Holding it on an 11.5 hour flight!!!

While hearing all the stories from my daughter about her trip to Israel, I casually asked her about how it went on the plane when she needed to use the restroom. She proceeded to tell me that she resisted the natural urge to go to the restroom at all on her 11.5 hour flight to Israel. After politely “airing her out” for doing that to herself, I still had to commiserate with her. I have to be honest that I understood completely why she did what she did.

Sadly, I know all too well the anxiety associated with sharing a tiny cramped restroom with hundreds of diverse people with varying hygiene standards. It can be quite disgusting. But this whole issue with her holding her bladder on the plane made me think how many people can’t do what my daughter did. How many people are literally afraid to travel anywhere because they don’t want to deal with some of the things that can plague our minds with anxiety,..like even going to the restroom.

The little things that aren’t actually little like people coughing all over the place, kicking your seat, eating smelly food, kids with no manners,.the list goes on and on of annoying reasons not to go anywhere. Some of us rack our brains thinking of the worst possible scenarios and it can sometimes be the reason why we never take off. We can sit around and think up problems with people and situations that never even existed. What if my daughter went to the bathroom and it was clean? What if you went on the super long trip of your life to your dream destination and it wasn’t horrible trying to get there? What if you didn’t have a panic attack or sit next to the most obnoxious person alive? This is a better way to approach your anxieties and fears about the unknown. What if you go out with the guy and he isn’t a jerk? What if the woman is not a nightmare like the last one you tried to make things work with? What if you took the job and it was actually a great place to work? What if you joined the club, church or organization and it actually brought a greater sense of community and support to your life?

The point is, stop putting yourself through the unnecessary stress and agony you’re going through because of the “what if’s.” Doesn’t make sense to deny yourself of basic needs or opportunities because of the fear of what could be. Life is a series of unexpected events, twists and turns and you have every right to go to the bathroom on an 11.5 hour flight. You have every right to do what you want and go where you want without the worry about what other people are going to do. Get over it and live! Take off. Go where you want to go and don’t you ever hold your bladder, your dreams, your creativity, your talent, your thoughts or anything else for that matter because of anxiety!

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Are you Straightforward or a Scammer?

This journey called life is going to cost you. I wish I meant figuratively, but it’s literally going to cost you. The quality of your decisions is a big part of how expensive the realities of your life will be or not. There’s a popular quote that says “Nothing in life is free!” And if you asked me, I believe it’s absolutely true. There is a price to pay for everything you say and do and even bigger is the price tag attached to the quality of the people you’re connected to. So choose wisely. See, if you asked me, the worse thing a person can do is be indirect about what they want from the people they’re involved in relationships with. Just like when I get my hair or nails done or purchase an outfit or buy a plane ticket; I don’t want to get to the register or to the gate and be in suspense about what’s expected of me. I want to know so I can be prepared to pay for what I have coming my way upfront. No hidden charges or fees. Some of these situationships have too many hidden agendas we find out we can’t ever afford to pay. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people we get into relationships with handled us with the same level of integrity they handle paying their bills and the things they want to keep? But they don’t. That’s because most of these folk think they’re doing you a favor being in your life. Wrong! I want to be connected to people who have enough courage and guts to tell me what I’m actually getting into when I connect with them. I want people in my life who aren’t looking to scam me. How many of us know too well what it feels like to be scammed in relationships on this flight called life? These scammers act as if getting close to them is going to be a breeze. They act as if this is going to be mutually beneficial, something great for us all! They often oversell what they have to offer and when it’s time they underdeliver. Ultimately we find out we got swindled into a situation we cannot afford to stay in. Wish we had known all of this before we got close to them. Wish they had told us they were the way they are before we got all comfortable with them. But no. They wait for the most inconvenient time to reveal that we are in over our heads with them and now we have some outrageous amount to pay because we messed around and hooked up with a scammer. The irony is, many of you wouldn’t have taken some of the relationships you’re in as far as you had if you had known how much it was going to cost you in the first place.

The biggest issue I have with these sneaky people is the deception associated with them acting as if they’re so “cool” low maintenance and laidback when they know that is nothing close to the truth of who they are. So many people are stressed out and worn out in their situationships, friendships, romantic relationships and even business dealings because of people who weren’t upfront about how expensive it was going to be to partner with them on this flight called life.

