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Snow is beautiful but it sure can shut things down too. In our hometown today, everything pretty much got delayed or shut down because of the weather. This made me ponder on how many times I wanted to do something or go somewhere and couldn’t go because something delayed it or shut it down. Sometimes we can’t travel to our desired destination due to circumstances beyond our control. In these instances, I have often found myself feeling anxious and upset; as if it’s impossible to move forward because of the “snow.” But one day I changed my perspective about “snow” days and started to appreciate the delays and even my plans that unexpectedly got shut down.

The FAA considers an airport runway to be dangerous when it snows or there’s ice or slush on it. So for the safety of the passengers, they won’t take off. Sometimes in life we think we are being held back for one reason or another. But the reality is, sometimes the conditions are just too risky and treacherous for us to take off and land safely. So for the safety of every passenger, the best way to avoid disaster is to sometimes just keep everyone grounded. Often this is the real reason why some of our prayers, plans and relationships get delayed or even shut down.

I believe there’s a deep message in the weather for us all today. That when you find yourself unable to go certain places in your life, consider it just a “snow” day. And I know you are excited and really want to take flight with the man or woman of your dreams. I know you want to take off with the business or the genius idea you have; but some of our plans to take off are just too risky at the moment. The snow or whatever has you stuck on the ground today won’t last forever (insert hallelujah). Consider that the snow in your life may be exactly what you need today to help get you more grounded.

It’s my hope that you learn how to relax and enjoy the “snow”. Trust that you are going to get to your destination, but timing is everything. The whole plan is for you to actually get where you need to and for you to get there safely. I want you to appreciate the snow days. Use them to reboot, relax and calm your spirit. Don’t be so anxious and impatient when you find that you can’t control your travel plans.

You are on your way, but it’s only after the weather gets better.

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