Faking just to make it? ✈️

It’s really okay to speak your mind. I know, you feel like you might not go far on this flight called life if you say the wrong things. You think you may limit your elevation in life if you offend someone important on your way to your desired destination. This is a real issue for many of you because deep down within you want everyone to like you and you don’t want to tick anyone off. Impossible! You don’t want to make anyone that could open a door for you uncomfortable or upset, so you look for validation and approval and you downplay who you are so you won’t ruffle any feathers. Instead of saying how you really feel, you do whatever it takes to go somewhere; even pretend to be someone else in order to get there? Well, isn’t that what you’re doing if you’re constantly toning down who you are to make other people happy? Aren’t you essentially giving up your right to be authentic just so you can go wherever you consider to be a great place?

While being authentically who you are could definitely create some external difficulties for you, even make some enemies and put you into the category of being a difficult or rebellious person; think about what it’s doing to you. It’s eating you up. Honestly, think about how much internal dissonance is going on in your heart and mind every time you fake it just to make it. Hear me out, many of you want to go somewhere great right? Sure that’s already been established by how many times you didn’t speak the truth. Because you want to be successful, rich, and you want everyone to know your name, you suck it up and hold in your feelings. Which by the way is not good for your health; mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Yet somewhere along the way you started believing that because you have these great 5, 10, 20 year plans and you are determined to go far in life, you have resolved that you are obligated to say what people want to hear, even if you strongly disagree. Your ambition has you saying yes when your heart says no. You actually think you’re expected to always say the “right” thing in order to get to your desired destination!

Here is my question of the day for you; What happens when you get “there” and you make a mistake and reveal that you got to your destination being phony? What happens when you get “there” and realize that you’re not happy being what they want you to be, saying what they want you to say, doing what they expect you to do? What happens when you come to the shocking reality that you only arrived to that place of accomplishment and success because you did what they told you to do and because you lied to get there. And what’s even more sobering is the fact that you’ll have to keep lying to stay there? Don’t you know at some point you’re going to get tired of putting on this act and the real mask is going to fall off? You’ll be caught. Everyone will know you’re not so nice even though you pretended to be. It will be obvious to everyone that you’re not really professional, not sincere, not a good person. They will all know you’re a fraud.

Ironically this is what keeps people taking off in life and suddenly crashing and taking off again, and crashing again; over and over and over throughout their entire life. People go from job to job. Pretending to be nice to get there; only to become exhausted and one day say I’m sorry, I got to be me now. People do this in all types of relationships. My advice is this:

Don’t say what you think they want to hear. Say what’s true to you. Don’t act in a way that paints a false picture of who you are. Not unless you’re a great actor and you don’t mind living the rest of your life putting on a show. It’s not going to benefit you or anyone else if you go through life being anyone but who you sincerely are. That fake stuff will eat you alive. It will have you feeling bad. It will effect your mind and you will eventually blow up one day and say what you really feel. No filter at all. Instead, just be real. Be genuine and sincere. This takes boldness and courage. You can’t be a wimp if you want to go somewhere great. You can’t be afraid to upset people. Sure, you don’t want to ruin your reputation everywhere you go. But believe me, there’s an audience and a people who will connect with your message and what resonates true in your heart. Don’t water down who you are for people who will never accept you anyway. Some of you are currently experiencing major rejection because you want to be accepted by a group of people who you aren’t really assigned to. If you have to lie to impress them, they aren’t your people. Look within. Get quiet and become more self aware. Who are you for real? Some of you have been trying to make everyone happy for so long you forgot to think for yourself. You’re this old and everyone thinks for you. Everyone decides what you ought to say and how you should say it. Isn’t it time you invite the real you into the room and this time make no apologies for who doesn’t like you. You have permission to be you! It really is time for you to take off. And this time when you go somewhere great, you won’t have to be fake when you get there and you won’t be worn out from pretending to be something you aren’t along the way.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Elevation is for those who can follow instructions ✈️

Before you can board a flight and go anywhere, you’ve got to follow some instructions. Maybe you don’t like the instructions; but if you want to take flight on the aircraft of your choice you’ve got to let go of your idea of how it’s supposed to be done and submit to the way they do things. Sounds like a simple concept, right? It really is. Yet some people are literally unable to ever go anywhere great in life because of their refusal to follow simple instructions.

