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Isn’t it interesting when you run into people in your travels and find that some people haven’t changed one bit. I wish I meant in a good way, but unfortunately it’s usually no improvement in who they are as a person that makes them the same. Still rude. Still bossy. Still sneaky, selfish, critical and insecure. Do you know what people really say about you when you’re not around? Are the reviews all the same; that you haven’t changed one bit?

Sure, some people say you haven’t changed one bit as a compliment. They say that if you still look youthful and good for your age. And yes, that’s pretty admirable if you’re someone who’s been able to take care of your body; but life is much more than your physical appearance. Life is more than the superficial. It’s a sad thing to see a lot of people getting older, but not changing; not growing, not improving. The last thing I want to leave as a legacy is “she stayed the same.”

Take an honest evaluation of your character today. Look in the mirror and see what you look like, but this time look inwardly. Are you still procrastinating, lying, faking, jealous, divisive, mean spirited? If so, work on removing anything that keeps you from getting to your desired destination in life. You know your issues better than anyone; so fix them. It’s a great day when you are able to see your own growth! When will that day come for you? When will you look at your life and say in all honesty,…I’m on my way!!!! It’s truly about time for you to do some inward work.

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One thought on “You Haven’t Changed One Bit

  1. mwaters18 says:

    🤔 Evaluating, thank you for sharing.

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