Priority Seating

Such a sweet little couple. Both the husband and the wife were petite and quiet, with pretty caramel skin; neatly dressed. Had to be in their late 70’s shuffling along through pre-check. Not much conversation if any at all between the two of them. If I had to guess it looked to me like they’ve been together so long they could probably read each other’s minds. The chemistry they shared was adorable. She had what almost appeared to be this devilish smirk on her face. Like she was keeping the best kept secret ever. And then I didn’t see them again. That is until we boarded our flight and the little sweet old lady was right there, sitting in my seat. Unwilling to embarrass her and make her get up out of her seat I did what every person in my shoes would do, I went on and sat down in what I assumed to be her seat and said to myself if I have to move, then I’ll just move when I’m told.

Well not long after settling into the wrong seat, I ended up getting confronted by the person whose seat I was actually in. And come to find out, everyone in my section had done the same thing. We had all just let the little old lady sit in the wrong seat and said nothing. Even her husband was in the wrong seat too. He was sitting on the row behind her.

Apparently, this sweet little quiet couple had messed up an entire two whole rows on this flight by sitting in the wrong seat. Finally, the flight attendant came over and aggressively snatched the elderly woman’s ticket which read PRIORITY SEATING; Big as day! Our entire section gasped. One man said out loud “They’re sitting in coach with first class tickets?!!!”

Immediately that made me think about how many times so many people do the same thing. You’ve been given a better seat than the one you’re in, but you sit in a place you know you don’t belong. And oh the confusion it brings to you and so many others when you have PRIORITY SEATS and don’t sit in them!

My message for my real life coach class today is take your rightful seat!

Stop settling and compromising and giving the world a watered down version of who you are! Own it! You are a first class, priority passenger on this flight called life. You are important and should be treated as such. Never let ordinary, average minded passengers make you feel like you’re not worth what your ticket says! And make sure you aren’t the one putting yourself down first and foremost! I encourage you to even write down some good stuff about yourself today and repeat it as often as you need. Call it your boarding pass! The things that you say to yourself and about yourself on this journey are important! My favorite book in the whole wide world says something to the effect “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” How you think about you will determine where you sit. What opportunities you take. What you consider yourself to be worthy of.

Rethink the things you’ve been thinking about yourself today and get up and sit where you belong! Stop letting your race, gender, financial status, education, or whatever it is keep you from taking this journey from your rightful seat! I’m gonna act as the flight attendant on this flight you’re on today, so consider this motivational message my way of grabbing your boarding pass and moving you up to your proper seat. PRIORITY! That’s what you are! You are a matter of great importance! I want you to say this about yourself and to yourself and to the people you hang out with until everyone believes it. Say it by way of your actions and your habits and the way you love yourself and demand that same love from others. I know you’re sitting in that seat you’re currently in, but I guarantee you there’s a better seat waiting for you. You just have to get up and take it. Make it your PRIORITY TODAY!

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Sitting Next To The Crapper

Sitting next to the crapper. That’s where he was sitting. A total of 6 hours and 23 minutes, and yet he stayed happy and pleasant the entire time. I watched him. And even when I fell asleep and woke back up, he was still sitting there all pleasant and unbothered. I watched this man in amazement, sit in a seat I would have surely fussed, cried and moaned about. I watched him sit there and enjoy the ride.

Think about how much more of a quality life he normally lives than the average person if he’s able to smile through a 6 hour 23 minute plane ride next to the toilet. He happily sat right across from the same toilet shared by at least 225 passengers on the plane. Yet he never seemed to change his attitude or expression. He just kept smiling.

This man who was seated next to the crapper had a perspective and mindset that was sure to teach me something. So I started to think what could I learn from him and pass on to the amazing people I coach?

1. Remember where you find yourself on this trip is not final. This man must have centered himself to remember he was going somewhere so amazing and so beautiful, that this little inconvenience wasn’t big enough to make him lose sight of the big picture. As you travel on this journey called life and find yourself close to less than ideal circumstances, don’t lose sight of the same truth; you’re not always going to be next to the crapper.

2. It’s a matter of your perspective. Keep a positive mindset and attitude. Consider yourself lucky to be so close to the restroom. Maybe, just maybe this man had a reason to be happy next to the toilet. Maybe he had IBS or a small bladder and needed to have easy access to the facilities. Maybe he has a fascination with public restrooms. Maybe he’s a plumber and the crapper essentially paid for his amazing trip. Maybe he considered this God’s way of “smiling” on him. Basically I’m saying you need to look for something to smile about wherever you find yourself today!