I would prefer it if people were more upfront and less indirect. Could it be that so many people only reveal parts of who they are because they know no one will take the time to commit to such a massive undertaking? No one wants to deal with your crap if you don’t want to be honest about what you’re bringing to the table. I’m sad to say that some of these people you could potentially get entangled with are just too much drama to take off with. And for those of you who want to go great places in life, you can’t afford to take a trip with these difficult characters who refuse to grow up and change for the better.

The bottom line is, the people close to you may not come right out and say my time or love is going to be this amount of money – pay me now, but you’re going to pay. Just make sure you know ahead of time. Let people know in advance you suffer from depression easily. Let people know ahead of time you have low self esteem and you’re needy. Let people know you’re stingy and don’t like to consider other people so they know this before they jump on board this flight with you and try to go somewhere great. Let them know in advance so they can see whether or not they have enough to pay for this experience.

The bottom line is that people put their best foot forward and try to present their best behavior in the beginning and then when you get so knee deep into the relationship, then they reveal they’re a psycho. That’s not right. You need to start calculating how much are these connections going to cost me. Count the cost! Because I’ve found out that no matter how close you are to another person, there’s a considerable amount of weight or value that comes with them being an important presence in your life. And even if they say they’re doing what they do for you for free, watch them and I promise you before you know it; you’ll see that even they have you paying some price to have them in your life.

Make sure it’s not more than you can afford. Make sure your account isn’t always in the negative because of the people you select to spend your time and energy with. Be smart. Be selective. Be wise in your decisions and don’t you dare let anyone talk you into spending more than you can afford as you do all you can to go somewhere great on this precious flight called life.

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Jealous much?

Believe it or not, there are some people who get jealous and envious of you when they see you going all over! Not just trips but life accomplishments. Some people get jealous of you because you’re happy and doing things they don’t have the courage to do. They secretly harbor resentment because they can’t go the amazing places you’re going. Well, at least that’s what they think. Truth is, all of us have the power to decide where we go. How far we go, who we go with. We can literally customize our journey on this flight called life but before we really take off; we need to deal with our mentality. Are you a jealous person?

If we think negatively about other people when they’re doing well in life, this is a direct indication of something that’s gone off in our mindset. This whole comparison trap is sooo dangerous. It’s literally the gateway to a toxic mind. The fact that everyone has different dreams and goals is a truth that can’t be ignored. Everyone doesn’t want what you want and vice versa. This is how you can see other people blessed and not be envious or jealous. And so, a healthy mind thinks before I start looking at where someone else is going and how fast they’re getting there, WHAT’S THEIR TAKE OFF GOT TO DO WITH ME? In my opinion, the only reason you should look at anyone else’s life is to allow them to be a source of inspiration!

This made me think even deeper, who’s inspiring me on this flight and who am I giving encouragement and inspiration to along the way in my life? This is the question of the day for us all. We should be inspiring others with our life, our words, and our deeds. Ironically, some of the people we inspire, never tell us. Then there are those who end up crossing over into the jealous zone because they never find the bravery to say “you inspire me!” When you stop telling those who inspire you that they do, you bottle it up and eventually if you’re not careful you could be getting into a dark place. It’s called the jealous zone when you can’t say yasssss to another sister’s success. I say bless their little hearts when they see how much favor is on you and that makes them upset. It’s sad how some of your biggest fans become the biggest haters because they aren’t willing to acknowledge how much they admire you. Often times, they can’t articulate their true feelings about you without feeling bad about themselves. They’re still stuck in the comparison trap.

It’s crazy because I’ve experienced this in my own life with people who seemed genuinely happy for me when my life was going to the next level. And then all of a sudden, they get weird on you. All of a sudden, they withdraw from your life. And it’s never any honest communication or conversation about what happened. They just back away and yet you know they’re still watching your life. Social media makes it so easy for people to harbor jealousy towards you and yet still stay your “friend.”

My advice is simple – never let your admiration for another person’s ascension make you a hater. If you can’t celebrate another person’s life and their accomplishments, get well. I’m serious. Jealousy is a sickness. It’s a mental illness and it usually doesn’t make any logical sense. Those of us who are usually hated on are hated on by people who have more than us. That’s why I said it’s not based on anything logical. This is why it makes no sense for you to try to figure out the absurdity of a jealous person. Instead of sitting around wondering why they won’t support you, love you or hang around you anymore – keep being the inspirational person you are. You can’t control how people handle your elevation nor is their reaction your concern. Be secure in who you are and keep your heart and motives pure. Don’t become closed in your heart to sharing your creativity and inspiring life. Keep doing what you do! The bottom line is, you’re going somewhere great! Stay focused and don’t let the jealousy in others take you down.

