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Life is a journey. Full of excitement, memorable moments, love and laughter. Sometimes there are even sad times, rough patches and difficulties along the way. It would be great if we could keep the happy times on repeat everyday, but then we wouldn’t really appreciate the good times if things were always that way. Besides, the way life is set up; we can’t control everything. 

Plain and simple, life is a lot like a plane ride. Sure you get to have a lot of say about some things. You can chose your job, who you love, where you live, who you call your friends,……But there will be this moment that will come for all of us on this ride called life when you have to sit down and buckle your own seatbelt and prepare for your own personal takeoff. And once the plane has reached a certain altitude you can move around without the same restraint you had to during takeoff. But no matter how good the journey may seem to be or how expert the pilot is, there are times when you have to get back in that seat of yours and sit down and buckle yourself up again because you will have to go through some unexpected turbulence on this ride. 

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, divorce, government shut down, financial crisis, betrayal, heartbreak, illness; we all have to go through rough, jerky, turbulent times on this journey called life. And whenever I have found myself going through turbulent times; I have learned to just sit down, buckle up my own seatbelt, breathe, close my eyes and believe from within that this is not how my journey is going to end. I AM going to make it through this turbulence! (Repeat as often as needed until you actually believe it)  

Even if you look at it from a more scientific perspective, turbulence is, for lack of a better way to put it, JUST WIND! (Insert praise dance) 😊 Often pilots don’t even think about turbulence as a big deal because their perspective is based on what they see on the screen; while the nervous passengers are only focused on what they feel from their seat. I want to encourage you today as your personal life coach, that if you want to have a more quality experience on your journey in life this year; think like a pilot.

Think like someone who has more information than the average person on this flight. Don’t let your feelings control you. Think like someone who believes you’re going somewhere and you’re actually going to get there. Think like a pilot and remember that these bumpy turbulent times are just part of the trip. Think like a pilot and remember that no matter how windy it is right now; it won’t always be like this. After all; It’s JUST WIND.

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10 thoughts on “Think Like a Pilot 👩‍✈️

  1. Angie Marrero says:

    Powerful word… thank you


    1. So glad it spoke to you! I know you are going to survive this wind!!! So honored to be on this journey with you speaking words of life and accountability to help you endure whatever comes your way!


  2. Mitchell Waters says:

    Wow this was a great read! Thank you for sharing!


    1. You are welcome! Stay tuned,…#therealestlifecoach


  3. Monica L. Watters says:

    Learning how to buckle up and trust that your victory/success is secure is priceless…a true gift from God. Good word, Pastor!!!


    1. Yes, Yes, Yes Pastor!!!!!! Thanks for your positive feedback and added insight on what it takes to get through the turbulent times!!! Commentary from those like yourself who have made it through challenges definitely carries another level of power!!!!


    1. Thank you for your support and encouragement!


  4. Danielle Whitehead says:

    “It’s Just Wind” “Think like a pilot, someone who has more information than the average person when it comes to this flight” YES!! Very powerful.


    1. Strategies I’m confident you will apply! That’s what makes being your coach an incredible experience for me!!! Thanks for the feedback! Keep flying through WHATEVA!


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