Free To Travel ✈️

A lot of people want to travel but are insanely afraid to leave their family and friends behind to go somewhere great. It’s pretty pathetic and sad too. When you think that some people literally aren’t taking off in life and going to their desired destination because they’re so tied to people who are stuck on the ground. I sure hope that’s not you.

I’m sure you’re thinking that’s crazy to stay where you are and not move because you need to make everyone around you happy. But I want you to think a little deeper about your own life. Think about how much further you could be if you weren’t always trying to appease the people in your life. Think how much more you could accomplish if you didn’t continue to plan your life around people who refuse to go to their next level. Some people sit around miserable because they feel responsible for a bunch of deadbeats they love! Say it ain’t so?!! But some of you have wasted years sitting around and trying to accommodate low level thinking. There’s even a tendency for some of you to begin to lessen and lower your life goals and expectations to keep the people around you from feeling bad about their existence. Some of you grown ups reading this are so enmeshed in your dealings with people that you can’t even broaden your horizons without the permission of these people you say you love so much! It’s insane! Especially if you think you love them more than you love yourself. If you’re trying to rationalize why you do this crap, you could actually be one of those people. Let me ask you a few questions; Is there a degree, upgrade or certification you keep putting off because you don’t want to offend people? A job you won’t apply for so you don’t intimidate someone in your life? Do you really want to grow and evolve in some area of your life but you’re too afraid to step out because “they” might think you’re showing off or feeling yourself? Afraid to move because you’re stuck taking care of folk who are doing nothing to help themselves?

In order for your life to become what you dreamed it would be you need to feel safe and supported pursuing your dreams without the fear of disapproval from “them.” It’s time you stop being so tied to their expectations of your life and take off. When will you stop trying to please your mom, dad, sisters and brothers and start doing what makes you happy? Even if you’re married, your spouse needs to support your elevation and you need to have the courage to say what you want and where YOU want to go! There’s no use in living in fear and regret of the reactions of you being bold and stepping up! Take the leap of faith and go as far as you can see for your life! Stop asking for their permission. And be mindful that you are not going to go as far as you can if you’re connected to a bunch of negative and selfish people who want you to stay on the same level all your life because it benefits them. Truth is, some people want you to succeed, they just don’t want you to leave them. The harsh reality is no one has the right to love you and control you at the same time. Its not genuine love when it’s meant to dominate your destiny. It’s like saying I want you to go far, but stay where I tell you because you need to succeed as long as it makes me comfortable.

The bottom line is you need to be free to travel. You need to be free to date people you want and take opportunities that scare the people in your life who think they know what’s best for you. At the end of the day, no one can live your life for you but you. If you allow other people to micromanage your life you will end up in regret and frustration. But, if you take the risk and go somewhere great, even if there’s some turbulence, you’ll get there! I’m rooting for you! I’m cheering you on this flight! Just be courageous and drown out the voices of fear and anxiety and TAKE OFF! Greatness awaits the courageous!!! You just need to be free to travel as far as your heart desires!

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Some People Only Hang Around You So They Can Learn How To Fly Like You

No matter how many times you fly on a plane; you still aren’t going to be equipped to do what the pilot can do. Right? Not unless you make the same effort the pilot made to become who they are and do what they do. See you can try to get as close to them as you want; but you will still be without the skills necessary to take flight.

It never ceases to amaze me the way some people’s minds operate though. Some people will attach themselves to you on this flight called life with a motive to copy what you do; then get frustrated when they don’t ever take off. Sad to say, some people aren’t connected to you for the right reasons. As I sat and listened to the birds chirping this morning, I wanted to share with you some professional advice as you get closer to your purpose. Whatever you do, don’t be sidetracked or disappointed by people who try to use your wings to go somewhere great. After observing some people who come around me and even listening to the things they have the nerve to say out of their own mouths; I’m truly convinced that some people aren’t genuinely around to be a support. How do I know? Well, it’s because they won’t support you. They’ll have a zillion opportunities to do something to help move things along in support of you, but they won’t. They’ll just watch you. They’ll watch you lose. They’ll watch you win. They’ll watch you laugh. They’ll watch you cry. The truth is these spectators only stick around you to see how you do what you do. Super annoying right? Yep!

So how do you handle these aggravating opportunists? How do you handle the person who poses as a supporter all the while they’re nothing more than a leech attached to you to try to suck as much inspiration and creativity out of you for them to later turn around and try to mimic you? I know, the first thought is to become indignant. The audacity of some people when you actually find out that many of the onlookers in your life don’t sincerely care about you and what you’re doing as far as your vision or life mission. They only hang around you because they want to learn how to fly like you do!