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Get up! Take off! Go!

When the plane lands, most people jump right up and start enthusiastically moving toward the door. These people with that get up and go inside of them are usually ready to GO SOMEWHERE great! They aren’t willing to just sit there because well,,, they have plans!!! Then there are those who are just laid back. Pretty much resistant to change and passive they have been conditioned to let others go ahead of them when it comes to almost everything. These are the ones who just sit there and wait for other people to go before they start heading their way out and making it to their actual destination. This made me think how many of us approach our healing this same way – way too relaxed!

How can you be so nonchalant when it comes to he great places you can go? How can you be so chill about going all the great places in store for you?! I can’t understand that! Which is why I need my real life coachable friends to revisit your attitude when it comes to your future! See, some people are eager to get up and go aggressively toward their breakthrough. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, emotionally, regarding your relationships, your health or career; you should aggressively participate in your own personal progression. If you’re serious about making strides to get closer to your next level, keep going. My concern today is for the “others.” The “others” are content sitting still observing the motivated ones. The “others” don’t mind watching everyone else move forward and just like the folk who sit and wait for everyone else to deplane before they get going, they sit back and excuse themselves from going somewhere better.

And trust me I get it, sometimes you don’t want to rush. Sometimes you see how pressed some people are about getting up and going. But the real question is why are you so worried about other people?? Why are you sitting around evaluating the what’s and how’s of the “others” moves? Don’t be sidetracked worrying about other people when you have a next level that’s got nothing to do with them. If you’re tired of making excuses for your take off, take your frustration and use it to push you to just get up and go. See, as far as I’m concerned you get to a point in time where you stop worrying about the next person and grab your stuff and go! I mean you go and take off with everything in you. When you’re at this place emotionally, mentally and spiritually you have no tolerance for drama, chaos or playing mind games with anyone. If you’re like me, you can love people with your whole heart, but you’re still determined to go. When you simply have a goal in mind, you just go and don’t allow anything or anyone to disturb your peace.

This flight called life is as real as it gets. You’ll get there and the pace and momentum you move to your dreams is all up to you. Hopefully you’re one of those who’s eager to get going. Don’t allow your own complacency or excuses or the fears associated with seeing other people ahead of you, stop you. Go! Run. Get up and take off. The only thing standing in the way is your attitude. Make up your mind that you’re going somewhere great and go. Start now. Your take off is waiting on you.

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Are you learning anything on this flight?

My kid is coming back home today! She’s been in Israel and is returning and she’s ready to take off to her next level with the knowledge and wisdom she’s acquired during her trip. Isn’t that what this flight called life is about anyway? You go somewhere, meet some people, experience some new things and keep it moving. The point I’m making is if you’re not learning from your experiences maybe you already think you know it all. If you go somewhere and already have your mind made up and you’re closed to new. That includes new perspectives, new ways of approaching life, new people and their ideas; this could be a problem if you want to go somewhere greater than you’ve been. It got me to thinking how so many people can never change because they think the way they do life is already the best way. They think they’re smarter than everyone, more profound than everyone else and more gifted than everyone too.

If you begin to do a personal evaluation when it comes to your attitude when you’re presented with anything that’s different than what you’re used to – if you’re honest you could have a problem adapting to change. Learning to flow with change, in my opinion is by far the most powerful way to grow and take off in life. Sure, there are lots of situations where you can make all the decisions and do it your way, but a person committed to their growth and helping others in their pursuit of their potential is one who has to constantly be open to change. My daughter couldn’t expect to eat and do the same stuff she does here when she was in Israel. And why would she travel so far to follow the routine anyway? Life is about seeing new people and places and one of the ways to stifle your elevation is to be stuck up about the way you live versus the way other people live.

