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Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of officiating a baby dedication for a sweet little girl that I have grown to love dearly, baby Harper. It was such an honor for me to do this for her and her family because I can attest to the fact that she is truly someone who I believe is going places. Not to say that I don’t believe there’s potential for every child to take off in life, but there have been countless “dedications” I’ve performed where I knew the guardians were just going through religious motions and not genuinely dedicated to the said child’s actual ascension and spiritual take off in life. It’s hard to perform those types of “dedications”. It’s basically like the dedication of the undedicated. Painful to see people bringing actual lives into this world but their only commitment to them is making them a mini version of them. I don’t know about you, but I want my children and grandchildren to be BETTER than me. I don’t want them to act like me, unless they’re emulating only the good parts of me. And that’s impossible to control; that is what a child finds worth imitating in a parent. Often, there are some attributes I find in myself that mimic my mom or dad or grandparents and I didn’t do anything to activate it knowingly. Made me wonder if we are dedicated enough to teaching our children the difference between our weaknesses and our strengths. Are we honest enough to say that’s not an admirable quality in me, please do your best to unlearn that part of me? How invested are you in teaching those you lead on what they need to be dedicated to?

This sweet baby girl Harper, her parents made the effort to publicly have her dedicated to Christ yesterday and they are evidently devoted to seeing her go somewhere great! This got me to thinking even deeper about the things we’re really dedicated to versus the things we just go through the motions for the sake of looking like we’re headed in the right direction. How many of us participate in ceremonies and activities where we don’t really plan on following through with and being dedicated past the ceremony? There are people who sign up for various responsibilities/titles; wife, mom, dad, father, husband, teacher, leader, pastor, professional, caregiver, friend, and then when it’s time to stay the course of what we committed to, we cease to remain dedicated. How many people sign up for classes with no intention of making the necessary efforts to graduate? Or how many people act like they’re pursuing an intimate relationship with another person never making the effort to seal the deal and make it official!!! How many people sign up for a gym membership but never truly endeavor to get in shape.

My advice for the coachable is not complicated at all. It boils down to you making a serious commitment in your heart to only involve yourself in things that you are truly dedicated to. If you don’t like the job, find one you can wholeheartedly give your all to. If you don’t want to be in the relationship, leave. There’s no use in wasting valuable time and energy in a situation you’re not really invested in. Why break someone’s heart and keep them from someone who could make a serious commitment to them? Whatever you’re doing with your time and talents – make sure it’s what you really believe in. Stop living to please your parents. Aren’t you too old for that anyway? For God’s sake, stop doing things that you don’t really feel compelled to do. You’re not helping anyone by being so disingenuous when it boils down to it. If you’re connected to people who you know aren’t genuinely and authentically dedicated to you, let them off the hook. Give them the freedom to leave. It doesn’t have to be a war. Just tell them they don’t have to stay a part of anything if they’re not gonna be “all in.”

See, sometimes we have a tendency to avoid the obvious because we don’t want to deal with the sting that comes along with rejection or the ending of a thing. But you can be in a “relationship” constantly being rejected and neglected daily and that’s worse than dealing with the reality that whatever you’re in is not going anywhere. Make today the day that you face your fears. Face the awkward and uncomfortable in pursuit of really going somewhere great!! It’s virtually impossible to be in two places at one time. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says no man can serve two masters. Either he’s going to end up hating one and loving the other. Stop fooling yourself into thinking you can play on two teams at the same time. Make a commitment somewhere and watch how things progress. Your lack of true dedication may be the reason you’re stuck on the ground going nowhere fast.

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2 thoughts on “Whatever you’re DEDICATED to is destined to take off!

  1. Angie says:

    Powerful, thank you pastor

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the article!!! I’m convinced you’re going places!!!!!


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