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Jesus goes out of his way to make a stop by a cemetery in Luke 8:26-39. Apparently, someone needed his help there. Jesus will still go to some strange places to pull those that He loves out of trouble. Insert tears! 😭 Jesus gets there and sees the guy running around naked, screaming and harming himself.

The demoniac, as this man was described in the scripture had been living in total isolation for some time and by the time Jesus got there; life and being quarantined had clearly taken it’s toll on his mental state.

The result of Jesus’ encounter with that man: He was healed! Now he wants to stay with Jesus. He basically asked to be part of Jesus’ entourage after this experience.

Jesus responds this way; “Go to your own house and tell them what I have done for you!” That’s where I want you to make impact. You’re better off a healed husband or father than following me around. I’m putting this is my own words. Lol.

Quick Takeaway- This is the time for all of us to do the same in our homes. We should be intentional about touching the lives of the people we live with. Instead of preaching to the church, here’s a good time to let your life speak to the people in your house. Your family can benefit from the transformed you more than anyone else.

Let the people in your house see how The Lord has changed you. The real potency of what you preach will be demonstrated by your love and light during this crisis called COVID-19. Be nice. Show love. Speak life – in your own house. Luke 8:26-39

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5 thoughts on “When being quarantined gets to you,…

  1. Aaron says:


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    1. Sending prayers to you Aaron.


  2. Amen, God is peace through everything. 🙏

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    1. He truly is! Praying for you and your family during this time Suzette.

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