Following instructions is crucial on this flight called life and helps to make tasks easier, to ensure things are done effectively, to eliminate confusion and to save time. When instructions are properly followed, things work out better. Take an honest moment of reflection over your life and ask; Do I follow instructions? Or do I have this insatiable desire to do things my own way? Has your life turned out the way it is because you insist on doing everything your way? Have you lost opportunities because you’re so stubborn and dead set on doing things the way you prefer? Have you sabotaged quality relationships because you refused to follow the guidelines set for a successful outcome? Are you still trying to prove your independence and individual freedom on a flight that requires cooperation with others? It doesn’t take long before a person in their right mind looks around and realizes they’re the one responsible for their own delay in life. If you’re carrying yourself like a complete idiot, at some point shouldn’t you be tired and make the intelligent decision to snap out of it and start following instructions? Nothing works out right until we all come to the place where we are willing to relinquish our need to always be right and accept the fact that following someone else’s direction is not going to kill us. I seriously think some people are so bull headed that they will literally limit the enjoyment of their own journey because they refuse to ever listen to the wisdom of anyone else. You don’t know everything! Your way is not always the best way! There I said it. You can be mad at me if you want, but I’m probably the only one courageous enough to tell you this. No one is giving you the opportunities to do things you think you should be doing, because you don’t listen. It’s not because you aren’t talented and gifted and creative. It’s because you’re not in the flow. You want to do what you want and you don’t represent something outside of yourself well having this renegade spirit. If you’re part of a team, you’ve got to learn to follow the directions. But this is why people end up sitting on the sidelines and losing their spot; because every chance some of you get to do something, you go off script and start making up your own lines. No one asked you to improvise.

Funny thing is, some of the most non compliant people love to smile and act as if they’re part of the team until it’s time to follow instructions. See, you can pretend to be in agreement and actually never comply with the protocol and guidelines set before you. You can live the rest of your life “bucking” the system, never cooperating with other people and sadly you will have to watch other people take off while you stay stuck at the gate. When traveling on an airplane, you can’t even get past security if you can’t comply with their rules. Some people are the same way in real life, stuck arguing with TSA because they insist on taking things along with them that are not allowed!

Check your life today and ask yourself what am I determined to take with me on this flight called life that’s keeping me from being someone who follows the instructions? Am I trying to go somewhere great but determined to take a bad attitude with me? Am I working hard to be successful but my habits are bad and in complete conflict with my desired destination? Do I actually expect to become something bigger and better than what I am today living a lifestyle that’s not helping me become that? If I want to lose weight, why won’t I stop eating donuts and cake? If I want a husband or a wife, why am I determined to be so weird and distant in my interactions with others. Why do I think I can walk around sloppy and not take care of myself all the while saying I’m ready for a special man or a woman in my life? If I want to be a leader in my organization, why won’t I just follow the directions that are set before me? Why must you make things so difficult? Follow the instructions! It’s not that hard to reach a certain destination. Many of you just have to get out of your own way and agree. Stop saying you agree and still doing the opposite. Do what’s asked of you to do and you’ll move ahead. Listen, if you’re constantly fighting and going against the flow, you’re not going anywhere great. Get in the flow. Follow the plan set. There’s a template. There’s a playbook. You don’t need to make your own up. For once in your life, cooperate with what you say you’re a part of. It’s literally going to change everything and you will begin to experience the kind of elevation you’ve been praying for. It’s a simple thing to do. You just have to stop doing your own thing. That rebellious spirit is not helping you go anywhere great!

I challenge you to take some time today to examine your heart. Make the changes needed for your own ascent. It’s directly connected to your ability to follow instructions. When you sincerely do this, I promise you are going to go far!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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What’s Weighing You Down?

If you want to fly you have to give up the things that weigh you down. Simple right? Sounds so easy doesn’t it? Believe it or not, I coach and train people on a weekly basis who say they want to fly, but some of them are still in major denial. Some of them are saying they want one thing, while doing the complete opposite. It’s crazy. They actually believe they are going somewhere great, yet they are standing still. Their lives are stagnant and you know stagnant things stink. Some of these people who say they want to take off are slowly becoming bitter and frustrated; all the while they are the very ones who are holding themselves back from greatness. Would you even be able to admit that you’re the culprit if this is you? Would you ever actually admit that you’re the one who’s holding onto the very things that are keeping you from taking off in life?

