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Women who have broken mindsets use their womanhood to do just about anything. They literally have a broken conscience and what helps them stay that way are people who don’t hold these women accountable. We really need to talk about this! The world won’t get any better until we address this. Starting with women and the evil agreement some of us make to act recklessly when it comes to our womanhood.

When a woman forgets that she’s another woman’s sister, she is unhinged. Dangerous. A menace to society. Women with broken mentalities do the most disrespectful things, especially to other women and expect them to be okay with it. But we are not. A woman with a broken conscience will work out her rejection and abandonment issues by acting out in the most disgusting and inappropriate ways. She’s the type to go around looking for love in the arms of married men. She’s the kind of woman who births sons and daughters as a way to prove someone wants them. But they don’t. She’s the kind of woman who becomes a mother to prove a point instead of nurturing and loving a little life. She’s the kind who has kids with whoever invites her into their bed. Whoever she can get a check from. She gives birth to children and when they try to live their life, she won’t let go. So she uses guilt and oppressive word curses and discouragement to control the destiny of those she should be encouraging.

A woman with a broken conscience can’t see that her life is not meant to be lived as a villain, but a female hero aka heroine! A woman with a broken conscience is dedicated to working out her insecurities by being troublesome to others. So she resorts to anything for attention; including manipulation, emasculating men, violence, dominating others, destroying houses, families, reputations,..

I don’t endorse women who use their womanhood to destroy and divide. Your womanhood is meant to be beautiful, but when it comes to the broken woman it’s not. Use your femininity to heal the world. Don’t be the woman who becomes the witch in another woman’s story. Don’t go around destroying lives and communities because you haven’t figured out your identity and purpose. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to you. Not if you’re a responsible woman. Find ways to be more responsible with your womanhood. That’s a great way to make the world a better place.

Sherry Grant The Realest Life Coach aka The Realest Hope Dealer

Copyright © June 2020

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