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You have a higher self and a lower self. All throughout your life you will come into contact with other people who also have a higher self and a lower self. If you are working through your issues and healing from your trauma, you will want to connect with people who are doing the same. You’ll long to be around the kind of people who are self aware of what they are putting out and intentional about being kind and respectful to others. Again, notice I said you will long for relationships with like minded people. You may even do everything in your power to set healthy boundaries and to surround yourself with people who are working on their wellness.

The conflict comes in with low vibrational people who are comfortable existing in their lower nature. They will in many cases be invited into your life by people who know who you are and what you’re working towards. These family members or friends will have relationships with other people and by association you will find yourself coming into contact with people you would never be around. These people will show up and trigger you and challenge you to stay in the place where you normally exist. They will try to pull you down to the place they operate from. I don’t exactly know who this blog is for but God told me to tell you – no matter what they do – you’re better than that. Push past the temptation to join them in the realm of negativity and toxicity they live in. Misery loves company. Don’t take Satan’s bait. Keep working on your healing and refuse to join the nonsense of others. I had a person test me recently in the area of respect who I’ve been married longer than they have been alive. At the end of the day, I am too blessed and grown to join a young person in their identity crisis. I am over it. People can act however they want. And when they are operating from the space of allowing their lower self to control them let me remind you – they truly just want you to join them. In the words of one of my favs from the Housewives of Potomac “Not today Satan. Not today neck. Not today ankles!

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