3. Remember people are watching you and you have the power to be a source of inspiration to others. This man didn’t know he was encouraging me by sitting there and smiling through it all. Smiling through the heavy traffic, unavoidable sounds, smells and distractions that come with sitting where he was sitting. This man was encouraging me and showing me that it is possible to have a less than favorable situation and yet still remain positive and pleasant.

This man sitting next to the crapper smiling the entire time had helped me get through this long flight with a better attitude than I planned on having sitting in my more than comfortable seat away from the crapper. He taught me a lesson I will never forget about perspective and having a right attitude. He showed me it’s just a part of the journey. And where you sit shouldn’t make you forget that.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Another word for moody is unstable. Up in the air when flying, the pilot will often announce “buckle up we are heading into an unstable pocket and it may get a little bumpy. ” The reason for this turbulence is the air can be more unstable at lower altitudes (insert a tongue and praise dance right here for those who got it).

It got me to thinking this morning about how moody or in other words unstable people can be when you’re simply just trying to grow and go beyond the simple and elementary ways you’ve become used to. Moody people can create pockets of bumpiness and turbulence in your day that cause you unnecessary stress and discomfort trying to reach a higher altitude. You could just be trying to have a nice day, or go to work or the store or even to take a walk, and a moody person will turn that into a hostile situation.

And for people who are going up (evolving) like you, more than ever you need stable minded people around you, not people who are one minute hot the next minute cold. You’re reading this because you’re even becoming tired of dealing with this constant stress. It’s like a yo yo of emotions, and as your real life coach, I want you to consider that it could be that some of these moody unstable people in your life are not meant to go any further with you. Either that, or you need to demand that they stop with the theatrics and prepare to go beyond this infantile unstable level they’re on. Tell them they need to go beyond picking silly fights and making everything about them. Grow beyond having things their way and understand that going higher means we will reach places we have never gone before and that’s ok. Challenge these moody people in your life today to grow up and realize that their moodiness and instability is not helpful and is becoming a draining distraction on the flight of life you’re on.

Instability is the last thing you need as you take flight. Many of you are future moguls, doctors, lawyers, CEO’s and bosses. And the heights you will go to are meant to be traveled with people who don’t add drama and stress to your life. The pilot will often say when heading into unstable territory; buckle up!

Buckling up your seat belt means prepare for instability and moodiness, and the last thing you want to do is travel this journey called life with people who you have to constantly prepare for conflict with. The last thing you want to do is travel and have to stay seated and buckled up for the entire flight because you know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride with them on board. These people who will restrict you and limit you from being able to stretch. They restrict you from being the transparent you that you want to be. Their antics keep you from being real because they’re so fragile you don’t ever want to hurt their feelings, so you stay seated. You stay buckled up. They’ll limit you from sharing with others and making connections. They have insecurities that keep them buckled so they can’t stand for you to get up and move around. They’ll limit you from being who you were born to be. They can’t let you be who you are because if you really take off, (and you will) you might leave them.

The last thing you want to do as you take flight is stay stuck in your seat belt. Take flight and move beyond the unstable. Life is calling you. It’s time to live and you can’t possibly live freely in a seatbelt. Seatbelts are meant to keep you safe in case of an emergency. They are not meant to stay on at all times.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Time Differences

Traveling will remind you that where you are and what you’re doing is not the only way it is! That while you’re sleeping, other people are up living. That when you think the day is over; somewhere someone is just getting up! (Some of you caught that) 😊

Where I am right now, we are on a different time zone than where I live. It’s Monday 11:50AM for me where I have traveled and 4:50PM for a lot of people I love back home. That means they have already experienced things in their day that haven’t come yet for me all because I’m in a different time zone.

This got me to thinking about how many of us are trying to stay on the same time as people who are not where we are. Imagine how crazy it would be for me to refuse to follow the time difference where I am in order to honor where I left. Too many people are doing that in real life. In other words, you’re not on the same page as some people you know but you keep trying to stay loyal to a relationship that’s experienced an obvious time distance. Conversation has changed. Interests has changed. Nothing is still on the same time zone for you. It’s Monday 11:50AM for you, but for them it’s Monday 4:50PM.

Face it, you’re just in a different time zone. Don’t force it. Enjoy where you are.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Stop Kicking My Seat

One of the most stressful moments of flying for me is who’s going to sit next to me? And don’t you dare sit there and judge me for saying this because you were thinking it too! It can be so suspenseful. Who will it be? And while you wait, you sit there and hope and believe you’re going to have a reasonable person sitting next to you. You get comfy and relaxed and even put your headphones on and your neck pillow and you’re ready to have an enjoyable flight.

