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I have family coming into town and it’s my duty to pick them up from the airport. Then, I have family leaving town and it’s my job to drop them off. The point is, I’ve made myself someone others can rely on when it comes to them going places. In order for me to do that, I’ve got to have a clear understanding of my schedule and coordinate that with theirs. Life is truly a balancing act and requires us being available to serve others but we must never forget that we too have got somewhere to go on this flight called life.

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more people in a quandary regarding helping others. The issue is how much is too much? How can I assist others in their take off and still give enough time and attention to the goals and dreams I have for my life? The answer is a lot simpler than we make it. The bottom line is that we must always remember our lives are to be lived in service to others. There’s really nothing about your life that solely has to do with you. I even learned early in my marriage that the only way it would be successful is that I stop fighting for my rights and take care of the needs of my spouse. The more I was making my needs and wants a priority, the less time I had to consider my husbands needs. As soon as I stopped worrying about whether he was going to take care of me and started taking care of him; his whole perspective about me changed. We almost found ourselves in a competition around who could be better to the other! The more attention I gave him, I found him working to do the same if not better for me. Life is really the same way. The people who find life treating them well are the ones who have a selfless mindset when it comes to everything they say and do. The ones who find themselves the happiest are looking for ways to make others happy. On the other hand, those who are hoarding every good thing they have are not open to receive anything else. If your hands are balled up holding onto everything that belongs to you, you are clearly not in the position to have anything else placed into your life. Today, I challenge you to start looking for tangible ways to bless others. Not the fake, phony way we offer support and love to others in a cryptic sort of mysterious and non specific way. I mean making it clear how you intend on blessing and helping others. That to me speaks of a genuine person. No one knows the position you’re in better than you to help elevate someone or a cause. You know what you’re able to do. You know how much you can help and how much you can do! If you want to see your life change, change the way you give. Change the way you think about helping others. People you sincerely want to help ascend shouldn’t have to be evicted or lose their shirt before you step up and do something to aid them in their take off. Don’t wait to see them in a dire need when you have resources within your disposal. Are you waiting for them to be out begging before you do what you know you should have already done. There is such thing as self serving and then there are the selfless. Which one are you? Self serving people only sit around and think about how much they have. They hold onto their blessings as if they can take them to the grave with them. The people who are remembered most and celebrated are the ones who dedicated their lives to helping others take off. Make a list today of the lives you are helping get to their next level. If the only name on the list is you, you’re not headed in the right direction. Your life is not your own. You owe your time, talent, gifts and resources to supporting someone or something else go places!

I encourage the coachable to pass it on. Whatever you have stored up for yourself! Give it away. Give away your love, time, creativity, money! Someone needs it to do more than just spend it on self. Some people are out here inspiring people and you could help invest in them. When you invest in something greater than your ego, comfort and enjoyment, this life will reward you with more! If you’re lacking in any area today, evaluate what you’ve been doing at this point!!!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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