How do you handle it; knowing that most of your so called followers are only using your victories and failures as a template for them to get to their destination? Sobering isn’t it? To think that most of the “clappers” around you are just admirers who come along to take what took you years to master to help them get ahead. Well, after you process the truth; keep going.

1. Place people in their proper place in your heart and in your head.

2. Don’t confuse temporary people aka the users with lifelong friends. Some of these people will only stick around as long as it serves them. Too many times I’ve made the huge mistake in letting bloodsuckers get too close to me and that’s never a good lesson to learn.

3. I’m to a place in my life where I understand people better; and if these parasitic people want to learn from me professionally that they must come correct. They need to know my wisdom is not coming at a bargain price. That what I have to offer will not be generously shared with you like this is some kind of homeboy hook up.

4. I’m learning to teach people that my insight is not going to be handed out at a discount rate. You cannot benefit from my anointing by giving me a little bit here and there. You can’t go to anywhere you respect and offer them a payment plan on this flight called life.

Unfortunately, people have the gall to walk up to the creatively gifted and try to bargain with them to take flight off their wings. No ma’am. No sir! If people attached to you want what took you years to learn; they have to pay full price. They have to respect you as the professional they want to glean from. I am not one bit emotional about users and self seekers when I’m being compensated for my wisdom. At the end of the day don’t let these kind of people drain you. Don’t you dare let these manipulative individuals take up too much of your mental energy. You have to preserve your creativity and wisdom on this flight for what you’re actually here to do! You’re going somewhere great and the closer you get to your destination you need to be on the look out for people who have their own personal agenda and keep in mind not everyone has a heart like you. Guard your heart above all else; because you’re going places. A person who is going far in life will attract all kinds of people. Many are simply attracted to you for the wrong reasons. There I said it. Half these people smiling in your face are not your friends. They just want something. You’ve just got to become discerning enough to place appropriate professional boundaries around these imitators who want to sit all up in your face and never really invest in you.

Lastly, make sure you’re not making more deposits into people who refuse to make any investments into your life. You need fuel to make it to your next level and you definitely shouldn’t have to carry dead weight when you’re headed somewhere great in life!

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My Drew is Taking Off!

My son is “taking off” today.

Literally! He’s going places. It’s that time for him to go to a new level in life and I’m so proud. He’s getting his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. As we sat waiting for the ceremony to start, I couldn’t help but notice how me, my husband and family are surrounded by many other people who are here to celebrate their children do the same thing. This made me think how important it is to be surrounded by people who encourage and support you on this flight called life. I began to think how hard it is to get to the next level for anyone in this culture we are in; even having love and help from the people in your life, it’s still not easy.

So my challenge today is look around and make sure you’re surrounded by people who are there for you with genuine support. Like really! Not fake support. And let’s be honest; you know when people are sincere about being there for you versus that phony obligation. I don’t want anyone doing me a favor by being there for me. You shouldn’t either. Get a certified support system so that you can really go somewhere.

For years I allowed myself to be deceived by the sugary words of false supporters. People would come around and tell me good things in private. They’d say how much they loved my work, how I really needed to do bigger things and then whenever I did them they were nowhere to be found. Eventually, it became evident to me that I had placed people in my life who didn’t want to see me go places. If that’s where you are today, I’m sure this article is speaking to your core. Your whole life can take off if you have the right support. Isn’t it time you get in position to go somewhere beyond frustration and aggravation. I’ve found that there are some people who get a kick out of you being broke. They love hearing your sad stories of almost making it to the next stage and never really getting there. These people don’t want to see you graduate; yet there is a remnant who wants to see you win. There are people who are eager to scream your name when you walk the stage. It’s time you get “there” and take off to your next level!! I want to see you WALK to your desired destination on this flight called life.

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“You Don’t Belong Here!” They said,…

Every week now there seems to be a new report about some prejudice person looking down on someone else and sizing them up with the idea that only certain people are allowed to travel first class. I read an article recently about an African American man who had his boarding pass in hand was in line to board when a Caucasian woman (who was a passenger too) rudely told him that he needed to get out of that line and go to the line for common people. He politely told her that she was wrong and that he was in the right line. He told her to be precise that he was there because he was a rich black man! I know she looked so dumb when he said that! 😂😂😂 Well who’d a thunk it; that in this day and time that no matter what you look like, you can still have the means to buy a first class ticket and go wherever you want??? Astonishing!

