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It’s been a minute since I blogged. It’s actually okay though. In the meantime I’ve been working and making impact and I also have learned that my worth is not found in how PRODUCTIVE I can be. Besides, I’ve been vlogging so that counts for something. I say all that to say this; I think it’s so easy for us to become so mechanical with whatever we do to the point where we stop enjoying our experience. We stop actually being present and living our lives. Anytime I’m tempted to let that mentality creep in, I do an automatic self check. I remind myself that I’m not what I accomplish.

Don’t get me wrong, accomplishments are great. They usually point to an area in your life where you stuck to something. Where you made up your mind to do “it” no matter how challenging it may happen to be. Accomplishments help us develop confidence in our skills. It helps other people see us as a credible person who knows how to follow through. The point I’m making is, it’s not the accomplishment that’s the true big deal. It’s actually the fact that YOU had enough personal integrity to stick with your goals.

Accomplishments are not who you are, but a reminder that when you put your mind to something – you are disciplined and wise enough to make the sacrifices necessary to get it done. Accomplishments help you see how impactful you are when you throw out all the jive time excuses and remember that you’re great even if you don’t always have the desired outcome.

My youngest kid is over in Ireland studying abroad. Insert standing ovation!

She made up her mind she wanted to go and put herself out there and asked for help. That to me is an even greater accomplishment than her going to Ireland. She asked for support something too many people go through life trying to prove they don’t need. Think about the ways in which you could be so much further along if you stopped being so preoccupied with how people view you. If you stopped caring about whether people perceive you as strong and independent and instead decided to be honest and vulnerable. That to me is character building and the biggest accomplishment ever. There is a huge difference between who you are, your character and integrity versus your resume and your accomplishments. Who you become and believe in your heart you are is the doorway to you accomplishing great things.

Today I encourage you to applaud you. Take time to honor who you are. Applaud your strengths and your weaknesses. And remember at the end of the day, you can do anything you put your mind to. You know all of the obstacles you have overcome. That to me is the most beautiful accomplishment ever 🙌🏽

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