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Healthy relationships make your life better. Unhealthy relationships do the opposite.
Are you showing up authentic in your relationships? Can your friends tell you the truth? Can you tell your friends the truth?
Do you think you’re a real one?
In what ways are you showing up a real friend, spouse, family member? Do you honor the genuine people in your life? In what way?
Everything must be said with the right heart posture too! Saying your truth without being kind and empathetic is a sign your relationship may be toxic #tonematters healthyrelationships #healthyrelationshipcheck #vlogger #messageoftheday #aword #realones #realtalk #vlog #healthyrelationship #unhealthyrelationships #howyousayitmatters #dogmom #workingathome #sherapy #morningmotivation #morninginspiration #dailymotivation

2 thoughts on “How honest are you about the health of your relationships and the part you play?

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