And right when the flight attendants start closing the overhead cabin bins, here they come. Mr. or Ms. Annoying; and where are they going to sit? No. Please not next to me. (Relax Sherry) There are at least 16 other open seats on this flight. It’s not a full flight. But O no 🙄 They can’t be coming over here. “Hi, this is me!” they say. And yep. Just as you suspected,….they sit right next to you.

Well, if you’re like me you try to think on the positive side and say this person can’t be but so bad. But of course they can. And they are. And because I grew up to believe that God has this strange sense of humor and everything that happens to me is somehow supposed to be teaching me some lesson to make me suffer for my greater good; (Inserts 📝 I’m seriously working to unlearn that warped idea of how God wants me to suffer through life! Now I’m choosing to live abundantly😊)

Where was I? Instead of me getting up and sitting in one of the 16 empty seats on the plane; I actually stay and suffer in silence and endure the entire trip in the name of being a good person.

Anyway, after they step on your feet and you dodge their wide behind from literally swiping your face, they plop down into the seat next to you and proceed to make your flight the nightmare you prayed it wouldn’t be. But it’s actually happening and you feel like you can’t speak up. So you just sit there. At least for this trip. And you start talking to yourself in your head “Self, you can endure this. You can just take a nap. Just close your eyes and sleep through this!” And right then and there they take out an egg salad sandwich on an onion bagel and a bag of crunchy potato chips and they go at it; eating and spitting food out of their mouth the entire time while talking loudly to you about everything from politics, to their love life, to their 6 cats at home, to their medical condition, to growing up without love and Donald Trump and the wall. And in the midst of you not listening to a word they’re actually saying; you think I should have moved my seat.

Wow! How much better would life be if I would have just moved my seat. How many regrets would I have never had; if I had just moved my seat. It’s not that I would have been running away from anything. I would have actually been running to peace! Running to clarity. Running to atmospheres and environments that energize me. But instead, I’ve allowed myself to stay when I should have moved my seat. Every time someone made me feel unworthy of love and acceptance; I should have moved my seat but instead we have learned to sit in places we know we aren’t valued. It took me to get to 46 to realize I have a right to sit where I want.

On a plane sitting next to people who don’t know how to respect the people around them is a lot like life. We would have saved ourselves a lot of unnecessary drama and stress on this flight called life if we had the courage to just get up and move. And isn’t this the same truth we need to realize in our own lives? Why partner with people and stay in places where we are suffocating dealing with those who don’t understand us? The people who we have nothing in common with?

Like when you sit on the plane and someone behind you kicks the back of your chair the entire flight and you twist and turn, sigh and groan and roll your eyes and mumble under your breath but never say “Excuse me, you’re making this flight unbearable for me. Could you please stop doing that to me!”

Wouldn’t your journey be so much better in life if you stopped grinning and bearing things that are driving you crazy? Wouldn’t it be a much better flight if you asked the people around you to respect you and they actually listened and honored you. And if for some reason they didn’t want to, you got up and moved your seat. How much freer would you feel if you moved and didn’t care what they said about you?

Some of us have talked ourselves into enduring a lot of crap we shouldn’t have to and said to ourselves; it’s only a flight. Once I get “there” I’ll enjoy myself. But the quality of your journey is measured by the people sitting next to you.

Of course people are people and some of them will irritate, provoke and distract you. You irritate, provoke and distract some people. I know I do. But some people will (intentionally or intentionally) keep you from being as productive as you could be and it’s your job to protect your heart on this journey. It’s your job to stay in purpose. Our connections can either bring out the best or the worse in us. So as your real life coach my advice for you today is; Make sure you’re not traveling through life convincing yourself you don’t have a right to enjoy your journey.

You have a right to have a great ride!

And you can either sit there and suffer. Or you can speak up and demand respect from the people sitting close to you. Your family. Your friends. Your boo. Your community. You have a right to demand respect. And if the people close to you keep kicking your seat, you can move to a different seat and pray when you get there you don’t sit next to someone even more annoying. But even if you do; you are not without the power to do what you have to do when you need to.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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If you travel on most airlines, once you’ve gotten into your trip and things are settled and calm; they’ll begin preparing to feed you something. On short flights you can expect to get a little snack and something to wash it down with. But on longer flights; you can expect a meal. In other words, the further you plan to go, the more prepared they are to feed you something that is going to hold you over until you get there.