Could it be that some of you are so devoted to things and people that you’re willing to sacrifice your own elevation to stay on the ground level with “them?” They say misery loves company and maybe it’s true. Could the company you’re keeping be the reason you’re not going anywhere? Are you actually going to continue to allow “them” to be the reason you never make it any higher in life!!? Say it ain’t so!!! It’s heartbreaking to watch people who have such great possibility within throw it all away because they are so committed to remaining loyal to people who aren’t going anywhere in life. Why would you give up your future for people who don’t have any goals or plans for success? You actually want to stay “down” with weirdos, sexual deviants, drug addicts and alcoholics? Oh, I guess that’s how you think you show your loyalty to family. FOE they say. Family over everything? Even over your own ascent? Family over you ever finding real love? Family over you ever becoming a functioning adult who’s not dependent upon their input regarding your life? Family over you ever having a savings account and money to fund your future? Family over you ever having a home that’s not full of squatters who never contribute to your refrigerator or mortgage? Nah fam! That’s crazy. You want to stay on the bottom level tending to people who are committed to staying crazy? To people who are stuck on stupid? You love the drama that much do you? That’s what you’re more committed to than your own destiny? Dead issues? You like that more than seeing your dreams manifest?! You would rather hang out with people who don’t want to grow up!!?

What happened to you? The you who used to have goals. What happened to the you who used to be hopeful and enthusiastic? You let those toxic people change you into this? See, if you’ve become okay with hanging out with a bunch of toxic people to the point now where you’ve accepted this as the norm; you’re not you anymore. The real you would have never put up with this mess before. Now you’re ok babysitting and supervising people who have no goals and ambitions in life? Now you waste hours of your time because you have to talk to these bottom feeders about stuff they should already know by now. They shouldn’t have to be told these things you’re wasting your breath telling them over and over again. How are you going to take off if you constantly have to monitor the mentally unstable? At the rate you’re going with them, do you think you’ll ever have the spiritual, mental and emotional stamina and strength to get started on your own life dreams.

On an airplane, you can’t carry anything on your lap unless it’s an infant. The same is true in life. If you’re trying to take off and yet you’re still determined to carry grown people on your lap; you’re going to continue to delay the flight. The plane won’t take off it you’re not willing to comply with the protocols for ascent. There is a protocol for those who are going somewhere. You can’t be delusional. You can’t make up special rules for the stupid and stubborn people in your life. Even if they have your last name, that doesn’t mean they’re your lifetime assignment. Unlearn that or stay weighed down. You can’t sit there and take up space and remain non compliant. You can’t take off determined to carry your adult children and nieces and nephews on your lap. You’ve got to get your mind right! Today is the day for you to make up your mind. Do you want to go somewhere great or do you want to sit around and coddle people who need to get their lives together!!? It takes a certain level of internal malevolence to know you’re the one holding up your own flight and do nothing to correct the problem.

If you have the support, counsel, wisdom and encouragement of people who you know genuinely want to see you do well, but you continue to resist making the necessary changes; you my friend are the problem! We can talk to you, preach to you, coach you and gather you all day long and nothing will ever change until you take the psychological locks off your mindset and do what you need to do. Stop funding foolishness. Stop babying grown ups. Get well! Because only a person with a deep seated illness will delay their own life to help other people remain immature. Stop helping people underachieve. Look at the wisdom of an eagle. She stirs her nest and then releases her eaglets and they rise to the occasion. No one in your life will ever rise to the occasion if you won’t courageously release them. Let them go. There’s a toxic mentality working in you when you insist on holding onto people and things that don’t belong to you. Your family doesn’t even belong to you. They are individuals who have their own lives and destiny’s. Let them fly!

