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It was time for our flight to take off and the doors were being locked. That simply means no one else could get on the plane. It was too late. If we all took the necessary steps to get there on time, why should we have to wait on people who feel like they don’t have to arrive there on time too? Life is literally filled with people who actually think we should wait for them while they play around and make us late.

Nah fam! We are going somewhere great. Greatness is not achieved with people who don’t have discipline. You don’t arrive to great destinations thinking you’re entitled to anything. You must make the adult decision to grow up and behave like someone who’s prepared for the weight of the next level. If you can’t handle something simple like showing up on time and being accountable you aren’t ready for greatness!!!

Don’t play dumb. People don’t have to tolerate your immaturity. This is a new decade. The crap you did in the past is not going to give you anything but what you’ve always gotten. Demand greatness from the people in your life. If they can’t handle the weight that goes along with traveling in your company, that’s not your problem. This flight is about to take off. You can come with us or you stay with the unremarkable people. Whatever you decide you can handle it’s on you. I personally don’t have time for idiots where I’m going.

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6 thoughts on “No idiots

  1. taevans123 says:

    Great Read ❤️

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    1. Monica says:

      I had to read it 3 times .. all I can say is wow 😮 lol … this was great so true

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      1. Thank you Sis. Monica


  2. Danielle says:

    “Hand clap emoji” Periodt.

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    1. Hahahahaha! Thanks for your support and consistently colorful and fun comments


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