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At the airport they announce over and over again the importance of protecting your luggage. They drive home the seriousness of guarding your belongings from people with bad intentions. Believe it or not, some people traveling on this flight called life have some messy motives. It’s sad, but it’s still true.

This got me to thinking about how this applies to protecting your peace wherever you go. You can’t go anywhere and think you can let your guard down. You have got to be vigilant about protecting your peace at home, work, school, shopping, even in church! You’ve got to be aware that there are some chaotic individuals who have hidden agendas and sneaky little ways who seem to always undermine and create storms. These people come into our lives and covertly stir the pot, constantly trying to disrupt calm and unity. I’ve seen this recently with some of these characters who come around smiling and saying all the right things, yet they think they’re secretly sowing seeds of discord and creating scenarios filled with animosity and hostility as if no one knows. We see you! This almost becomes a laughable thing to watch. Do these jokers who keep a lot of drama going on actually think no one knows what they’re up to?? I often watch these problematic people “do their thing” and then hide their hands and I try to share some wisdom or something that will challenge them to get it together. I sincerely do want to see people grow up and I try to stay hopeful that they’ll eventually change and stop their madness. But like you and I know, some people love drama and discord. There are some people who have become so damaged in their mentality that they’ve fondly become accustomed to trauma and environments that feed their insatiable appetite for catastrophe. This makes it hard for drama junkies to ever come into any setting without creating more strife and contention. It’s their MO. MODE OF OPERATION. If you are the person who’s always stirring the pot or being messy, STOP. If you’re the one who’s always the spokesperson for the keeping it real department, you may need to look within and start doing some inner work. You may be at the point where you need to stop taking on the baggage of things that aren’t yours to take. This constant need to be in everything and always being compelled to speak up and be so transparent is going to begin to give you a terrible reputation. People are going to start labeling you and ultimately running away from you. You’ll be known as a demon and your behavior will diminish your effectiveness in every setting. No one will take you seriously no matter how much you have to offer because no one likes to deal with a drama queen. No one has the energy to be in the presence of someone who has such an excessive need for conflict and acrimony.

My advice for my coachable friends today is simple – protect your peace at all cost. Run from troublemakers. Limit the amount of time you give them. Don’t allow emotional vampires in your space. Choose your battles. Everything is not worth you getting yourself all worked up and upset about. Realize jerks are not likely to change. There’s a popular saying “Not my monkeys. Not my circus”. Get that in your head! It’s not yours to even worry about. Think about how much attention and energy you’re giving to nonsense and stop giving away your power to foolishness. Budget your time and attention. Only give yourself a limited time to handle conflict in a day and move on. Speak your peace and leave it alone. If you had a discussion with the person you had a beef with, why is it now necessary to share the story with everyone else you talk to? If you spoke to the people you share your feelings with and you got your release and you’re done leave it alone. Otherwise, you’re just being a drama queen telling everyone the same story. Admit it. You’re doing too much!!! Stop being a magnet for foolishness and grow up. Protect your peace and the peace of others around you. No one wants to keep hearing you complain about the same stuff over and over again. Hold onto your belongings. Keep your peace close. Keep your joy right beside you at all times. Cling tight to what is beneficial and wise and distance yourself from negativity and stress. Run from and avoid people who keep you feeling anxious and like you can’t think clearly. You’re going somewhere great when you make up your mind you will not continue to allow anyone to have access to your peace!! Hold onto your goods and take flight to your destination!!!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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4 thoughts on “At Peace On This Flight

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Come 👏on 👏here! This is the Word of The Lord!!

    This part ➡️ “Run from and avoid people who keep you feeling anxious and like you can’t think clearly.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha!!!!!! Glad this post got you feeling all churchy!!! Take off sis! ✈️✈️✈️


  2. mwaters18 says:

    DDDDDramaAA 🎭 junkies!? Wow! I’m running 🏃🏿 for my peace! Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!!! Yesss keep running to maintain your peace and joy!!!! ✈️✈️✈️


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