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The airlines are considering shutting down. This is sooo concerning for those of us who love flying, but the danger of travel is too serious to play with. Think about it, it’s too scary to be going anywhere right now. The airlines are considering that flying is no longer a good idea right now. It’s just not safe.

The flights are even so cheap right now that the airlines have concluded that it cost too much to take off! It’s not worth it. Makes me wonder how many people we are trying to go somewhere with and it’s just not worth it. Some of these people we are trying to do life with, are a bad investment too. Some flights have been taking off with only three people on the plane. It’s not worthwhile to keep going on like that. Insert preach!

I want you to consider, how many people are you trying to take off with and you’re spending more than you can afford to keep going. You’re spending too much on some of these people who are a bad investment. There are people like family and friends and I use that word loosely who you keep trying to go somewhere with and that’s why you’re so depleted of energy, money, life and hope. This has got to stop. I’m not doing it anymore. If there are people who think I’m putting my time and resources into them and they’re nothing more than a bad investment; they’re sadly mistaken. I know better. I am honest with myself. I know who is really a good friend, family member, neighbor and who isn’t. This time of crisis is showing us all. The reality is, I’m not so pressed or thirsty for attention to allow myself to constantly be mistreated by people who don’t even value me enough to honor my presence with dignity, respect and kindness. Why should I? I wasn’t born to be abused and dishonored by jerks. You weren’t either. There are some people who want you to take off with them and sacrifice your dignity and self respect for them. Why? What makes people feel entitled to waste your time with their disrespectful behavior? Nah fam. That’s not a good investment of my life and time.

The airlines are doing business and seriously counting the cost. They’re now considering what it really takes to go somewhere. I refuse to participate in relationships that are bad business. I won’t tolerate people who think I’m supposed to accept crappy treatment. This is a time where we are all in quarantine and it’s a good time to take an assessment of our lives. Was the way we were doing life aka business before this shutdown sensible? I can’t say all of it was for me. And I think I’m a smart person, but lockdown is teaching me to be more sober when it comes to the people I’m doing life with after this is over. I’m not doing bad business now or ever again. I’m learning in this crisis. How about you? Sometimes trying to travel with some people is just plain ole bad business.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes trying to travel with some people is just plain ole’ BAD BUSINESS

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    Counting the Cost Yes. To Costly ! Let Peace and Joy Reign. Good Word. Sharing

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  2. Aaron says:


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  3. deeyva says:

    Wow 👏🏾 If this isn’t an analysis of my life & thinking this past week!

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