A cultured person is one who’s looking to see how other people live and not only that they are those who stay ready to embrace new possibilities. Don’t say you want to go somewhere great if greater has to compete with your basic appetite for the average and the ordinary. There are voices meant to help you get to your next level, but if you are so in love with yesterday and the good ole days, you could potentially offend your future. Hear this word of wisdom – most of the things you’re so programmed to believe are not as important as you’re making them. Relax. Breathe. Take it easy and embrace whatever blessings are meant to propel you. Don’t disrespect or dishonor what seems to make you feel uncomfortable. Growth is not meant to make you feel comfortable anyway.

I encourage you to open your heart to the new!!!! Open your heart and mind to other people and the way they approach thinking, living, eating, playing, serving,.. You just might find that “your way” isn’t the only way to take off on this flight called life.

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A Take Off Mentality

Our relationships are not good for us unless they help us grow. The people who make us feel better about our mess may meet a selfish need for us in the moment, but they’re not helpful to us taking off in life. I often tell the parents of those I mentor that even though you think your child is so cute and adorable and can do no wrong, there’s a multitude of other people who don’t feel the same way. If we can grasp hold of this viewpoint and understand this concept then we would do whatever it takes to help prepare the people we love to go places in life rather than cripple them to stay dependent on us and our constant pampering and support. This got me to thinking about how insane it is for us to want to go somewhere great while ignoring the need for us to change.

Literally there’s someone sitting somewhere mad at the world and every voice of wisdom that tries to make a deposit in their life because they tell them the truth. Makes you wonder, would people really be happy if the real ones in their life told them lies? Would they be better off if they only surrounded themselves with the ones who ignored their obnoxious tendencies and never challenged them to go higher? Would you? It kind of made me somewhat sad to think that most people are content with people loving them to death. If people love you to the point where they let you over eat, stay getting high or intoxicated, sleep around, run your mouth and ruin your reputation, they’re actually loving you to death. If they love you to the point where they say nothing about how lazy, selfish, stubborn, arrogant, one sided and insecure you are; they’re loving you to death. If the doctor knew you had an life threatening diagnosis and kept it a secret because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings he could be sued for malpractice and you ultimately end up dying without the opportunity to make any changes. This is the definition of insanity yet this how many people want you to relate to them. Don’t tell me anything I don’t want to hear. How did we become such a self centered culture where we except people to love us based on our definition and terms and if they don’t perfectly live up to our unrealistic expectations and standards we declare them unfit to be in our lives!? Our cut off game is strong! Makes you wonder if you even want to hang out with someone who thinks that way. In psychology this is the definition of a controlling manipulative person. Yep. That’s what they are. If a person wants you to walk a tight rope in exchange for their love and affection that’s an abusive and toxic relationship. No one, I repeat no one should waste their time trying to please someone who expects you to do what they want to qualify being loved by them.

On this flight called life there’s only two kinds of people – there are those who are going places and those who are stuck. This could be emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, socially,.., you get my drift. If you want to go somewhere in life, make up your mind to be genuine and sincere in your interactions with others, but don’t you dare let anyone make you feel imprisoned by their demands. Relationships are give and take, compromise, seeing the other person’s perspective, healthy dialogue and communication. So if we are in our right mind, at the end of the day you and I can only be in control of how we see things. If your perspective is the problem, work on it. I guarantee you no one is going anywhere great in life until they begin to see things from a healed mentality.

Your mentality is made up of the attitudes that govern your mind. Ask yourself today, what attitudes are in control of my mind? You must do the inner work so that you won’t stay stuck! I want you to grow but the onus is on you.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Not today Satan!

One of the first things people ask me about my marriage and my relationship with my husband is “Where did you meet him?” It was actually my first year of college. He was a senior. I was a freshman. About 30 years later (25 married) and lots of twists and turns, we are still together and that’s only by the grace of God and a lot of hard work on our part to make things better. Got me to thinking this morning while I was meditating about the location we meet people and how so often this gives us a lot of insight on where the relationship is headed on this journey called life. The place you meet a person tells you a lot about where they are on this flight.