This made me think while drinking my morning cup of coffee, that I too have experienced a lot of these encounters in my life. Oddly enough, most of the people who told me to move out of my place “in line” were so called friends and “well wishers.” See, while they may not have ever come out of their mouth and said get out of the line; their lack of support, their negativity, and their inability to catch my vision and enthusiasm was almost equivalent to being told I don’t belong in this line. We live in a society where social and capital limitations are placed on people everyday because of their skin color, religion, gender and it’s disgusting and wrong on so many levels. What’s even worse is often we ourselves are guilty of buying into what society tells us about us. Where we can go and what we can do. Unfortunately, we seem to believe the culture when it tells us we can’t fly in first class. We believe our family and friends who shoot down our dreams to become something out the box and extraordinary. How many of you have dreamed big about something for your own life and instead of staying in line you let your bank account or the lack of investors stop you from stepping out on faith and becoming what you believed in your heart you could be?!

The rich black man told that prejudice woman who tried to tell him that he where to stand couldn’t believe he was where he was because her mind was warped and she thought she was better than him. But he told her “I’m not going anywhere. I belong here!” You too need to do the same thing when it comes to where you know you belong on this flight called life. Don’t let anyone tell you where to stand. Don’t let wicked people who are stuck in another time period tell you you can’t be where you are. Don’t allow your past or low self esteem to send you to a cramped seat when you know you deserve better. Don’t allow a circle of frenemies to keep smiling in your face all the while you know they don’t want to see you doing well. Don’t allow your mistakes or the fact that you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your hand stop you from going somewhere great in life! The rich black man said “I BELONG HERE!”

Well, everyone standing around who observed this exchange began to applaud him. They were in support of him standing up for his rights and telling the moron lady who had no right to be talking to him that way in the first place. Believe it or not, there are more decent people on this flight than you know. Not everyone is racist and disrespectful and prejudice on this flight. The flight crew treated this rich black man like royalty after seeing what he went through. And to all my coachable friends today I want to encourage to stay in line and don’t be moved by the despicable people in line with you. I promise you, there is always someone watching! (Insert Baptist fit)

And trust me, no matter what people try to to harm you; no one ever gets away with anything.

Today’s advice is simple:

Watch what you do and who you do it to! You never know how it will come back to you and bite you in the butt! Let it be said that only good stuff is coming back to you, because good is what you give out on a daily basis to all men.

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Planning for a Successful Take Off?

My husband and I have regular talks about where we are going as a couple, as leaders in our family, in our community, even personally. We talk about the plans and goals we have and how we will get there. All the while, we never stop doing whatever we can to elevate our mentality and our lives along the way. No one ever got somewhere great without making plans to get there.

Unfortunately, there are people who sit around with their loved ones and friends and talk about their plans to never go anywhere. They have a language that they speak regularly to remind them of how bad things are and how hard it will be to get “there.” Saying things like “the struggle is real” “It’s always something” “Life is so hard.” Some people love to make these negative confessions on a daily basis and then act surprised why their lives are so bad. You literally can speak your yourself into better or worse.

See, you can want to go somewhere great all day long, but until you develop habits that lead to success and a mindset of greatness; you’ll continue to end up stuck right where you are. Look at how far you’ve gotten in the past year. No really look and assess. Have you made any strides to get anywhere beyond excuse making? I’m convinced that there are people who plan to do nothing more than go to work, school, home and repeat the same thing over and over and over. Nothing more. Nothing less. To only live your life in the same cycles and circles should make you dizzy! Don’t you ever do anything that stretches your imagination beyond doing the same old stuff? When was the last time you planned something that made you excited? Is there anything you’re doing today that excites you and that’s actually helping you go somewhere great in life? See, too many people are only excited by low level talk, doing drugs, taking shots, shopping, partying, getting laid,… How are any of these things helping you get any further in your life?! Some people sit around complaining about their problems, not realizing they are the ones who created them. Then you have those who constantly moan about how boring and mundane their life is like they aren’t the one who are responsible for setting their agenda.

