i'm not mad. i'm a writer.

How did this world get so nasty? I’m not talking about the Coronavirus, but the people. Do you hear the tone of everyone talking? So mean. So unkind. No regard for one another. Let’s just admit it. This proves that long before this virus we had our share of mental problems. We don’t think right and therefore we don’t talk right. In a day in time where people are panicking I post that everything is going to be alright and people who claim to know God are upset about that? WOW! What happen to us as a people? We have lost it and this is not about the virus. This is about us. We don’t care about each other anymore. The emotional pain and meanness you hear people spewing out of their mouths make me sad. People don’t respect marriage these days. They don’t respect family. They don’t respect community. Where is the love? Where’s the compassion and concern for others? Neighbors don’t speak to each other. Families meddle in the affairs of people they act as if they own. This world was contagious long before the Coronavirus.

We have women who talk like sailors and men who have no integrity, conviction or backbone. The world is in an uproar and people have no respect for authority. The same people who have no control over their appearance, family or lives want to lash out with their opinions about what needs to be fixed on a global scale! Really? How you look telling people what to do and you don’t have your act together? And what’s the reason you think anyone will listen when you speak with no apparent love?! We are not creating a good environment for peace or healing.

Some things are out of our control but being kind isn’t.

I’m determined not to let this toxic talk and these hostile tones infect, affect or effect me. I will continue to speak life no matter what it looks like. I’m determined to make my contribution a good one in spite of what the masses are tweeting, posting and ranting about. There is still Hope. There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. If not for anyone, I speak life for my children, in hopes that we can survive this pandemic so they too can have children one day. And when they do, their children won’t see that we are the virus. With our lack of grace and our inability to be sensitive in a time of crisis. I am praying for this world. We are going to come out of this. I believe it. I just hope the damage won’t result in a slew of traumatized children because they listened to the lack of faith out of our mouths in a time of crisis.

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