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You ever had a change of plans? Have you? Ever had to deal with unexpected circumstances that abruptly came in and disrupted what you had on your schedule? Well, that’s what happened to us today. Right at this moment we are ready to leave! We jumped up, showered and packed our bags and headed straight to the airport. Well, we did stop for shrimp po boys first. Who could blame us?! 😂 But as of now, we are leaving our relaxing getaway because something is happening here we don’t want to participate in!!

For us, we are changing our plans and getting out of dodge now, not later; because an impending storm is on the way! Made me sit back and think how many people need to do the same on this flight called life. Meaning get out while you can! I wonder how many people need to leave a place or a relationship because they see all the warnings signs of danger ahead but are still sitting there rationalizing staying in a dangerous place.

While we’re getting out of here, others are doing the same. But it’s virtually impossible to ignore that in spite of all the news; a lot of people are still staying here. In spite of the Governor declaring an official state of emergency, there are people who don’t believe the storm is going to be that bad while some think they can handle it. It made me think how many people who we have all let into our lives and ignored the internal state of emergency warning that was loudly bleeping “LEAVE!” “GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!”

There are those of us who want to see the best in people. We know it’s somewhere deep down in there, but the reality for some of these people is that they are nothing more than “tornados” coming to essentially rip through your world. They are the ones who come in your life and they lack respect for your boundaries, no regard for your feelings, life and time. Quite frankly, I’ve experienced this reality more times than I wish I had. And believe it or not, even when you get fed up and come to your wits end with these characters, that’s when these narcissistic abusers will come back and try to resurface. Once they see you’ve gotten yourself back together and you’ve cleaned up all the mental and emotional damage and debris from dealing with them – that’s when they have the nerve to try you again. They’ll try to come back into your life and be all charismatic and charming. Never let the grinning and flattery fool you. They haven’t changed. They’ll act as if they never did anything in the first place to hurt you. They are famous for never apologizing or taking responsibility for their actions. This is the nature of a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!! Mark them. When they come back to see if they can wreck your life again; this is when you have to muster up all the emotional and spiritual strength you can! You’ll need some supportive people around you because these hurricane-ish people are coming to leave more disrepair and wreckage. It’s their nature and it’s up to you whether you choose to stay or leave!

As for me, the self centered opportunistic jerks aka tornados who’ve ripped through my life before will never get that opportunity again. Call it what you want. I call it WISDOM. And while I carry not one unforgiving bone in my body, I will quickly leave the presence of anyone who blatantly dishonors me and arrives in my life to destroy what has taken me years to build. See, it took me years to become the person I am today; so that’s why I refuse to let anyone come in and torment and traumatize the peace and calm I fought to experience on a regular basis. Consider this your emotional state of emergency warning too! Anyone in your life who’s currently threatening your peace of mind is not worth you sticking around to let them continue. LEAVE! Before the devastation intensifies. Don’t sit back and let them agonize and inflict anymore suffering and pain on you. Get out while you can! Sure we are going to miss out on a few more days of vacation we paid for. My husband paid a lot of additional money to get us out of this place; but it’s worth it. He’s saving us from a lot of unnecessary stress and trouble. Staying in threatening environments is NOT good for your mental health!!!

Whether it’s a toxic, controlling, manipulative family, friendship, workplace, club, church, neighborhood – get out while you can! Don’t be so devoted to your past that you miss out on the possibility of a better future!! I overheard a woman here say “I’ve lived here my whole life, but I can’t take this another time!” That was a message in and of itself! That spoke to me so clear! What in your life have you been putting up with for so long and you can’t deal with it anymore!? Don’t snap. Don’t have a meltdown or a breakdown. Just leave. As a matter of fact- Get out while you can! Don’t stay in a place that keeps you anxious and stressed out. I SURE AM LEAVING NOW!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “Time to Leave!!! This Trip is Over!

  1. deeyva says:

    Wow this was confirmation!

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  2. WONT HE DO IT!!!? So happy this was a blessing and confirmation for you Dee! ♥️♥️♥️✈️


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