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While awaiting my own take off this morning on a packed flight to Los Angeles, I noticed the flight that was leaving before us to Nashville, Tennessee was the complete opposite of ours. We had 174 people and 175 seats. Their flight had 36 people and about 140 empty seats with no one occupying them. The announcer explained that because the flight was so lacking in bodies, they needed the passengers on it to sit in random seats. She went on to say “Please distribute your weight around to ensure we have a safe take off!” Amazing! These words literally inspired my motivation for you this morning. The idea behind weight distribution on the plane goes like this – Basically, every zone on the aircraft needs to have a certain minimum weight in order for the aircraft to have the proper center of gravity for take off. Just before the cabin doors close, the final weight and balance calculations are made, and if there is not enough weight in every zone; the plane can’t safely take off and go anywhere. Now that’s a word.

Made me think how many people, families, ideas, and organizations can’t take off for this same reason. People are not spread out evenly, covering the zones that don’t have any weight or substance there. Could it be that you’re at a personal standstill for this same reason? Let’s be honest, a lot of us are drawn to the fun positions in people’s lives. No one wants to sit in the weighty positions. Who wants the pressure of being the truthful friend? Who wants to be the one in the relationship who holds people accountable? Not many right? As a result, we choose places in the lives of others that make them feel good and that don’t require a lot of effort. People tend to avoid pressure. Usually most of us prefer the easiest possible way to get “there” by using the least amount of effort. Average people look for things that make them happy or look successful, but extraordinary people seek out a greater purpose that serves others, not merely themselves. I believe the reason some of our plans don’t ever take off is simply because we haven’t properly distributed the weight in our lives. We haven’t even allowed ourselves to have these kind of weighty self evaluations. Who’s willing to actually fly with us and cover us and sit in a zone alone. Who’s actually willing to stick out a light journey with you and take a posture of support and help with no strings attached? Honestly, who is really there for you when the chips are down? Who covers the areas that seem empty for you until you get to the next stop in your life?

You need to ask these questions about every zone in your life. If you have a business, what’s the point of having all your key players focusing on the same thing? Some of your most valuable people needs to be spread around, not all worried about the same zone. Some people like huddling around one issue so they never have the weight of tackling an areas that’s never been addressed. Resist the urge to always meet together, travel together, hang out together, because your organization needs more strategic weight distribution. If everyone at the top of your team is articulate, integral and high paid that’s going to mean all the people who are invested in the success of the company are hanging out together and doing great. Meanwhile, what about the people who make the most contact with your clients? They are the lowest paid team members, and by the way don’t forget they’re angry and frustrated about that and the way they interact with your clients or potential clients is not representative of your vision or your brand. Spread the weight around! Put some money, time and training in every zone. Pay some people well in every zone, don’t limit it to one area and neglect the others. I loved this television series that used to show high powered CEO’s who would come in undercover and work for their own company. They would act as if they were in need of a job and pretend to be a common regular person, but they were really the head of the corporation. They would come in and get trained by the same people who they were paying to develop their culture. Many would find there were some major problems with the people covering zones and their methods and mentalities. Many would sadly discover the weight was not being distributed for success. Is it possible that you need to check, assess and evaluate and do some hard calculations in your own life? See where the weight is not being distributed for ultimate success in your own pursuits. This same breakdown can happen in your family life too. The family can be suffering because important zones are lacking while others are overstocked. The bottom line is, there has got to be some balance in anything we hope to see soar. If you want to see greatness in your relationships, school and business; look at how you manage every area. Not just the areas you like. Too much attention to one thing is a sign of neglect to other things. Find ways to move forward with realistic goals. How can you take off better in your life? Well you certainly can’t do this by putting all your attention on one area and neglecting the others. I know a lot of people who work, work, work to provide and end up having a bad marriage or relationship with their children. Distribute the weight before it’s too late. Those kids will only be kids for a little while. Before you know it they will grow up and resent you for never taking the time to go to their baseball games or ballet recitals. Take the time and spend time with your spouse. God forbid they get a terminal diagnosis and you never have the chance to actually spend the quality time with them that you promised them for so long.

I want you to look honestly at yourself. Many of you have neglected yourself in an effort to make everyone else happy. Sure, you have good intentions by trying to help everyone out. But in the meantime, look at your life. Your house and car are a mess, your health is declining, you never take time to do anything you love; none of this is beneficial for you. When was the last time you took a trip or treated yourself to something nice? You can’t ever find time or money to do anything for yourself because you’ve made it your life mission to make things happen for everyone else. Everyone except you. Cut it out. It’s time to distribute the weight evenly. So what if there’s not a lot of people on this flight with you. Don’t be so desperate that you accept anything from people. Don’t panic feeling like you need to have 100 friends or a huge family. Look for quality over quantity. Insist that everyone traveling with you find a reasonable position on this flight that makes for a safe take off for everyone. Stop allowing toxic people in your life to takeover parts of your life that will ultimately put your ascension in jeopardy! It’s time to take off and even if it appears your journey is full of empty zones, you can insist that whoever is traveling with you from this point on they have to honor you and support your take off. What do you need a bunch of needy people around you who are so clingy and determined to sit where they want that they put your elevation at risk anyway?! You need those who are content finding a place that makes take off optimal for you and everyone else on this flight with you.

It’s time to go somewhere great. Make sure you are flying with people who are genuinely willing to cooperate with the weight distribution on your flight.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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