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My husband told me a delightful story about a man he observed traveling with his very young son yesterday. He said he watched in amazement as this little two year old (without anyone telling him) walked over to the security check and spread his feet, raised his hands in the air and waited for the green light to move along. He said everyone was smiling, captivated and going on and on about how knowledgeable and well traveled this baby boy was. Everyone standing around was in sheer amazement seeing such a young child who was so prepared for take off. He was definitely used to going places!! Go figure!

My husband said the little boy’s father turned to everyone nonchalantly and said “He’s a frequent flyer.” Well I almost had a Baptist fit when he told me that part and I’m not even Baptist! 😂 The two year old baby is a frequent flyer! How many of us can say that? How many of us can matter of factly say that it’s nothing for us to be at the airport about to go somewhere great,…on the regular?! Or better yet, how many us are used to leaving our comfort zones and stretching ourselves beyond the status quo? Judging from this little boy’s life, it takes good leadership to prepare you for your ascent! So even if your parents didn’t prepare you when you were young, what are you doing to support your elevation in life? Are you still surrounded by a bunch of dead beats who have no goals and plans other than getting high and drunk every weekend? Are the people you find comfort being around conditioned to stay doing the same stupid stuff they’ve always done; no-ones going anywhere?

As I drank my morning coffee, the word of motivation I have for you today is drawn from this illustration of this father and his young son. You’re a leader! I told you everyone is. My dad always says everyone has influence over someone and that person who’s following you is taking note of how you operate. They’re following your cues. They’re watching how far you go. What limits you, what inspires you, what scares you, and how you do what you do. So knowing that, it’s up to you to be a good example. Your assignment is to get them prepared and knowledgeable and used to going places. This father couldn’t be training his baby son to travel if he didn’t already have his own life in a rhythm of movement and progress. You’ve got to get yourself together and in a position to show people how to live. That there’s a quality life available to them free from struggle and sad stories. This man’s son certainly isn’t old enough yet to book a flight. He doesn’t have money yet, but his daddy does. We must develop disciplines that model good leadership to the people coming along behind us. This kid doesn’t have it all yet, but what he can do he does. He’s clearly intelligent enough to grasp what it means to take off and go places at his level. Work the level you’re at until you can get to the next one. Promotion comes once we master the level we’re at. This kid has learned how to do what he can do at his level. He knows he’s not at his father’s level yet, but he’s doing his best to follow the template and do what he sees him doing. This is important for us all. Know what you can do and do it.

Even when I was raising my kids, I always had the rule that I would never do for them what they could do for themselves. Even if they had a hard time doing it, I would let them get frustrated until they figured it out. And some of you are doing the people you lead an injustice because you keep doing for them what they should be able to do for themselves. This father with his son at the airport could have picked up his child up and tried to help him through the security check; but he didn’t. He stepped backed and trusted that his son was intelligent enough to do what he saw him do. That’s a word! There are some of you who need to help people grow by letting them go through some things on their own. Let them see if they’ve learned anything from watching you. See, when we release people to take off on their own that’s when they began to learn what their true capacity is. The truth is, people are a lot more resilient and capable than you think they are. But if you continue to do everything for them, you make them dependent and reliant on you, never reaching their destination without your permission and support.

The second thing about this father and son that blessed me is hearing about the reaction of other people when seeing him operate. People were astonished by this kids comfort level and understanding when it came to the protocol of going places. He wasn’t afraid or unaware of what it took to take flight and go somewhere different. He was moving like someone who’s not afraid to step out and go somewhere he hasn’t gone before. He was ready to learn and take on a new experience. His father prepared him for that.

My question for you today is : What are you preparing the people you have influence over for? Stagnation, the old same old, route and routine? Or are you stretching them to have a mentality that takes them beyond the mundane. I literally had this realization when it comes to the organization I lead and the team I coach; that if we are going to go anywhere greater than where we are today, I need to prepare them like this dad is preparing his son. I started to think that if people don’t look at the people I lead and say WOW, how are they so knowledgeable and at ease going the places they’re going? Then I need to do more! I began to say to myself maybe I have become too lax. Maybe I was allowing the culture and the times and the way other people and other organizations are moving to dictate the pace of how quickly we have been pursuing purpose. It literally dawned on me how easy it is to allow the people around you to keep you basic. Worrying about overwhelming people and putting too much on them. That’s literally what I was doing. Letting people’s apprehension and lack of readiness for the future; that was blocking me from pushing and implementing the vision I’m responsible for. Could you be the same way? Waiting on other people to get ready. Afraid that you might be too much for some people. Believe it or not, that’s how you become basic. I had to check myself and remind myself that whoever is supposed to go with me to the next level and whoever is going to help me move my message to the next level will show up and whoever isn’t won’t. And it doesn’t make anyone my enemy or my hater if they’re preoccupied with something else. My point is, don’t become basic for anything or anyone. Don’t let your fears or worries about what may or may not work hinder you from being great either. Don’t wait for your family or friends to get on board before you go either. Some of your “people” are the reason you’re still basic.

My challenge to you is the same one I made for myself. Make the onlookers say WOW! When people see your enthusiasm, your passion, drive and dedication for elevation; make them stand in awe like my husband and everyone around this father and son were. Dare to dream bigger than ever because no matter what other people are doing around you; you’re really intended to go somewhere great! Greatness is not achieved being casual and ordinary. Greatness is not achieved trying to make sure everyone is okay with every move you make and it cannot be obtained working around everyone’s schedule. Greatness is achieved when you step into your stride and flow with the power and gifts inside of you. There are people watching you. Give them something to see that inspires them. Not everyone is able to do the things you’re able to do, so it’s never a good idea to let them dictate the pace you move. If everyone is moving slow, pass them. Don’t apologize for moving at your pace. Don’t water down your excitement or ascent because everyone else is relaxed and being lazy. Your life is your responsibility! Your ascent is your assignment. Stop trying to manage the unmanageable. It’s a waste of your time. Don’t let broke, apathetic, uninspired people keep your dreams from taking off. Don’t let anyone stop you from getting there! Prepare for your departure. Prepare the people that are actually following you, and I’m sorry to tell you everyone who says they’re following your lead is not. Wise up. Watch what people do, not what they say. Get your bags packed and keep moving until you see what you dreamed of become a reality! Get ready to become a frequent flyer.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Highlights whole blog!

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    1. Your commentary is literally my favorite part of blogging at this point. Never know what creative way you will summarize what you got out of it! ✈️✈️🤗


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