Not saying there aren’t exceptions to this, but if you meet someone at a sketchy place and then have all these expectations that they’ll snap into the ideal mate, sister, friend, business partner when you’re ready for them to, is like setting yourself up for some major disappointment. And please don’t get me wrong, you can be bamboozled by people anywhere no matter the location. Sometimes even if you go to church or join some noble group or cause and think you’ve met the perfect person, you still have to deal with the painful truth that you’ve met a demon in a great location. People can be a sneaky and sometimes those with the worst intentions study locations to do their mess. Some of the most disingenuous people hide themselves behind good causes at upstanding locations. Some of these “wolves in sheeps clothing” do a lot of stuff to impress innocent people only for them to find out in the end it was all a show. There are those who literally scope out places to find helpless victims to take advantage of. Disney for instance is one of the biggest places for child predators to go. They love it there. Hiding behind Mickey Mouse and the fact that children love this place. These wicked monsters know they can go there and find vulnerable little people to attack. Then they do whatever they do to make themselves appear one way to people only for their innocent prey to find out these imposters are not at all what they presented themselves to be.

This is why those of you who are going places in life have got to approach everything you say and do with a great deal of sobriety. You’ve got be smart. You’ve got to be discerning. You can’t be like little red riding hood. Not at this age and stage of your life. You’ve got to be able to see the wolf for who he is and discern that’s he is not your grandmother. Discern those who are disguising themselves as your friend, family or future mate, that they are really a monster who want nothing more than to destroy you under that cloak. Beware on this flight called life and understand that there are deceitful people with wrong motives and you must be able to see them for who they are. Look beyond the cloak of flattery and the false imagery.

I’m really believing that your level of discernment and wisdom goes to a higher level in this next season of your life. And not that you’ll become all paranoid and insecure when it comes to genuine people in your life who are trying to grow and get better; but instead that you will see the people that mean you no good for who they are and govern yourself accordingly. See, it’s vital that you lose that silly childlike gullible mindset that looks past the red flags in friendships, business and even family. You’ve got to get beyond that need to be liked. Deal with your codependency now. Stop needing approval from others and approve yourself. Location of self is vital before you can locate anyone else. I had to take someone home one day and I asked her where she lived and this fool said ” I don’t know!” I told her it was going to be impossible for me to take her somewhere if she didn’t know that information first. I can’t make this stuff up. Bottom line – Stop expecting people to take you somewhere when you don’t even know who you are.

Communication and some basic skills are necessary to go anywhere on this flight and some of these people who want to play games and dance around important issues are hiding something. See, you shouldn’t have to prod and poke around and dance around any subject matter with people you’re trying to go somewhere with. If they can’t be honest and upfront with you, this is an indication you’re dealing with a head case. Maybe they don’t want to talk to you about certain things because they’re not in the mood. That’s fine and dandy, but are you going to be able to have a grown up relationship with someone who’s constantly controlling the progress of your life and destiny because of their moods? Nah fam. Waiting to discuss things when you’re not emotional or angry is a wisdom key. But why are you always stirred up, emotional and angry like that about stupid stuff? That should be the real question. Why are you always in a bad mood, temperamental or inflamed? That’s a red flag! It’s a warning sign that danger is ahead if you stay on this flight with them. If they make it a habit to stop talking to you, giving you the cold shoulder, or whatever they call it; they’re showing you how they handle conflict. Not well at all. Conflict is a fundamental part of life and if they can’t handle that part of life with you they’re telling you that this aircraft is liable to crash and burn at this rate.

None of us are getting any younger, and that’s a fact. Yet, it’s almost impossible to ignore the immaturity of some of these people we are traveling with. Not everything should turn into a major issue or tug of war. Some situations are not even worth you getting all worked up and in your feelings about. I believe that anytime our emotions go to a location where we aren’t under control anymore it’s a signal to us and others that we still have some unhealed wounds. That’s a location. Today I want you to locate the tender areas that bring up something in you that reminds you that you still need therapy. It’s okay. Schedule an appointment with me today. I’m here for you. Just do what you have to do to locate those areas in your emotions that remind you why you need to go back to church or join AA or NA. Take the initiative like a boss and go there for yourself. Don’t let anyone else take you to that place. Don’t let them get you wound up or in that place of rage or shutting down again. You know what takes you to that location. Those names, certain conversations or memories that take you there. Stop letting things control you negatively. As a grown up man or woman, make the courageous decision that I’m going to a place that’s going to lead me to my dream destination in the end. May not get there today. May not get there tomorrow, but I promise you that if you stay connected to wisdom and remain humble you’ll get there. I’m so sure of it.

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Monday Mentality

I woke up today with a great outlook on life. Like I didn’t approach my Monday like people do on a typical Monday. What’s a typical Monday anyway?