So I began to think this morning about how on some parts of our journey we encounter people who are like snack type people and then there are those who are more like a meal. The snacks get us to a certain point and usually have little to no real nutritional value or substance. They’re easy, convenient and cost effective. They’re just something to hold us over and keep our stomachs from growling until we get to where we are going. But these type of people only have but so much to offer. And after they feed us what they have; that’s it. We are simply on our own.

I began to think even about how these snack type relationships are meant for short trips and as your real life coach; I recommend you start being honest about who’s who in your life today? How do the people on your journey feed you? Are you hungry right after you leave them? Still longing for more? Needing more substance? More meaty interactions?

Snack type people are the ones who whenever you talk to them the dialogue never changes. It’s always about the same stuff. And I’m not saying that it’s bad. But maybe it’s the reason why you’ve lost your enthusiasm. Maybe it’s why you don’t have the same passion you use to have because you’re too hungry to think straight. And if you’re only eating snacks; as tasty as they can be, you know snacks just aren’t enough. Sadly, you could be friends with a snack. Have family members who are snacks. You could be dating a snack. Married to a snack. Working at a snack. Going to a church that’s a snack. Snacks are just meant to hold you over. But they leave you wanting more. And communicating with a snack can only hold your attention for so long before you realize; you’re still hungry.

But when you’re on a significant journey. When you’re going somewhere in your life and committed to growing on this trip; you begin to realize you need relationships that feed you on a more substantial level. You begin to realize you need more stimulating interactions with people who not only feed you; but you feed them too. I believe you’re reading this because somewhere in your life you’re hungry for more! You want relationships with people that feed you quality. Don’t you want to order from a quality menu in 2019? Don’t you want relationships that engage you beyond what the average snack mentality can even understand? I believe you want more because you’re going somewhere great! And on your way you need fuel to get you there, and these snacks just aren’t going to cut it. These snacks don’t have enough in them to energize you for the places you’re traveling to! See this is why you get bored easily with (snacks) people who have short term mindsets. At this point in your journey you know you need to be engaged in conversations and connected to people that inspire you to keep going. That there’s more in you and you can outlast even what you’ve seen in your family and the circle you’ve been confined to. You need people to help keep you FULL of fuel and energy and passion on this trip called life, because there is more!

You’re reading this today because you’re in pursuit of (meals) people that sincerely rejoice with you when you win! People who take time to listen to you and look in your eyes when you speak and respond back in a way that pushes you. You’re looking for those who will hold your hand and cry just as hard as you do when you’re in the midst of a crisis. When you connect with meals aka people who feed you good, that’s when you will truly begin to reach for the stars and do what others said was impossible. You’re going far and because you’re going somewhere you need people who will feed into your long term vision. Who invest in and support your ideas and stand with you when no one else will. The snacks are good enough for where some people are going, because they don’t plan on going far. But not for you. You’re going the distance and that’s why you need people (meals) who feed you at a level that’s beyond snacks and sodas.

At some point during your journey, you can expect to get something to eat. It just depends on what kind of journey you’re on.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Think Like a Pilot 👩‍✈️

Life is a journey. Full of excitement, memorable moments, love and laughter. Sometimes there are even sad times, rough patches and difficulties along the way. It would be great if we could keep the happy times on repeat everyday, but then we wouldn’t really appreciate the good times if things were always that way. Besides, the way life is set up; we can’t control everything. 

Plain and simple, life is a lot like a plane ride. Sure you get to have a lot of say about some things. You can chose your job, who you love, where you live, who you call your friends,……But there will be this moment that will come for all of us on this ride called life when you have to sit down and buckle your own seatbelt and prepare for your own personal takeoff. And once the plane has reached a certain altitude you can move around without the same restraint you had to during takeoff. But no matter how good the journey may seem to be or how expert the pilot is, there are times when you have to get back in that seat of yours and sit down and buckle yourself up again because you will have to go through some unexpected turbulence on this ride. 

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, divorce, government shut down, financial crisis, betrayal, heartbreak, illness; we all have to go through rough, jerky, turbulent times on this journey called life. And whenever I have found myself going through turbulent times; I have learned to just sit down, buckle up my own seatbelt, breathe, close my eyes and believe from within that this is not how my journey is going to end. I AM going to make it through this turbulence! (Repeat as often as needed until you actually believe it)  

Even if you look at it from a more scientific perspective, turbulence is, for lack of a better way to put it, JUST WIND! (Insert praise dance) 😊 Often pilots don’t even think about turbulence as a big deal because their perspective is based on what they see on the screen; while the nervous passengers are only focused on what they feel from their seat. I want to encourage you today as your personal life coach, that if you want to have a more quality experience on your journey in life this year; think like a pilot.

