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How can I say thanks? I’m truly overwhelmed with love and gratitude. That’s what I end my day thinking about when it comes to people who took the time to celebrate me, to honor me and to thank God for extending my life another year. I don’t take that for granted.

I am so grateful for the love that was showed to me today and more important everyday. See, when you see people love you and celebrate your life, you can’t help but notice people who don’t. It’s cool. But it made me realize that even on a happy day, not everyone is happy for your existence. Wow! So with that knowledge, it’s even more important to focus on those who are. That’s you! You’re one the real ones who in spite of my issues and shortcomings and I have quite a few- you still celebrate that I’m here.

This made me think about how obvious it that some people are really silly when they follow your life but still aren’t happy you’re alive. Sad. But the truth is there are people watching your story who aren’t exactly rejoicing that you overcame the stuff you overcame. What can you do about that? Nothing other than conclude that some people are petty and fickle. Don’t let that discourage you or side track you from being amazing and focusing on the real ones.

The point is, focus on the right people will keep you from getting distracted. That’s why I had to say thanks guys. Thanks for your love. Thanks for you support. Thanks for your prayers and genuine love. I appreciate it and it really makes me cry the ugly cry when you’re so beautiful to me. I’m super grateful. Even if you don’t think I am, I promise you I am!

I read every single message and I felt the love. My loved ones who posted pics of me and you together; I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW THAT MELTS MY HEART. I care. I feel your love and I’ll forever be grateful for your love and sincere kindness to me. I love you! Please know that you are so important to me. Life is better because of the people who go out of their way to be kind. That’s you 💕

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