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I never see any of my critics at the airport! Ha! It’s funny, but it’s true! Have you seen any of your haters at the airport? Nope! I know! See, the reason they’re not ever at the airport is because the peanut gallery never goes anywhere! To make matters worse; they’re forced to sit around and have to watch those of us who are actually going places. That’s got to be so sad. Those of us who are genuinely going places in life have no problem seeing others take off, because we are busy traveling to our next destination.

This got me to thinking about how a lot of people never take off in their own lives because they’re too consumed with drama and stuff that has nothing to do with them. If you’re always worried about a bunch of people who you aren’t even responsible for; how will you get any closer to your purpose? Your purpose is waiting on you, but you’re overly involved in the affairs of other grown people who need to be on their way and taking flight in their own lives. There is a serious level of codependency in operation in many people’s lives and it’s seriously detrimental to forward movement.

My advice is so simple. Don’t waste another day on social media minding others people’s business. Stop being the family detective. Let people live. You’re not required to be the source for everyone you love. Let them make their own choices on this flight. Your life is your life and their life is theirs to live. Do you even realize how much pressure you are putting on yourself that you don’t have to? Think about what you could be doing with all that time you’re sticking your nose in other people’s lives! Time wasted where you’re all wrapped up and consumed with what other people are doing and who they’re doing it with,…

You could be cleaning your house, car, credit. You could be making money, writing a book, play, movies. You could be building something of value. But no, you’re sitting around zooming in on people’s pictures; criticizing their clothes, hair, and shoes. Talking about their family. Putting them down because of their relationship choices. All the while what’s up with your life? You got all that time to talk about their life while yours isn’t looking too impressive. And sure, if you compare yourself to some people you know, you’re not doing so bad. But at this stage in your life; why are you comparing yourself to anyone else? WORK ON YOU! Take off! Go somewhere and stop criticizing other people for once in your life. They are going where they need to go. Meanwhile you,…you’re stuck at home in front of your computer, broke, frustrated and faking for a bunch of people who still aren’t impressed by you. They don’t care because they’re at the airport on their way somewhere. So, with that being said, you really should worry about your life and pursue your passion and purpose; and when you do, you won’t be worried about what anyone else is doing.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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5 thoughts on “I Never See My Critics At The Airport

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Fire emoji Fire emoji Fire emoji!!!

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    1. I love your authenticity! Spelling out fire emoji instead of using the fire emoji! You’re going places!


  2. This truly blessed me!

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  3. But you’re correct!

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