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If you’re going places, be sure to let your bank know! If you don’t alert them of your travel plans, you could end up getting your card blocked for your own protection. Now this may seem a bit excessive to think that as a grown adult you have to notify other people when you’re going somewhere; but there is a great deal of wisdom in being an accountable traveler.

Accountability is being responsible for what you do and able to give a satisfactory reason for it. Of course you don’t argue with the bank when it comes to making yourself accountable do you!? You don’t cry and moan saying the bank is trying to control you. Nope. You go right along and you make yourself answerable to them. And the only reason you make yourself accountable to them is because you need them to give you access to your money. But think about the other people in your life you should be accountable to when you’re going somewhere and yet you’re not!! Could it be the only people you make yourself answerable to are those you need? People crack me up, especially some of these so called “leaders.” The ones who are selective when it comes to their accountability to others. It speaks volumes about their integrity if you asked me. Accountability pretty much boils down to your sincerity and substance. It’s a character issue. It says a lot about your real heart. If you would inform your bank of your whereabouts but not the people you’re in relationship with then what does that say about you? To me it says you have convinced yourself that your accountability is only required to the extent that it benefits you.

My advice to you who are going places; Never make anyone a leader or an important player in your life who has selective accountability to you. These kind of people can’t be trusted. Character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you. But we live in culture where so many fake people only want to be around you if you can do something for them. Never waste your time with phony people who only like you because they want something from you. These people will never be genuinely accountable to anyone. The person who can’t be forthright and upfront in relationships with people unless they’re rich or powerful; steer clear of these superficial people. These individuals have serious character defects and they always have something to hide. See, anyone with pure intentions and motives will have no problem sharing their location. When I say location I’m talking about more than your physical address, but I’m even talking your location spiritually, mentally and emotionally. My experience and observations in life have shown me that the ones who are sneaky and secretive about “where they are” are already telling you where they are. You just need to pay attention. If a person can’t be accountable about where they’re going and who they’re going with, make sure you don’t give them close access to your heart. Because I make it a point to be accountable and upfront with the people I’m going places with, I expect the same in return. People who play games and pick and choose when they want to be transparent and sincere don’t get the same access to me as those who have proven to be consistently accountable. If you switch up and withdraw and act strange when it fits you, you are passively communicating that you want to go in a different direction and that’s ok. Sadly, there are some grown ups who lack the ability to grow up and have courageous conversations so they have to resort to articulating their heart in vague ways. They express their mentality sending hazy clues like becoming cryptic, silent, cold and distant. Silly! Don’t ignore their cowardly communication. Truth is, many of us already know these shallow relationships aren’t going anywhere; we just don’t want to have the uncomfortable talk.

The bottom line is, there’s nothing you can do with people who want to travel and leave you in the dark. There is something we can learn from the bank though. The bank gives us wisdom that if you can’t let us know where you’re going; you get blocked. 💥 BOOM! No really though. It’s time out for this disrespect from people who know better. Make them accountable and stop allowing them to treat you so dishonorably. If they can call the bank and communicate their whereabouts, they can tell you where they are on this flight called life. A simple I’m in or a simple I’m out is the least you deserve. Take a deep breath and stop stressing over people who can’t even be real with you and let you know where they stand.

At the end of the day, people can go wherever they want and do whatever they want. At the same time, you need to be reminded that you will be perfectly okay taking flight without some of these flaky people who lack integrity and accountability.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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