Even though you know what you like and don’t like at this point in life; what if I told you that there’s a whole world of opportunity and goo gabs of people out there who have the substance you need to see your life change. That you broadening your mind to experience new things on this flight might be the way you find new things that elevate you and bring you joy. But you’ll never know until you step out and try something new. Don’t you want to improve your journey? Doing so, you’re sure to meet to new people. And yes, I know the ones you know now are great; but if they’re stagnant, complacent and not growing you could be surrounded by a bunch of friends who are just like you. If you have four friends that are boring, you’re probably the fifth one. LOL

Our relationships reveal a lot about us. If the people you hang out with are going places you should be going places too. No, you shouldn’t be competing with them or trying to keep up with them; but you should genuinely be motivated to pursue your purpose because you see them going places. They should inspire you. Look up the word inspire for more understanding. Anyone around you who’s not moving to the next level should be uncomfortable around you if you’re going somewhere great. My advice is: Plan to get better everyday in every way. If you’re honest with yourself you know you can stand to improve in one way or another. I encourage you to do just that. Improve! Elevate! Soar! When you begin to soar, others will take notice. There is something about people who plan for success. They actually end up becoming successful (insert churchy “well!”). On the other hand, if you live your life letting people distract you and pull you away from your focus, you will be sorry to see your plans interrupted by a bunch of losers and their constant nonsense. You may even think people are “with” you, but watch what happens when you start doing big things and thinking bigger. Those who liked to be around you when you weren’t as focused as you are now will begin to pull away. Believe it or not, your growth will offend some people because you will be seen doing more than they’re willing to do to take off in their own lives. O well! Too bad for them.

I’m seriously convinced that some people just love to talk about taking off, but they’re just bluffing. If they really wanted to take off they would, but too often they just want to stay on the ground in life. Taking off takes guts and courage. It’s not for the passive and cowardly. Anyone who’s committed to going somewhere great has it mapped out and planned. It’s called being a visionary. Can I ask you a question? What’s your vision for your life? You should have an answer in great detail by now. If not, get to working on one today. You don’t get to amazing places in life without making an investment to get there. And you won’t get there at brunch and happy hour everyday. I know you’ve convinced yourself you’re networking but you’re also becoming an alcoholic and that’s not going to take you far. You won’t get anywhere great addicted to anything. You won’t get there trying to be like one of the Housewives of Atlanta. You won’t get there broke, wearing all your money on your back and feet. Some people have invested more money in their wardrobe than their future. Glad you’re outfit is nice but sad to see that your future is bankrupt. Stop the foolery. Be wise. Be humble. Be authentic. Focus on your destiny, not the destiny of anyone else. You don’t just “arrive” in life! It’s a well thought out venture.

It requires your utmost attention. You can’t get “there” being average and sitting around watching television and eating nachos all day. You won’t get there if you’re out of shape and super unhealthy. You’ve got to plan for this. It takes a commitment to your destiny. Make up your mind today to put your ascension and take off on your list of top priorities and plans. The only way you can truly help others is that you’re in the right position to do so. What will you do today to get in position for greater success?

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Selfish Passengers

Recently when an Aeroflot jet came to a flaming emergency landing in Moscow, videos of the tragic accident were posted all over social media, showing that in the middle of the chaos and confusion some travelers apparently used precious time to grab their carry-on bags. Can you believe that?!!

Certain passengers literally slowed down the evacuation process because they were so determined to retrieve their luggage while people behind them tried desperately to exit the plane. Interfax reported that as some of these self-centered passengers reached for their bags, others were stuck in the single-aisle, Russian built plane. As a result of the selfish bag retrievers, at least 40 people died.

This is so upsetting when you think about the fact that there are still people on this flight called life who will do the same thing these people did on that flight. People who will jeopardize the safety and well being of others all because they are determined to hold onto whatever they think is important! Some people are so obnoxious that they only think of themselves and never take time to think about the people behind them. The flight attendants were enraged by these idiots. Who could blame them for being angry? Their job is to get people off the plane in an emergency, but they couldn’t do their job because of these selfish passengers. I’ve found in my experience that it’s extremely difficult leading people who are determined to do whatever they want. It’s frustrating and downright evil to stand in the way of other people who are trying to make progress and move forward. Yet there are so many people who do this. They actually will stand right in the way of progress and intentionally do whatever suits them while other people are destroyed.

People literally died on this flight because some travelers were so consumed with themselves. While meditating on this early this morning, I realized this same foolishness is happening in families, businesses, churches and communities. Innocent people are perishing because some of these people supposedly “on board” are complete narcissists and not one bit concerned about the other people around them. Make sure this is not you. Take your ego out of the equation and ask yourself:

Am I sincerely supporting other people on this flight?

