistics tell us that more accidents happen on the ground than in the air (insert tears and tongues).

This got me to thinking about how much more could be achieved if you (and I) stopped being afraid to fly! We settle for things on the ground level when there is a destination waiting on us that will require us to elevate our minds. If you and I are ever going to get to the places we have been dreaming about, we must take a different course. Be honest, you know you’ve been playing it safe for way too long; settling for car rides when where you’re supposed to be going requires you to get on board and take off!

Once you stop allowing the fear of flying to keep you grounded you will begin to see things you’ve never imagined. Fear has been said to be false evidence appearing real and yet too many people have allowed anxiety and fear to keep them from ascending. It’s time for you to go beyond being afraid of the things your mother and father were afraid of. Go for what seems impossible and what if, just what if you actually succeed?

At this point what do you have to lose anyway!? Go for it! As your real life coach I’m here to tell you you can do this! I’m standing at the gate rooting for you! You got this! Elevate your thinking today! No more fear of flying!

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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