i'm not mad. i'm a writer.

With this realization that I’m full of endless potential and imagination, I am also aware that there are people who will try to connect to me who are a mass of good potential as well as evil potential! This doesn’t become a source of tension for me when I open my eyes wide to the traces others leave on a daily basis. Every interaction provides me intel on the people I’m navigating through life with. Is this person for me? Are they against me? Or here’s an even better question, are they on their own side?

Before a person can be on my side, I observe their words and actions to see if they’re working in harmony with themselves. A person who’s not on their own side can’t be on my side. I’ve come to the conclusion at this point in life, exactly one week away from my last year in my 40’s that I get to decide and my gut feeling is usually right. After years of invalidating my own judgement about people and circumstances, I am more sure than ever that I know people.

I know when a person is fighting their own demons and refuse to let those kind of people close to me. I do have space for the ones who are on their own side, because I can feel safe in the presence of people who aren’t at war with themselves.

Copyright © 2021 Sherry Grant

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