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This is the real trip. This is your life. There’s no rehearsal for living. It’s happening right now. You’re living out the rest of your days, so you have to be intentional and sure that you’re not out here wasting the best years of your life. Don’t waste this journey around anyone or anything that robs you of the time God’s given you. Joy thieves, remove them from your space. It’s not a good way to honor your life. Surround yourself with people who edify you and lift you up. Get close to people who challenge you to come out of your comfort zone. It’s not productive to always be comfortable. Not if you want to go somewhere in life. Some of you have been calling it self care, but you’re really self sabotaging your life purpose and your take off. It’s one thing to have a day off and rest but too much sleep is a sign of laziness. Some of your habits are not helping you ascend.

Be honest, you know when you’re wasting time. Some of the things you’re doing habitually aren’t supporting your mental and emotional healing. I have to tell you the truth. I care. You are wasting too much of your time. Just because you enjoy it, that’s not enough. Is it making you better? Are you making any money off of it? Is it helpful to anyone else or is this about your delusions of grandeur? When it comes the people you claim you’re assigned to, are you sure? If you’re still claiming to be helping people who aren’t becoming independent and more responsible you’re enabling them and that’s a huge waste of time and resources. Can I ask you an honest question? Why are you still trying to fix people who enjoy being broken?

Some of these folk like licking their wounds and reliving the pain of yesterday over and over again. They are not on a flight to freedom. They actually enjoy being stuck on their toxic layover of pain and regret. Some of these people around you are wasting the best years of their lives attention seeking. Some of them are way too old to be doing the stuff they do to try and be relevant. It’s lame. But my advice to my real life coachable friends about attention seeking time wasters is simple – Don’t worry about them. You tried and they’re not going to change. After all, haven’t you tried to help them? Too much time wasted! In the meantime, you’re delaying your own progress and advancement on people who enjoy playing with their demons. Don’t sacrifice another minute of this ride for people who live like they have nothing to lose. It’s not your job to be the sacrificial lamb for them.

Stop standing in the wings on someone else’s stage trying to direct them into a life of meaning. Are you qualified to coach them with all their issues anyway? Do they even want to change? How much more will it to take for you to see them for the emotional vampire they are? It’s like wake up buddy, you’re here! You’re on this flight called life and you’re so absorbed in someone else’s drama you forgot to take notice that your life is passing you by. Some of you are getting close to the final chapter of your story. Ok, well maybe you’re here for a lot longer than some of us. Maybe you’ve got more time, but what’s the point of more time if you’re just going to waste it? What are you doing with the time you’ve been blessed with? What are you up to that’s out of the ordinary? What are you contributing in the earth that’s meant to leave a positive mark? Are you going to make this chapter of your life another unremarkable boring one or will you make the courageous decision to dare to do something amazing?

Throw a plot twist in there and WOW the people who are following your life story. Do something powerful with your time. It’s not good enough to sit on the sofa everyday and watch other people live. Your life is meant to be LIVED Intentionally. Live beyond the trauma and dysfunction of your past. Your life is meant to be lived beyond shame, humiliation and regret. Make your story better by thinking better. Get around some people that inspire you and motivate you to try again. To dream again. You’re not too old, too single, too tired, too black, too female, or too young to do something amazing! Time is not anyone’s friend. It’s ticking and it’s not waiting for any of us to keep on with our excuses. Make the decision to laugh more, to dream more, to give more. Make the decision to be more present and listen to the people in your life. Make eye contact. Take in the moments. Make the wild decision to do something that seems out of your comfort zone. As far as we know, this is it. There’s no rehearsal for life. We are here living it. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you made the decision to waste your life waiting on everything to be perfect in order to LIVE? Get up and live. Stop being your worse enemy and be happy. Put your differences aside with people who want to have mutually healthy and supportive relationships with you. Do everything in your power to real-ly enjoy your days. This is not a rehearsal. This is your life.

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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