i'm not mad. i'm a writer.

Just because I’m nice doesn’t mean, I’m going to be nice to you.

Some people are a trip. Meaning they will try you. Try you at the place of your make up. The way you roll. The whole time they will be sitting back calculating how you think and trying to figure out how to play you. When you know you’re dealing with someone who’s approaching relationship with you from that perspective, you’re not safe.

Get out. Run. Quick! People who play emotional games with you when you’re just trying to make a friendship connection or whatever, they are not playing with a full deck. There’s something missing there. Instead of racking your brain and trying to deal with them like someone who has the same heart and mind as you, leave.

Joseph had to do this when dealing with Potiphar’s wife. He’s in no way trying to do anything more than what he’s supposed to do, but this woman has other intentions. Joseph doesn’t have time to reason with her or stick around and try and see the good in her. This lady was not right and sadly there are some people you’re in close proximity to and they don’t have good intentions towards you.

Get out. Run. Disengage and save yourself. Joseph hung around this lady trying to remain professional and she got the wrong idea. Don’t let people get the wrong idea about you trying to prove how nice you are. Get away from toxic people and save your life. Joseph stayed long enough for Potiphar’s wife to feel like she was entitled to his attention. It cost him. Before it cost you get away from obnoxious people who don’t mean you any good.

Copyright © 2020 Sherry Grant

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