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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Help Everyone 💜

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    I was telling your dad. Sherry looks so pretty. In your message you began to say. I am drinking my coffee ☕ thought I would give a Gem today. Soooooo Proud. Everything looks great in your podcast and You look Fabulous. Have a wonderful day ❤Pastor Sherry. Sooooo P

    On Fri, Sep 25, 2020, 12:16 PM wrote:

    > posted: ” You Can’t Help Everyone #TGIF > #boundaries #therapy #glowup ” >

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  2. Muriel Johnson says:

    Also shared it on Twitter. Yeahhhhh

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  3. Sadly yes! But it’s very interesting the number of times folks keep trying and pretend they’ve learned their lesson.

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