The saddest part about this kind of obsessive behavior is the insatiable need for control of another person is probably the most wicked mentality a person can have. And then to call it love is even more demented. If you love someone; don’t weigh them down. Release them to think on their own, dream on their own, plan on their own, even fail on their own. The beauty of this is when you let them go, whenever they come back to you it will be because they wanted to. Let people come and go freely in your life. Not out of guilt or compulsion. Some of you are not in a relationship; you’re in a prison. If the people you say you love can’t make a move without your approval something is wrong. Weighing people down is never a good thing. It’s time you check your life to see what mindsets and attitudes are keeping you from going to your next level. After you examine your own life; there’s only one thing left to do. Fly! Soar! Go somewhere great! We are waiting to see you get to your destination sooner than later! Come and go freely! Who wants people around them because they have to be anyway? Not me. If they don’t want to be in my life, what’s the point of making them hang around? Let them go and watch them fly! Even if they don’t, I owe it to myself to be free to fly as high as I can, without anything weighing me down.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Flying High! I’m so high!

I’m so high. Yep! I am. The opposite of high is low and I am definitely not low. I’ll admit I’ve been low before, but never again. (Insert praise break) You will never catch me living low, thinking low, dreaming low. I refuse to engage in low level conversations or relationships. I can’t do it. Not since I experienced how it feels to stay high. Now that I’ve learned how to stay high on life I’m never coming down! Surely this high I’m on is not anything chemical. This high is not induced by alcohol, shopping, eating, sex or traveling. This high comes from within. It’s internal not based on anything external. It’s connected to me knowing who I am for real and realizing my life has great purpose. This high comes from a peace in knowing that I don’t have to accept anything from anyone that distracts me from my destiny. This is why I don’t tolerate foolishness from people. There’s no one who’s qualified to mistreat me or abuse me on this flight called life. NO ONE!

I’m not the sacrificial lamb for anyone. No one is entitled to cause me agony and pain, no matter what they’ve done for me. No one breathing on this earth has the right to cause me anxiety, stress, financial ruin, drama, heartbreak,… NO ONE GETS TO MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE. That would just completely mess up my high. Nothing is allowed to interrupt this high on life I’m on.

See, this high I’m on can’t be disturbed by negativity and confusion. No one has the authority to make me feel guilty or ashamed for anything I’ve forgiven myself of in my past. This high is amazing. It makes me smile when nothing seems to be funny. It literally keeps me going. It keeps me encouraged, motivated and inspired. It keeps me from thinking low about myself ever. This high has given me the boldness to become my biggest cheerleader. I sincerely believe in me and all the gifting and uniqueness I bring to the earth. I no longer wait for anyone to give me permission to be authentically who I am. I don’t need anyone’s approval to speak my truth in love. I’m always high. It’s hard to believe I ever lived any other way. This high doesn’t allow me to ever stop pushing and believing in what may seem impossible to other people. This high gives me the freedom to support others without intimidation or jealousy! I celebrate others without ever feeling the need to compete with them. This high is constantly teaching me about myself. It’s teaching me that I’m born to mentor and train others. It’s revealing to me how different I am from the people who are determined to stay low in their mentality. I’m learning that the higher I elevate my mindset, the less I relate to some people and that’s ok. This high is teaching me that while I’m not better than anyone; I am a designers original and I just don’t have time to waste on dumb stuff anymore. I no longer care who wants to be my friend. I no longer look for validation from people who have proven they are not for me. This high is teaching me to be ok with people who don’t like me and I can still be cordial to them all thanks to this high. I literally no longer have time to focus my time on anything that’s not elevating me. I don’t care about superficial things. I don’t have the energy to put into fake connections with people interested in projecting false images. I’m too high. I’m too high to come down and engage in small talk with the disingenuous. This high has given me greater discernment and I’m fine walking away from people who disturb my spirit. I’m not interested in relationships with people who care about trivial stuff. I’m more concerned about maintaining this high. People who love to complain and talk about their issues take me down from my high. I can’t do them anymore. I would advise my coachable friends to avoid shallow people like the plague or you will risk allowing them to kill your natural high.

The sad reality is, some people would rather look like they’re living good than actually live good. These are the ones who are clearly addicted to staying low. But me, I’m too high to let those people bring me down. The ones who are going in debt trying hard to impress people; I can’t entertain them anymore. I’m too high on peace. I get high on being in the presence of genuine people. Shady people and those who pretend to be nice but are really mean and rude; they ruin my high.