Old folk used to say any day above ground is a blessing! Something like that,…well you get the point. What I’m basically saying is we all need to check the attitude we have on this journey? Do you realize we are blessed to be alive, even on a Monday!? This got me to thinking how much of a blessing it is to be on this flight. Like seriously. Waking up and being alive is not something to take lightly. The same way people take flights out of town with this nonchalant attitude is the same mentality we can have as we approach each day on this flight called life. We could actually be taking the fact that we got another chance to get on this flight for granted! If you’re doing that, you’re probably taking the people in your life for granted too. There are people who add to your life. Sometimes we can forget that. Sometimes we can be guilty of treating people like they have to love us. We can get so used to a good thing that we begin to mishandle it and treat important people like they aren’t important. Don’t treat special people like they’re ordinary or common. Trust me. You’ll be sorry if they decide they’ve had enough of that. There are literally people who bring extra sunshine and support to your life. You should appreciate them. They shouldn’t have to beg for your respect. There are people who surround you with wisdom and encouragement and that’s a big deal. Don’t minimize the very ones who add to your day, especially your Monday’s. That’s really crazy when you think about the fact that there are people sitting in hospital beds facing devastating diagnoses regretting that they didn’t handle people in their lives who’ve stood by them and been good to them. There are people sitting in some dire situations today and if they had appreciated the good ones when they had them, they wouldn’t be saying their coulda shoulda woulda’s. So check yourself. Even some of you who woke up today complaining that you had to drive to work. Some of you spent time today complaining that you had to get up and get coffee and go to a job that pays you money. Money to pay your bills and live your life. When other people on this flight would be overjoyed to experience the life you’re living, you’re sitting around treating your whole life like a Monday. That’s not right at all.

If you’re not careful that Monday attitude will begin to take over your whole mentality and have you treating everyday with a pessimistic, ungrateful heart posture. Before you know it, you’ll be treating everything including quality people like a Monday. You’ll be going home to your amazing family and supportive spouse with this blasé sense of complacency like they have to put up with your shenanigans. Don’t you dare get comfortable treating precious people like a Monday. Snap out of it and realize Monday’s are the Take Off day to your week. If you start your take off with the wrong perspective, it could adversely impact your entire flight. Today is a reality check for us all, especially those of my real life coachable friends who can identify with this contemptible negative Monday mindset. May I remind you – It’s a blessing to be alive and Monday’s are just like life;


Make it a great Monday, then keep the rest of the week on repeat.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Power to Travel Anywhere

If you could hop on a plane and fly anywhere you want, where would it be? Somewhere tropical, with a beach, a pina colada, some island music playing,..oops sorry I went to my dream location that quick in my mind. Honestly, I asked you this thought provoking question because where you decide to go is all up to you. You literally have the control and authority to choose where you go and where you don’t go!! You can say yes when it comes to your next destination on this journey called life. Not only does this apply to you jumping on a flight and traveling to a dream destination, but it also applies to where you go emotionally.

Emotionally and mentally, some of you have been going to dark, dreary awful places and it’s not good for your mental health. I’m concerned that some of my real life coachable friends are going places no one in their right mind would voluntarily go. And before you say someone made you go to a place you didn’t want to go, let me remind you that you’re the one who’s in control of your whereabouts. No one has the power to make you go anywhere you don’t really want to go. That is unless you’re admitting that you’re actually out of control. Please don’t tell me that you’re living life without power to make sound decisions.

See, if you want to spend the rest your days upset, in a worked up state of mind, always ready to explode, then you go right ahead. But if you want to go somewhere great, make up your mind now that you refuse to give your time, attention or energy to anything that makes you miserable. Seriously, I want you to stop doing that. Stop going “there” with these annoying toxic people who want to push your buttons all the time. Speak your peace if you have to and then move on. Actually, sometimes the best response is no response at all, but please don’t keep traveling the distance to react to obnoxious people. If you think someone is that warped in their head that they’re purposely trying to incite you, make a decision that you’re not going there anymore with them! Why would you keep on going back and forth with a fool anyway? Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who’s addicted to drama?