Think like someone who has more information than the average person on this flight. Don’t let your feelings control you. Think like someone who believes you’re going somewhere and you’re actually going to get there. Think like a pilot and remember that these bumpy turbulent times are just part of the trip. Think like a pilot and remember that no matter how windy it is right now; it won’t always be like this. After all; It’s JUST WIND.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Save Yourself

Most people have been on a plane with their family before. It’s very exciting and all. And then they make an announcement about what to do in the event of a crash. If you’re the one who feels responsible for them in the event of an emergency it could potentially make you anxious. Even if you’ve been the one to sit in an emergency exit row, you know that one of the commitments you make before you can even be allowed to sit there is that you are willing to assist those around you in the event of an emergency. 

This is the exact reason I’ve never agreed to sit in an emergency exit row. Laugh all you want, but I am not going to lie. I will not be the one to turn into a hero should the plane go down. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if the plane started to crash. So therefore I refuse to say I’m going to help someone else when I’m in the midst of that kind of crisis and panic. Judge your mother.

One of the other things they tell you after you agree to be the one to help save lives is; before you try to save anyone else, put your mask on your face and save yourself first. Well the first time I actually heard that announced on a flight I almost wanted to get up, wave my hand and yell “Preach!” The reality is simple, it’s going to be impossible to save anyone else if you haven’t been saved first. 

I think this is very important for those of us who are empaths. Empaths are people who feel everything going on around them. These are the ones who absorb and take in the emotions of other people. If that’s you, you know that it’s easy to get so caught up in trying to save other people and keep them encouraged and happy all the time. In playing this monumental role you find that giving all that attention to other people can sometimes leave you without the oxygen to actually live your life after the crisis. How many of us are constantly trying to save family and friends in the name of being “a good person” only to find us unable to breathe. 

Drained. Resentful. Sick. Depleted. Bitter. All in the name of saving the ones we’re “flying with.” It is not your job to save people if you’re in crisis. Before you can help other people learn to breath, relax and ride out those bumpy moments of life; Save yourself! 

It’s not selfish, inconsiderate, or rude for you to care for yourself first. It’s called wisdom! And at the end of the day it makes no sense for you to be the positive voice for everyone else when the journey is strangling you. So yes,…Save yourself first. Take care of you. Put your mask on first. 

Instead of letting panic and anxiety from life and the people you’re riding with, I want you to breathe and enjoy the ride. Find new ways to reach UP and grab what you need so you can be there to help save others one day. But for now; SAVE YOURSELF. 

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Do you have First Class or Coach Class people in your life?

I’ve never been on a private jet,…at least not yet. But I have had the pleasure of flying first class. The perks make it painful to fly coach after you go first class.

I felt this sense of prestige and pride that made me feel like a super star. With my first class access; my seats were bigger and better. The service was better. More legroom. Snacks, drinks and blankets. But did I mention that you have to pay more to sit in first class?

The harsh reality is if you can’t afford first class, you’re forced to simply watch other people experience what you can’t afford. Ironically, no one makes the airline feel guilty for having this standard when it comes to where people sit on their plane. They simply have a rule and if you can’t pay the price to sit up close, then go sit in your seat in the section you paid for.

I say all this to say, if you really want to have first class people sitting up close in your life this year; make sure they’re willing to pay the price. And don’t let people make you feel guilty for it.

It’s nothing wrong with making people understand that access to you is not cheap. Not that you’re actually asking people to pay to be in your life, but relationships are investments. And if you are at a place in your life where you’re tired of coach class relationships; you simply want people who are willing to do more to be with you.

When you’re ready for first class people in your life you want people who don’t have a problem making the moves and changes necessary to be close to you. To spend the time with you. To make the sacrifices you deserve. You want people who don’t mind giving you space and legroom to stretch. First class friends and family aren’t shocked when you tell them that you need them to be willing to eat with you. And to even sometimes feed you.

I want people in my life who don’t mind feeding my soul. Who will make sure they cover me just like the warm blankets they give out in first class. And in turn, if you’re like me, you will also want to give the people in your life the same type of first class experience and love and friendship and support too. Because once you fly first class it’s difficult to return to coach class connections.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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