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There’s always a fight to hold onto your peace. Especially when you know what the enemy’s job is! Because he is a thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy- I regularly check my life to see the ways he’s done just that. Where has the enemy robbed me of my joy, peace and creativity? Will I allow that to happen again? Who’s he using to usher this kind of foolishness in my life? See, this is why dark and evil spirits shows up seemingly out of nowhere, because we act like we don’t know what he’s up to. He always shows up to mess up our life, especially when things are going well.

Often times, the presence of the enemy distorts how we see things. Too often we begin to see things that aren’t even there. The same way we see shadows in the dark and think they’re monsters, many times we have created monsters out of the very people in our lives because we don’t have the coping skills to address our own fears and insecurities.

There’s a tremendous burden on us all, especially gifted people. Our job is to aggressively pursue divine HEALING. Healing is so important to our life clarity and focus. Healing causes us to have the right perspective and aids us in doing the work to navigate through the wrong ones. Healing helps us deal with the monsters we see. It helps us to address the shadows from a level headed posture so we are able to see the difference between our timidity and anxiety about our advancement versus the actions of others. More and more, it has been a weighty responsibility for me to filter through what belongs to me and what doesn’t as it pertains to other people’s issues. It’s easy for me and maybe you can relate to this; unknowingly carrying the anxiety and even the monsters of others and for them to think it’s ok to assign their crap to me.

Not a good idea moving forward.

People will underplay the good you do for them and exaggerate any mistakes you make dealing with them. It really is unbelievable how much blame you get for things you do and how little credit you get for the right things you do. Insert heavy sigh 😔

Today, I took some time to acknowledge my contributions to others. Guess what? They weren’t all bad. Ha! I had a cup of coffee and toasted the love, support and kindness I show to others without any agenda. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Releasing yourself of the baggage of others and even sometimes letting them know is necessary in setting boundaries, but it is also sometimes followed by feelings of sorrow. Sometimes it’s sad to set boundaries. To know you have to actually tell people “treat me better please.” It really is sad to say.

It’s grievous to see how much people feel entitled to you staying silent to their toxicity. Sometimes it’s sad to see how little people care about your sincere, compassion and generosity. And that’s how you know you’ve been carrying their monsters. When you see it, sit with it and feel it.

I sat with it and took the time to breathe in and breathe out. And that’s when my monsters left. They disappeared because I didn’t have one evil intention when I took on the task of being kind to anyone in my life. Haven’t always been able to say that. But today, yes. I can say that. Today it’s been freeing to take this moment out of a busy day of helping others to revisit my blog and take care of what’s my weight and shake off the weight of anyone else. Today is my day to stop and breathe and get in tune with my own healing and encourage myself. Too often, the monsters we see in the dark aren’t even ours. They are the monsters and the fears that other people want us to help them deal with.

Today, make it your business to re-evaluate what’s your problem and what isn’t. My fears and my insecurities aren’t too much for me to manage, but the fears and insecurities of others -WAY TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY FOR ME.

Enjoy a day, week, life free from owning other people’s demons, issues, bad vibes and their complaints. Love people with no resentment or ego.

Copyright © October 2020 Sherry Grant

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One thought on “Fears that don’t belong to me

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    Shared. A Good Word 4 All to know and Read 4 themselves 👏

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