i'm not mad. i'm a writer.

Know who’s who as you add weight and definition to your life and assignment in this season. 💜

Not everyone is your friend.

Real Support is never silent. People who get quiet in the good moments of your life have personal issues often of jealousy/comparison/ envy and that has nothing to do with you.

Keep going.

Don’t let their reactions or lack of to your forward movement DIS-courage you. Keep going on courage. Understand when people are projecting. You’re a spiritual mirror to people who see your courage as competition. Stay focused. Even a stranger can say “Good job!” “I like your confidence!” “Way to go!”

If a friend can’t encourage, then I question the friendship.

Some people can’t handle the fact that you are confident in your identity. It’s okay.

Just be sure you know who’s who as you move forward. Don’t be naive. It’s okay to be honest with yourself.

2 thoughts on “Everyone can’t handle the weight of being in your life

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    All Facts!!!!

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