The fact is, some people are only into themselves and they will even become advocates of people who are like them. Helping people who help your agenda is manipulative behavior. A good leader is someone who is helping other people stay alive and thrive; NOT helping destroy lives. I’m sure all the morons reaching for their bags were on one accord. They were probably all convinced what they were doing was perfectly okay. I’m always amazed at people who defend toxic people and say nothing about the carnage left behind from their deadly actions. If you defend abusive, poisonous people, please know you’re just as guilty as them. The blood is on your hands too! It’s time out for people in this culture standing back and remaining neutral when they see injustice. Excusing people’s bad behavior is a huge issue for me and what I believe to be the reason so many victims of abuse stay silent. They stay quiet about their abuse because their defenders will downplay their abusers evildoing. Many victims of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical abuse never take it to anyone sadly because they know no one will stand with them. From my own experience I’ve seen people who know the deal who will still be quick to make excuses and justifications for ignorance and all the while the people who are suffering are told to grin and bear it. This is an atrocity! Those 40 people that day shouldn’t have died. Not only that, there are people today on this flight called life who deserve help getting to their destination and they shouldn’t have to die because people are standing in the aisle focused on their own stuff!

I’m learning not to get on board with people anymore and to distance myself from people who I can’t trust when things get interesting and conflict arises. If I’m not sure if I will survive a trip with you, I’ll avoid you like the plague. I’m here for a great purpose and I won’t let people ruin me who are overly consumed with superficial things that don’t matter. I caution you not to travel closely with anyone who will leave you behind while they only take care of themselves on this flight called life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Watch what you do and where you go for attention

Some people only try to go the places they try to go because they see you went there. It’s not like any of us are in grade school anymore, but it’s totally exhausting when you see some of the lengths some people will go to trying to imitate your journey.

I started on a new path of personal healing about six months and ago and have been extremely transparent about it. I have even shared what I’ve learned and given out resources, inspiration and information to help empower and educate others about it. Recently, it was brought to my attention that someone with some severe issues and an extreme need for attention has taken my recent platform and tried to make it their newest way of getting attention. Disgusting if you asked me. Especially when you see there’s no improvement in this characters behavior or spirit. On top of this, much of my dismay comes because this area is one that’s very serious and sensitive in nature to me and so many others. To those of us who are genuinely working on ourselves and have a heartfelt desire to grow and heal, it’s appalling to see what is helping you used by someone else as a steppingstone to be noticed and applauded.

It’s even more despicable to see the way some people will do anything to make others think they’re going places. The bigger problem with doing this is when you make your issues a way to be recognized or noticed; you also open yourself up for attacks and attention from places you didn’t want it from as well. Any grown up who’s sincerely working on themselves and trying to improve and heal; does just that. No need to let the world know. No need to post it, snapchat it or tweet it. Especially when you’re still not ready to reveal your struggle from a place of victory. If you’re not “there” yet, why open up the door for that kind of scrutiny and observation. Unfortunately, Social media has made it easy for silly people with no wisdom to share and say just about anything. To reveal truths about yourself that the world doesn’t need to know is asinine; but because some people are so addicted to attention they just have say it. They have no filter and no friends. #hashtagthat

My advice to all my coachable friends today is; Watch what you do and where you go for attention.

Just because you see other people going there, it doesn’t mean you’re meant to go there too. Seems like we shouldn’t even have to say this to adults; but stop imitating people. Be yourself. Sure, it’s perfectly fine to be inspired and empowered by others and the places that they’re going. But just because they go there, doesn’t mean you need to mimic them in your life and go there too. If you can’t understand that; you are clearly an attention junkie who needs a serious dose of common sense and wisdom. Using something you see someone else go through as a means to make you appear to be doing important stuff is childish and if you asked me very insensitive.

There’s always a lesson from the craziness we experience and the people who do “the most” around us. From this I’ve learned to be a lot more careful about what I share and who I share it with, because sadly there are some very troubled people on this flight who will do anything to try and impress and get attention by any means necessary.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Never Forget Those Who Stayed At The Airport So You Could Take Flight

Some people work at the airport and never get to go anywhere. The reality is these people actually never go anywhere because they’re too busy working and making things happen for everyone else to fly. These airport workers who hardly ever get to take off and go places are certainly not going places because they don’t want to. Somewhere along the way they made the commitment to set their plans aside and help other people get to their desired destination.

