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The pilot on the plane is the pilot and he never has to take out his paperwork and run down his resume to the passengers to prove that. He’s already been through the vetting and hiring process, so he just sits in his seat and does what he’s paid to do. What is the job of a pilot? Plainly put, he’s there to take passengers safely from one destination to another. Funny how the pilot who arguably has the most important job on the plane is hardly ever visible. He’s just busy behind the scenes doing what he’s assigned to do. In every movie, I know you think the celebrity you love is the one making the most money, but there’s usually some executive behind the scenes who none of us would recognize who’s racking in obscene amounts of money; far more than our favorite movie star who we think is living larger than life. The truth is, in every arena, the people you don’t see are the ones who are making the most money.

This got me to thinking about life and how much more we could all accomplish if we got out of the way and did what we were called to do without having to be seen. I’ve found that coachable people who are really going somewhere in life versus the people who are always trippin are focused on two different goals. They have two very different mindsets. The people going places, I describe them to be sober. They are clearheaded, serious, self disciplined and restrained. They’re usually humble and confident. No point to prove. Okay with not being the center of attention. They have a sense of dignity and self awareness that they wouldn’t dare try to make the focus about them. They don’t desire a spotlight. Not a know it all. This sobriety serves them well, especially if they become highly visible, because the pressure of the spotlight is one of the main reasons many get high as a coping mechanism. Success has its own set of pressures many clearly aren’t able to handle.

On the other hand, a person who is always trippin is intoxicated with bringing attention to themselves. Can you see now how this describes this culture today where so many people are always trippin? So many now are always high trippin on pills, drugs, alcohol, Facebook likes, compliments, talents and gifts, status, position, titles,….you name it. And because so many people are high trippin on something and no one is sober anymore, not many people can handle the pressure of truly taking flight in life and moving to new places; let alone helping other people get there.

Let it never be said that you are one of those people who is always trippin. But if you need anything to stimulate you, numb you or anesthetize you; this message is for you. And as your real life coach, I challenge you today to stop trippin and go higher in your mindset!! There are places out there you know nothing about because you’re inebriated with the hopes of being internet famous. You’re tipsy about getting the applause of people and these same people will love you today and turn on you tomorrow. So stop trippin.

I guarantee you that when you decide that you are ready to go somewhere beyond the usual trips to “Miami” you will find that the destinations are endless! But you will never find the courage to go higher until you come to a place of sobriety in your heart and mind. Stop getting high off of yesterday’s accomplishments and sober up. Stop living in the “good ole days.” Today is a new day and you must choose to take flight. Decrease your need to be an Instagram model and increase your desire to serve and help others ascend. Come off your high of needing to be a superstar and learn your craft so people will look for you rather than you begging people to see your worth. Too many of us are drunk on needing to be needed. Instead, we need to start doing whatever we can to help create a better place for the people we inspire to ascend.

Stop deluding yourself into thinking you are such a good and righteous person and just do what you’re called to do. Without all the fanfare and recognition. Life will find ways to bless you when you make it your business to be a blessing. Remember the pilot’s job is to take us to a place we couldn’t possibly get to on our own without their expertise. Be that for someone today without needing your ego stroked and without looking for accolades and acknowledgement. Notice the pilot rarely comes out at the end and tells everyone on the plane that they should give him a standing ovation and a round of applause for helping us get to our final destination. He doesn’t have to do that because he’s sober! Instead, he or she stays out of the way and usually is on their way to help another group take flight. (Insert Hallelujah)

The sober pilot finds a sense of satisfaction in knowing he did what he was assigned to do. And if you’re anything like the sober pilot, you’re not trippin either and you’re definitely going somewhere whether people see you or not.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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  1. I love the “Stop Tripping! ” Inspiring and needful.

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    1. Wonderful to know that the blog is doing what it’s supposed to do! I have only one goal and that is to inspire the coachable! Thanks for the feedback


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