If you’re going somewhere great; make sure you stay high. Start becoming more aware of what makes you ascend mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you’ve got to be at a bar, popping pills, smoking weed, twerking and being ratchet; you may actually be addicted to getting high. There are even people who are addicted to experiences and the only way they feel good is when they’re engaged in doing things that give them an adrenaline rush or going somewhere that makes them feel high. These same people unfortunately are super sad and depressed when they aren’t doing whatever makes them high. There’s a time and place for everything; but a person who’s truly high on life isn’t addicted to anything and doesn’t have to look outside of themselves to find joy and peace. We can get high off of peace and quiet, reading a book, saving our money, staying home, spending time sitting on the deck,… You get my drift? It’s not about stuff and being busy. It’s about finding joy within.

My heart is that you would get high on being who you were created to be. That you would find enjoyment in whatever your gift or purpose is on this earth. That you would know what your purpose is. That you would find genuine relationships that help you become more and more comfortable in your own skin and you would never have to depend on anyone or anything for contentment another day. That whatever and whoever comes into your life is just an added bonus to your high. But with or without anyone else; you are still flying high! I hope you go where you dream of going. But just in case you don’t get the dream relationship, the dream job, the dream family,… I pray you find a high within that keeps you soaring on this flight called life anyway.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Business or Trippin?

You can literally tell when a person is going on a business trip. They just have this “businessy” look about them. Yes, I made up a word. Just roll with it. 😂 The business type of traveler is someone who seems to have a certain swag and focus that’s completely different from a vacationer. In my own observation of people traveling on this flight called life, it’s pretty obvious who’s about business and who’s trippin!

One of the hardest pills to swallow for me is that a lot of adults are not very mature. Yep! I said it. It’s alarming, but not many seem to be here to do anything more than play games. You have an overwhelming amount of men running around acting like boys and the same with women acting like little girls. It’s shocking. It’s not out of the ordinary to see a lot of people who should be serious about their future walking around acting like this is all a joke. You got people out here not using their words. Adults these days don’t communicate their feelings like grown ups. Instead, many resort to backstabbing, gossip and passive aggressive tactics to get their point across. When did this happen? When did it become the norm? To tell everyone how you feel about something except the person who you need to talk to? When did adults start failing so miserably in the area of adulting?

People don’t simply say no when they don’t want to participate in something anymore. Instead they resort to sabotage and covert aggressive behavior in order to say they are not willing to comply. Silence has now become the most common “adult” method used when someone is not happy about something. Makes you wonder what happen to the kind of adults who said how they felt and moved on to more important things? If you asked me, our society is in big trouble if the “grown ups” aren’t able to actually be grown up when it comes to simple everyday life issues. Truth is, disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean they have to become your enemy. Not wanting to participate in something doesn’t mean you need to resort to childish behavior. At the end of the day, if any of us here on this flight called life are going to go great places; we’ve got to learn to how to handle our business and stop trippin!

The same way you can tell when a person is all about business, it’s also extremely obvious when a person is all about monkey business! My advice to you today is check yourself! Are you an adult always caught up in he say she say? Are you still acting like a child but constantly bragging about how grown you are? My advice; Act your age, not your shoe size. There’s a lot of stuff you should be doing that will make you wiser and wealthier if you resolved to stop trippin. Aren’t you too old to always be engaging in constant petty conflict and drama? Aren’t you too old to keep playing dumb when you know good and well the way you operate is toxic? Don’t you think it’s time you admit that along with all your fake friends that there’s something off about you if you’re still drawn to that crap! It’s time to be about your business. Honestly, is the stuff you spend your time talking about and doing putting money in your bank account? If not, stop trippin. We are all older now than we have ever been. It’s time we get our business together and focus on whatever we need to get us closer to our dream destination.

Let’s go! It’s time to get your business straight and stop trippin!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Enjoying Your Flight? Yes or No?

I pay attention to the things that people say to me and when I’m about to take off on an airplane, I’m always happy when I hear the flight crew say;

“If there is anything we can do to make your flight more enjoyable, please let us know.”