This past Sunday the world celebrated Mother’s Day and if there’s anyone who can relate to helping others take flight while seemingly going nowhere; it’s moms. The sacrifices moms willfully make to see their children go to great destinations is incredible. The best moms are the ones who do what they do with nothing more than a hope to see their children do better in life than they have! The moms whose children take off the most are the ones whose children don’t have to feel guilty for the sacrifices that have been made for them to go places. Their moms don’t throw the “help” they gave them in their face and play the victim when they finally get going. These moms are intentional and they don’t ever really say how much they gave up to see their children soar. There’s no scorecard, record or reminder of how much was paid out to support them. Just all love! I just watched a video of Russell Wilson who recently surprised his mom with a brand new house. When he gave her the keys she cried happy tears and even his wife Ciara cried too. It was clearly his way of saying thank you to his mom for helping him get to where he is today.

Now I’m sure she already had a place to live, but the heart of her son was to do something tangible to say “Mom I’m so grateful.” He wanted to do something big to say thank you! Not that the word thank you isn’t adequate, but this man wanted to give something size-able to her for all she had done. No wonder he’s so successful in life with that mentality. Those who have a mindset like his are guaranteed to go far.

I understand how he feels! My mom has been amazing and made so many sacrifices for me and my siblings to take off in life. While I personally haven’t gotten to the place yet where I can buy her a house; I try to do ALL that I can on a regular basis to bless her. Not only do I do this for her but even for my mother in law who helped my husband get to where he is in life. This is the least we can do for those who have helped us get to the next level. Sadly, I talk to moms regularly and see the heartbreak because their children don’t see the necessity of doing anything to honor them at all. Moms who even cried this past weekend about their ungrateful children and entitled spouses who forgot to do anything to say thanks for the support and love in helping them get where they are. This has got to change.

My advice for all my coachable friends is DON’T FORGET AND DON’T DOWNPLAY GENUINE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. Don’t forget how you got to where you are today! If you act all fancy and take time out to tip the waitress and show gratuity to people on the street; make sure you remember to honor those who have supported you behind the scenes and helped you along the way. Charity begins at HOME! Remember those who were there for you and make it your business to reach back with tangible love and support as often as you can. Not because you’re obligated to do it, but because you’re decent and you’re a person who understands what it means to be grateful. I believe the way we handle those who have helped us get to where we are will come back to us when we least expect it. Especially when we get to the stage of life they’re at. Make sure you sow good seeds because if you don’t, the bad seeds you sow will come back to your life when you least except it too. Humble yourself and work on your character as you take flight. And never forget those who stayed at the airport so you could take flight in life!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Where Are YOU Going?

I received an email from a travel site I follow today and the subject caught my attention. It read:

“What destination will you choose?”

That was powerful to me because it really is that simple. Your destination is your choice. Wherever you want to go, you can go. Whoever you want to go “there” with, you can take along on your journey. It really boils down to what you say yes to and what you say no to on this flight called life. Most of the people complaining about their lives must have forgotten along the way that they were the ones who made the decisions that they’re living with. Have you ever encountered someone who talks the entire time about how empty and dissatisfied they are about their circumstances? They don’t like their house. They hate their spouse. They despise their job. Wish they had a different wardrobe and better car to drive. They want to be healthier and in better shape, and the list of their complaints goes on and on. Funny thing to me is, they chose all of the things they are constantly fussing about. So if that is you or someone you know my advice is simple. Make some new choices today. Sell or give away the clothes you don’t like. It’s great weather for a garage sale. If you don’t like the car you drive; trade it in. Hate your house, put it up for sale and move into one that makes you happy. Spouse making your life miserable, no one is forcing you to stay in a relationship that makes you miserable. The bottom line is, many people act as if they think it’s their house or car or job or family that’s responsible for their happiness. Then after they dump their reality and start a “new” life; they often come to the startling reality that they still aren’t happy. That you can’t blame other people for your choices. This also tells me the destination is not as important as your mindset on this journey. If your attitude stinks and you’re constantly comparing and dreaming of another life; you are your biggest enemy when it comes to enjoying your life. The destination is a goal but it is not intended to be the start of your happiness and contentment in life. The quality of your life starts with how you think.

Today, I want you to make a deliberate decision to be grateful and to love your life right where are. Give yourself permission to take delight in what you have and who you are. Count your blessings. Look around and find the things that bring you back to a state of gratitude. If you need a little more help to see how blessed you are, visit a children’s hospital. Go volunteer in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. I guarantee you there are people who have learned how to smile in circumstances that are far worse than what you’ve ever been through. Learn what it means to be grateful and you’ll never complain again about your journey. Everyday is a new day and YOU have the choice to frown or smile. Choose TO BE GRATEFUL. Choose to be intentionally happy, because whether you want to believe it or not; things could be a lot worse that they are for you. Where are you going?

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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