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In the story of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is banished because he behaves in a way that’s considered unacceptable in his village and now to make a public example out of him, they collectively decide to oust him or isolate him. And they knew this would hurt him! They wanted to hurt him bad. Consider that when you think about the people who do this to you. Their intentions are not nice at all. It’s meant to hurt you.

In Romeo and Juliet, they basically push him to a place emotionally that makes him prefer death over life. This is the way most of these cults, gangs, cliques, organizations operate today. In essence they’re saying; Act the way we want you to or we will make you pay emotionally. We will ignore you and remind you that we are not happy with you and you are basically not worthy. And you still want their acceptance? It’s a no for me. There’s no working anything out with toxic people like this.

Romeo, as a result of this kind of treatment never took off in life. So much potential, but the banishment sent him into a mental breakdown. He ultimately came to the conclusion that he would rather die than be banished. See, these people that do this know what they’re doing. Isolation, banishment and the feeling of being excluded is hostile warfare on the emotions of a person. This became too much for him. He didn’t think he could handle all of this. Especially if he had to be without Juliet. In my opinion, there is really nothing more wicked than for people to know what you love and then to work collectively to take it from you. This spirit is at work today in many of our communities. Just like Romeo and Juliet had to deal with familial forces working against what they wanted and felt was right for them, there are often powerful forces at work trying to make things difficult for those of us trying to go places on this flight called life. Romeo and Juliet had people coming against their vision for life. Cult families and communities always feel like they need to control the direction of the lives of the people they feel power over. It got so hard for them to move their life in the direction that they wanted out. Sadly, death seemed like the only option left for them. This is so sad. No one should push people this far. Not to a place of psychological torment like this where the people who supposedly love them are the reason they feel suicidal.

My prayer today is for someone who feels like they’ve been ousted. Don’t give up. I know there are people who feel down today. Like their take off in life is impossible because of a group, organization, family or entity that’s working to keep them away from what they love. I send love and healing to you today. You’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are some people out here justifying their evil and they are so void of decency it’s a shame. They choose to control people and force their mindset on them rather than giving them the freedom to be authentic and live their lives on their own terms. Some people have such a Messiah complex they are walking around playing God on this earth. This world would be a better place if people backed off and loved more and judged less. Romeo and Juliet’s families were the real problem. Their hate. Their divisiveness created all of this. Most of the issues we see in our world today stem from bad family manners. We teach hate instead of love. We teach division instead of unity. We teach arrogance instead of humility.

I believe you’re reading this today because you needed to be reminded that anything that’s trying to kill your hopes, dreams or your spirit is not greater than the resilience that resides in you. Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you to the point where you would prefer to die. Whether it’s a death when it comes to you speaking up for what you believe, don’t let them discard you and make you feel like your opinion is invalid. Whether you’re dealing with a sense of sadness or feeling like giving up when it comes to what you love and believe in; don’t let the hate mongers push you down. Even if it’s an emotional death when it comes to your future goals and plans, don’t let them win. Please keep pushing. Don’t let the negativity of those trying to eliminate you or block you from getting to your next level take the wind out of you. Banishment is a wicked game emotional manipulative people play. It’s a head game. Don’t let them win. Push past the need to be seen by those people. There are over 7 billion people on this earth; you can make new family, friends, community if the ones you got don’t want to support your take off. You don’t need those people who try to ostracize you. Let God show you those who are for you. Stop giving your focus to people who are into those kind of mean behaviors. You are destined for greatness! Just don’t stop. Don’t give up and don’t let anyone’s meanness and manipulation deter you from living your best life.

Romeo thought being exiled was as bad as being dead.

Remember that the next time you try to do this in your little group you lead! Stop it. It’s mean spirited. It’s wicked and it’s emotional abuse! Many of your families, churches, affiliations are nothing more than exclusive, mean hate groups meant to make people feel the same way. The motto ought to be straightforward – Conform or else we will make you discouraged, ready to give up and ultimately feeling like death is better than life.

This is group bullying. Stop it. If you’re feeling alone and need support, reach out to me. I’m here for all my real life coachable friends. You are not alone on this flight called life.

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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4 thoughts on “7 billion people on this earth; you can make new family, friends, community if the ones you got don’t want to support your take off.

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    Awesome post – I think somebody needs to hear this today and not only read it but apply it! Freedom is now available to all who want to be free and stop being a victim of a toxic environment. Sad but people only take kindness for weakness so stop worrying about them

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  2. Chris says:

    Being me and I can be happy with that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mwaters18 says:

    👏🏿 Definitely an encouragement to the creative dreamer in me! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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