While drinking my coffee this morning, I began to think how we all should be making this flight more enjoyable for the people we’re traveling through life with and they should be doing the same for us in return. This idea of reciprocity in relationships definitely makes the journey called life more enjoyable. To be surrounded by people who make it their business to think of ways to make your life easier is an amazing quality for people to have that stick around you. It’s a sad reality that most people are surrounded by the total opposite. They are literally smack dab in between people who intentionally do things to make their lives miserable. Some have even been convinced that they get some moral recognition for putting up with obnoxious, ungrateful family and friends. What a lie! There’s no Medal of Honor for allowing people to treat you like trash. Hello! As a matter of fact, people who stay in abusive romantic, family and work relationships suffer miserably. They often have high levels of anxiety, depression, mental and emotional issues and physical illness as a result of the people in their lives who work to make things so un-enjoyable.

My advice to you today is look around and take an assessment of the people around you. Who’s making your life better? How can you reciprocate your kindness to them? Also, look at who’s sticking around making it worse? Who in your life can you honestly say you’re helping them go to their next level? Who are the ones who you know you’re bringing down? Be honest. Then do something radical to move beyond assessment. Some people stay too long in the assessment phase. They love to admit they need to change and never do anything to change. It’s time to move beyond confession and complaint. Actually do something to help yourself and the people in your life grow. Help them get there! Don’t be the reason someone continues to underachieve. Don’t be the reason someone is insecure or afraid to try. If you don’t have anything nice to say, sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all. Don’t be the source of constant aggravation and frustration for anyone. This flight called life is difficult enough. No one needs to be surrounded by people who aren’t going anywhere and who aren’t doing a blessed thing to try to help people go anywhere!

See, the possibilities in life for success and happiness are endless. There’s a zillion ways you can improve the quality of the lives around you. Smile. Be nice. Walk into a room and actually have a good attitude and outlook. Support someone today. Promote them. Teach them. Inspire them. Give them a hand. Speak words of life, hope and encouragement instead of always being negative and critical. Invest in them. Pray for them. Bless them! Feed them. Hug them. Truth is, there are a lot of people around you on this flight. When are you going to ever actually help them take off? Today’s a good day to get involved in making this flight called life better for someone who’s about to give up. Be the reason someone smiles . This world is full of people who just need a helping hand.

Are you Enjoying Your Flight? Yes or No? Leave your answer in the comments. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you feel inspired, SHARE IT. Sharing words of wisdom and encouragement is part of making life more enjoyable. 🤗

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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The Accountable Traveler

If you’re going places, be sure to let your bank know! If you don’t alert them of your travel plans, you could end up getting your card blocked for your own protection. Now this may seem a bit excessive to think that as a grown adult you have to notify other people when you’re going somewhere; but there is a great deal of wisdom in being an accountable traveler.

Accountability is being responsible for what you do and able to give a satisfactory reason for it. Of course you don’t argue with the bank when it comes to making yourself accountable do you!? You don’t cry and moan saying the bank is trying to control you. Nope. You go right along and you make yourself answerable to them. And the only reason you make yourself accountable to them is because you need them to give you access to your money. But think about the other people in your life you should be accountable to when you’re going somewhere and yet you’re not!! Could it be the only people you make yourself answerable to are those you need? People crack me up, especially some of these so called “leaders.” The ones who are selective when it comes to their accountability to others. It speaks volumes about their integrity if you asked me. Accountability pretty much boils down to your sincerity and substance. It’s a character issue. It says a lot about your real heart. If you would inform your bank of your whereabouts but not the people you’re in relationship with then what does that say about you? To me it says you have convinced yourself that your accountability is only required to the extent that it benefits you.