It’s time to learn to what’s worth your time and then start to calmly and clearly communicate like an adult. And I’m sure you’re saying “But coach you have no idea how the people are in my life!” But actually I do. I know how difficult people are and I’ve learned to stop giving them life! Your reaction in fact keeps them going. Your facial expressions encourage them to keep messing with you. Your body language is an indicator that they’re getting you wound up. You’re giving them your power. Stop that. Today is the day for you to end this pointless trip you’re on with “them!” Stop traveling to the land of negativity and confusion. Refuse to keep boarding a flight that keeps you rattled and on the edge of insanity. Tell the instigators in your world that you’re on your way somewhere better. It’s not that you think you’re better than anyone else, it’s just that you realize now that you deserve a life of peace and calm and they are not in it.

You deserve respect and honor and people who will engage with you the same way. This is truly the best way to soar and take off to your dream destination. Take your power back! You can get to your dream location if you stopped allowing stupidity to distract you and deter you from your next level. I’m so glad you’re going places, just start being more specific and intentional about where you’re headed and please by all means don’t go “there” with toxic time wasters anymore.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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At Peace On This Flight

At the airport they announce over and over again the importance of protecting your luggage. They drive home the seriousness of guarding your belongings from people with bad intentions. Believe it or not, some people traveling on this flight called life have some messy motives. It’s sad, but it’s still true.

This got me to thinking about how this applies to protecting your peace wherever you go. You can’t go anywhere and think you can let your guard down. You have got to be vigilant about protecting your peace at home, work, school, shopping, even in church! You’ve got to be aware that there are some chaotic individuals who have hidden agendas and sneaky little ways who seem to always undermine and create storms. These people come into our lives and covertly stir the pot, constantly trying to disrupt calm and unity. I’ve seen this recently with some of these characters who come around smiling and saying all the right things, yet they think they’re secretly sowing seeds of discord and creating scenarios filled with animosity and hostility as if no one knows. We see you! This almost becomes a laughable thing to watch. Do these jokers who keep a lot of drama going on actually think no one knows what they’re up to?? I often watch these problematic people “do their thing” and then hide their hands and I try to share some wisdom or something that will challenge them to get it together. I sincerely do want to see people grow up and I try to stay hopeful that they’ll eventually change and stop their madness. But like you and I know, some people love drama and discord. There are some people who have become so damaged in their mentality that they’ve fondly become accustomed to trauma and environments that feed their insatiable appetite for catastrophe. This makes it hard for drama junkies to ever come into any setting without creating more strife and contention. It’s their MO. MODE OF OPERATION. If you are the person who’s always stirring the pot or being messy, STOP. If you’re the one who’s always the spokesperson for the keeping it real department, you may need to look within and start doing some inner work. You may be at the point where you need to stop taking on the baggage of things that aren’t yours to take. This constant need to be in everything and always being compelled to speak up and be so transparent is going to begin to give you a terrible reputation. People are going to start labeling you and ultimately running away from you. You’ll be known as a demon and your behavior will diminish your effectiveness in every setting. No one will take you seriously no matter how much you have to offer because no one likes to deal with a drama queen. No one has the energy to be in the presence of someone who has such an excessive need for conflict and acrimony.

My advice for my coachable friends today is simple – protect your peace at all cost. Run from troublemakers. Limit the amount of time you give them. Don’t allow emotional vampires in your space. Choose your battles. Everything is not worth you getting yourself all worked up and upset about. Realize jerks are not likely to change. There’s a popular saying “Not my monkeys. Not my circus”. Get that in your head! It’s not yours to even worry about. Think about how much attention and energy you’re giving to nonsense and stop giving away your power to foolishness. Budget your time and attention. Only give yourself a limited time to handle conflict in a day and move on. Speak your peace and leave it alone. If you had a discussion with the person you had a beef with, why is it now necessary to share the story with everyone else you talk to? If you spoke to the people you share your feelings with and you got your release and you’re done leave it alone. Otherwise, you’re just being a drama queen telling everyone the same story. Admit it. You’re doing too much!!! Stop being a magnet for foolishness and grow up. Protect your peace and the peace of others around you. No one wants to keep hearing you complain about the same stuff over and over again. Hold onto your belongings. Keep your peace close. Keep your joy right beside you at all times. Cling tight to what is beneficial and wise and distance yourself from negativity and stress. Run from and avoid people who keep you feeling anxious and like you can’t think clearly. You’re going somewhere great when you make up your mind you will not continue to allow anyone to have access to your peace!! Hold onto your goods and take flight to your destination!!!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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