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A lot of people want to travel but are insanely afraid to leave their family and friends behind to go somewhere great. It’s pretty pathetic and sad too. When you think that some people literally aren’t taking off in life and going to their desired destination because they’re so tied to people who are stuck on the ground. I sure hope that’s not you.

I’m sure you’re thinking that’s crazy to stay where you are and not move because you need to make everyone around you happy. But I want you to think a little deeper about your own life. Think about how much further you could be if you weren’t always trying to appease the people in your life. Think how much more you could accomplish if you didn’t continue to plan your life around people who refuse to go to their next level. Some people sit around miserable because they feel responsible for a bunch of deadbeats they love! Say it ain’t so?!! But some of you have wasted years sitting around and trying to accommodate low level thinking. There’s even a tendency for some of you to begin to lessen and lower your life goals and expectations to keep the people around you from feeling bad about their existence. Some of you grown ups reading this are so enmeshed in your dealings with people that you can’t even broaden your horizons without the permission of these people you say you love so much! It’s insane! Especially if you think you love them more than you love yourself. If you’re trying to rationalize why you do this crap, you could actually be one of those people. Let me ask you a few questions; Is there a degree, upgrade or certification you keep putting off because you don’t want to offend people? A job you won’t apply for so you don’t intimidate someone in your life? Do you really want to grow and evolve in some area of your life but you’re too afraid to step out because “they” might think you’re showing off or feeling yourself? Afraid to move because you’re stuck taking care of folk who are doing nothing to help themselves?

In order for your life to become what you dreamed it would be you need to feel safe and supported pursuing your dreams without the fear of disapproval from “them.” It’s time you stop being so tied to their expectations of your life and take off. When will you stop trying to please your mom, dad, sisters and brothers and start doing what makes you happy? Even if you’re married, your spouse needs to support your elevation and you need to have the courage to say what you want and where YOU want to go! There’s no use in living in fear and regret of the reactions of you being bold and stepping up! Take the leap of faith and go as far as you can see for your life! Stop asking for their permission. And be mindful that you are not going to go as far as you can if you’re connected to a bunch of negative and selfish people who want you to stay on the same level all your life because it benefits them. Truth is, some people want you to succeed, they just don’t want you to leave them. The harsh reality is no one has the right to love you and control you at the same time. Its not genuine love when it’s meant to dominate your destiny. It’s like saying I want you to go far, but stay where I tell you because you need to succeed as long as it makes me comfortable.

The bottom line is you need to be free to travel. You need to be free to date people you want and take opportunities that scare the people in your life who think they know what’s best for you. At the end of the day, no one can live your life for you but you. If you allow other people to micromanage your life you will end up in regret and frustration. But, if you take the risk and go somewhere great, even if there’s some turbulence, you’ll get there! I’m rooting for you! I’m cheering you on this flight! Just be courageous and drown out the voices of fear and anxiety and TAKE OFF! Greatness awaits the courageous!!! You just need to be free to travel as far as your heart desires!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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