My advice to you who are going places; Never make anyone a leader or an important player in your life who has selective accountability to you. These kind of people can’t be trusted. Character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you. But we live in culture where so many fake people only want to be around you if you can do something for them. Never waste your time with phony people who only like you because they want something from you. These people will never be genuinely accountable to anyone. The person who can’t be forthright and upfront in relationships with people unless they’re rich or powerful; steer clear of these superficial people. These individuals have serious character defects and they always have something to hide. See, anyone with pure intentions and motives will have no problem sharing their location. When I say location I’m talking about more than your physical address, but I’m even talking your location spiritually, mentally and emotionally. My experience and observations in life have shown me that the ones who are sneaky and secretive about “where they are” are already telling you where they are. You just need to pay attention. If a person can’t be accountable about where they’re going and who they’re going with, make sure you don’t give them close access to your heart. Because I make it a point to be accountable and upfront with the people I’m going places with, I expect the same in return. People who play games and pick and choose when they want to be transparent and sincere don’t get the same access to me as those who have proven to be consistently accountable. If you switch up and withdraw and act strange when it fits you, you are passively communicating that you want to go in a different direction and that’s ok. Sadly, there are some grown ups who lack the ability to grow up and have courageous conversations so they have to resort to articulating their heart in vague ways. They express their mentality sending hazy clues like becoming cryptic, silent, cold and distant. Silly! Don’t ignore their cowardly communication. Truth is, many of us already know these shallow relationships aren’t going anywhere; we just don’t want to have the uncomfortable talk.

The bottom line is, there’s nothing you can do with people who want to travel and leave you in the dark. There is something we can learn from the bank though. The bank gives us wisdom that if you can’t let us know where you’re going; you get blocked. 💥 BOOM! No really though. It’s time out for this disrespect from people who know better. Make them accountable and stop allowing them to treat you so dishonorably. If they can call the bank and communicate their whereabouts, they can tell you where they are on this flight called life. A simple I’m in or a simple I’m out is the least you deserve. Take a deep breath and stop stressing over people who can’t even be real with you and let you know where they stand.

At the end of the day, people can go wherever they want and do whatever they want. At the same time, you need to be reminded that you will be perfectly okay taking flight without some of these flaky people who lack integrity and accountability.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Rise above the pettiness ✈️

I’m not going there! That’s what we often to say to people when we see them coming with their antics. It’s a great way to avoid foolishness and maybe keeps you away from behaviors and personalities that clash with your ascent. But you can only do that for so long. Truth is, there are literally some people who love to keep mess going and some of us have determined that in order for us to grow and take off in life we need to be absolutely clear on who these characters are in our life. These people are the ones we call toxic!

Toxic- used to describe a person who is tainted by a subconscious malevolence or psychosis that affects the lives of those who come into contact with them.

Toxic people come in all shapes, sizes, ages, races and religions. If you’re going greatplaces in life you need to understand this. See, no amount of life experience, education and resources can change the fact that some people are just full of poison. They can’t seem to get themselves together for nothing. Always being messy. They love gossip and drama. It’s like they can’t breathe without chaos and confusion. Sometimes it’s you. Sometimes you are the toxic person. We all have been that to someone at one time or another if we are honest. True growth is when you start being honest with yourself and then and only then can you begin the process of getting better. If you always look at everyone else and point the finger and blame them for their toxicity and never accept responsibility for the poisonous habits you possess and your patterns of dysfunction; you’ll actually stay missing out on some good relationships. Sure, some people are not good for you. But let’s be honest, where you are mentally and emotionally today, you’re not so good for them either. We often have a tendency to be attracted to people who mirror our mentality. What kind of people are drawn to you? Seriously! Think about the qualities of the people who you spend the most time with. If all of them are “the problem” what does that say about YOU!? This kind of self reflection is only for those who want to go to the next level. Is that you? Do you really want to take off? Do you really want to step up and be a better leader? Do you actually want to be in a healthy relationship? Do you want to elevate in your field or your business? If the answer is yes, then go there. Go to a place of truth in your dealings with yourself and with the people in your life and stop calling everyone and everything toxic. Your not wanting to go “there” is not helping you ascend. The higher you go, the more you’re going to have to deal with the interesting personalities that go along with your elevation. The higher you go, the more thick skinned you have to be. See, the same low level stuff that used to get under your skin at this level shouldn’t phase you where you’re about to go. If you’re going to be great you can’t keep letting stupid stuff bother you. You are bigger than the pettiness you have been allowing to take you out of your place of peace. Stay in your zone.

You can’t change toxic people, neither is that your job! You are the captain of your own destiny. Stop wasting your time on dumb stuff. Keep soaring to your destination and relax your mind. I’m so excited for you. You’re rising above the pettiness and baby you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant

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